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A drink named after actress Natasha Blasick!

Why did they name a drink after actress Natasha Blasick? K. Reich, Germany

Answer: We don’t know. We will Ask her. As far as we know, and according to Stars Illustrated, STARS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE “in a ritzy event that occurred in September 2010 in Beverly Hills, of course, where else? The “Natasha Blasick Signature Cocktail.” It is fatto a mano for the high class, the titled and entitled, and consists of 1.5 oz. Vanilla vodka, .5 oz. Amnesia High Thujone (Absinthe), 1.5 oz. Kern’s Pear Nectar, 1 oz. Fresh sweet and sour, Cinnamon sugar rim. Left: Here it is.







Is it true Clyde Lewis is the Radio Personality of the Year?

Answer: True. In a poll conducted by Times Squares Press & Associates in New York and nationwide, Clyde Lewis was selected Radio’s Personality of the Year 2013. The charismatic, explosive and flamboyant host of Ground Zero aired by FM News 101 KXL makes headlines each time he explodes a breaking-news coverage on his radio show. Lewis has one of the nation’s largest audiences which he excites and masterfully agitates with his un-chartered topics ranging from the paranormal to world’s conspiracies. Listening to Lewis is entertainment by itself and a learning experience on so many levels. The man is larger than life. But be on the level with him! Maximillien de Lafayette called him “The Most Engaging and the most Unusual Media Personality under the sun!” Also Lewis’ “Ground Zero” was chosen best radio show on radio. BOOM!! Source: Stars Illustrated Magazine. STARS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE



Languages of the spirits: Dear Mr. de Lafayette, do spirits bad or good have a specific language or different languages? Pierre Bernard, France.

Answer of Mr. de Lafayette: Yes, Spirits, Afarit and Djinns have a very specific language. For instance, a-The entities who belong to the “Higher or Superior Spirits” have a dignified language. They communicate with us in a very precise and clear manner. They are truthful, humble and friendly. b-The entities who belong to the “Lower or Inferior Spirits” are usually arrogant, deceitful, and communicate with us in a vulgar and aggressive manner. They love to play tricks on us, and quite often they give us wrong information. c-Those who are trapped in the doomed zone are angry, confused, and vengeful. Consequently, their language is aggressive and confusing. d-The noble spirits of antiquity speak in Ana’kh, and/or in an ancient language from the Middle/Near East. They are called “Arwaah Karima”, meaning the noble spirits.  e-The afarit and djinns have their own language; they use macabre and dark expressions. It is almost impossible to understand what they are saying. f-The spirits of the Anunnaki Ulema speak in every known language on Earth. g-The Shayatiin speak in Shataniyaat, which is the language of the devil, according to Arab Sahiriin. h-Al Malaa’ika (Angels) always speak to us in a language we know. i-The spirits and ghosts of departed friends, siblings and relatives speak to us in their native languages; languages we are familiar with, language (s) we used to talk to them in, when they were still living with us. Feeling or hearing the languages of entities, spirits and ghosts: Is it a real feeling? Sometimes, it seems to us –through incomprehensible feelings and sensations– that beloved departed ones are talking to us, or trying to communicate with us. This is a true feeling, but unfortunately, we don’t know how to respond, how to understand it, and what to make of it. In some instances, they whisper a few words. And sadly enough, our ears cannot hear everything they are saying. To our great astonishment, some of their words become crystal clear if they are recorded on some devices. Are we hearing voices? Are we hallucinating? Not always. This is why we have to keep an open mind, and try to believe in the reality of the afterlife. Their vocal communications are limited by time, meaning that only during the 40 day period following their death, can the spirits and ghosts of our departed relatives and friends communicate with us. Once they leave the first stage/level of afterlife zone, all communications and messages will cease. So what should we do when we hear their voices? Because they have initiated the contact, the communication channel is open, meaning that we can respond to them and tell them that we are hearing them. Unfortunately, many of them will vanish before they hear our response. Why? This is because they have run out of energy. They manifest themselves to us and they can talk to us when the etheric molecules of their substance are fully charged, exactly like a battery. To re-enter our world, spirits and ghosts need an enormous amount of energy. And this energy does not last long. If you keep on receiving their messages and/ hearing their voices –even if it’s just a few words- ask the help of an honest medium. A séance is highly recommended.

The Spirits’ Protocol: Dear Mr. Maximillien, I read in one of your books about Nizam Arwaah but you did not fully explain in that book what Nizam A…means. You recommended another book which discusses Nizam. I could not find on amazon.com the book you mentioned. Could you please explain to me even briefly what the Spirits Nizam is, also how it applies to communicating with different levels of spirits. Armand F.

 Answer of Mr. de Lafayette: The spirits and ghosts protocol “Nizam Arwaah” is a set of rules to follow, and requirements to meet. It is a complicated business, but with patience and perseverance, one can understand it and implement it very efficiently. For example, the Nizam Arwaah requires that you contact the spirits on certain days and certain hours if you are opening a séance. The séance is governed by very specific commands and Talabaat. There is a way to open a séance, and to close a séance. Some spirits respond to well defined commands and Talabaat, and cannot be summoned if you do not call upon them using these specific Talabaat. The day and the hour of the séance are very important. You cannot call upon a spirit any time you want. You have to know the calendar of the spirit, and find out what hour, or what day of the week corresponds to the time-table of each spirit. In my previous books, I have provided you with a chart and calendar of the days and hours you can use to summon this or that spirit. If you are not communicating with spirits during a séance, there are some rules you must follow to talk to a spirit or to a ghost.  For example, if you want to talk to a ghost or a spirit known to be haunting a place, you must talk to this entity in it’s native tongue. You can’t talk to the ghost or spirit of a deceased Russian person in English, unless he/she knows English. You can’t communicate with an Akkadian person who died thousands of years ago in French or English. You must talk to him/her in Akkadian. Also bear in mind that not all spirits and ghosts will respond to you, simply because you want to talk to them. If you have aggressive or malicious intentions, the spirits and ghosts will refuse to talk to you. If you irritate or challenge a spirit or a ghost, you will fail in communicating with the spirit and the ghost you are trying to talk to you. In some instances, you could be hurt. Some entities retain some sort of physical energy they can use to throw things at you, and even attack you. This happens, when the entity is trapped in Marash Mawta. Better be careful. You got to remember that you do not have any power over spirits and entities outside a séance. The spirits and entities do, especially outside the séance. Each category has its own protocol. Why? Because ghosts, spirits, entities, Arwaah, angels, demons, Afarit, Djinns, etc., belong to different classes and hierarchies. Bad spirits respond differently from good spirits. Spirits who are trapped in the “Doomed Zone” are very different from entities created by the Anunnaki. There is one way to talk to an angel, and there are totally different ways to summon demons. For instance, you can’t order an angel to appear in a séance, because spiritually and hierarchically, the angel is higher than you. You request the presence of an angel; you do not order an angel to manifest himself/herself. If you are summoning a demon or an entity from a lower dimension, you do not request its/her/his presence; you command it/he/she to appear. You use very powerful commands, instead. There is one way to talk to the spirit or ghost of a little child who died in a tragic accident, who is still trapped here on Earth, and there is another way to talk to the soul, spirit or ghost of a child who has just passed away for other reasons. The state of mind of people when they departed, conditions what remains from the psyche and the memory of those dead people. It is much easier to talk to peaceful spirits than to talk to the spirits of people who have killed themselves, and/or were killed by brutal acts.

Ten Rules for Conversation with Spirits: Dear Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette, what are the 10 rules a person should follow before starting a conversation with a ghost or a spirit in the first séance? Are they the same rules to set up a séance? Arakel Davidian, Texas

Answer of Mr. de Lafayette: After you set up your séance, you must follow this protocol, also known as the the “Ten Rules”: a-Rule one is the rule of thumb: Start with the traditional greetings in Ana’kh. If the ghost or spirit is from your part of the world, use their native language. b-Rule two: Be polite and respectful. Welcome them, and reassure them that you have good intentions. c-Rule three: Do not challenge them. d-Rule four: At the beginning, do not ask many questions. Be patient and remain calm. d-Rule five: Do not use impolite/vulgar language or offensive expressions. e-Rule six: Tell them that you understand their situation (Even if you don’t), and that you are here to establish a friendly rapport with them. f-Rule seven: Do not direct bright light in their direction. Spirits and ghosts hate that. g-Rule eight: Do not invade their zone, meaning, do not try to come too close to their spot/area. h-Rule nine: Avoid using gadgets of any sort upon contacting a ghost or a spirit for the first time. i-Rule ten: Ask them if there is anything you can do for them. Do not be selfish. You have to remember that ghosts and spirits retain space-time physical faculties and properties, especially the sensations/feelings they once had; they are stored in their extra-sensorial memory. Yes, ghosts and spirits remember lots of things. And many of them still need us, especially when they are trapped in the doomed zone. Thus, showing them genuine concern about their situation will ease and facilitate your rapport with them.


UFOS, Origin of Flying Saucers, Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla and the FBI: Hey Marla, thank you, yes I received Art UFOs & Supernatural magazine, the two issues, they are beautiful, but the shipping to Lisboa  is too expensive. They charged me twenty Dollars. Unfortunately the articles by Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette on Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla and the first types of UFOs were not in the two magazines I received. Again I hate to bother you, do you have a camera ready on Nikola Tesla and Maria Orsic? I can subscribe to this service if you have one. Thank you so very much. Joachim A., Lisboa, Portugal.

Answer: Don't worry Joachim. First, you can order 2 books on Maria Orsic and Nikola Tesla, written by Maximillien de Lafayette directly from amazon.com. Amazon does not charge an arm and a leg for shipping because they have bookstores in Lisbon. Second, I am pleased to post the articles you are interested in. No problem.  Links to the books

Maria Orsic, the woman who originated and created earth's first UFOs  http://www.amazon.com/Maria-originated-created-earths-Volume/dp/1300599375/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1377276149&sr=8-10&keywords=maximillien+de+lafayette and http://www.amazon.com/Maria-Nikola-Extraterrestrials-Messages-Occult/dp/1257906186/ref=sr_tc_2_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377275679&sr=8-2-ent











































































Finally, we got the cover of American Psychic & Medium Magazine, October Issue, from photographer extraordinaire Judy Kass Dowden  www.judykassdowden.com    THANKS!

 On the cover, America’s most distinguished lightworkers: From left to right: Van Doren Figueredo, Melissa Berman, Patti Negri, Chinhee Park, Sunhee Park, Robert Rodriguez,  tested and certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, New York. Listen to them at Alayna radio show in LA. http://youtu.be/c1hEF_7rLno   the show took the audience by storm, and Alayna the show host was spectacular. This lady is a treasure! http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/37616835


Psychic Van Doren Figueredo's predictions. Note: Figueredo is ranked Psychic #60 in the world. Source: The National/International Vote/Election of the World's Best Psychic and Mediums, 2012-2013:

1) NO, Governor Chris Christie will NOT be nominated for Republican Party.
2) NO, Hilary Clinton will NOT win the Presidential Election.
3) YES, Israel will attack nuclear sites in Iran.
4) YES, Erin Burnett will stay with CNN in 2014.
5) NO, Piers Morgan will NOT leave CNN.

Psychics Chinhee Park/Sunhee Park predictions: Note: Chinhee and Sunhee Park are co-ranked (with Patti Negri), Psychic #3 in the world, and # 1 psychic in the United States. Source: The National/International Vote/Election of the World's Best Psychic and Mediums, 2012-2013:

1) Yes, Governor Chris Christie will be nominated for Republican Party.
2) NO, Hilary Clinton will NOT win the Presidential Election.
3) YES and No to Israel for attacking. Another country will help Iran.
4) YES, Erin Burnett will stay with CNN in 2014.
5) NO, Piers Morgan will NOT leave CNN. He will stay with CNN for 2 more years.

Our readers' prediction:

1) 3260 said: Yes, Governor Chris Christie will be nominated for Republican Party.

2) 2987 said: NO, Hilary Clinton will NOT win the Presidential Election.
3) 887 said: Israel will not attack Iran.
4) 3643 said: YES, Erin Burnett will stay with CNN in 2014. But 543 said she will leave CNN in 3 years.
5) 2287 said: Piers Morgan will NOT leave CNN, soon. But 1654 said: He will leave CNN in less than 2 years.


Just Aired on CNN: British Special Military Forces assassinated Princess Diana. A few minutes ago, Anderson Cooper talked about a new scandal...the assassination of Princess Diana on the hands of British secret (Special?) forces. What do you think? True? Conspiracy theory or what? It appeared that Scotland Yard is now investigating the matter. So something is cooking... Can you ask your psychics, see what they can find? Jay Darby (Photo credit:  Charles Frith)

Answer: We will ask some competent psychics.

Note: From CNN on line: POLICE LOOKING INTO DIANA'S DEATH, AGAIN. :  http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/19/world/europe/england-princess-diana : Princess Diana murder claim doubted By Michael Pearson and Erin McLaughlin, CNN. updated 3:18 PM EDT, Mon August 19, 2013. The latest claim, published by Press Association, the Sunday People newspaper and other British media outlets, alleges that members of Britain's elite Special Air Service commando unit were involved in assassinating Diana. The claim appears to have been sent first to military authorities and then to London police by the parents-in-law of a British special forces sniper after his marriage had fallen apart, according to an article on the website of the Sunday People newspaper. It did not offer a source for its reporting, but the paper indicated that the parents were questioning the integrity of the soldier, who had testified in another soldier's court-martial. Sunday People said it had seen a seven-page handwritten letter by the in-laws alleging that the soldier, whom the newspaper did not name, had boasted to his wife that the commando unit was behind the deaths. Neither the Sunday People piece nor an earlier version carried by Press Association offered details of the claimed involvement by soldiers in the deaths. London police said Saturday that its investigators were assessing the "relevance and credibility" of the information, but stressed tersely that their review did not amount to a "re-investigation."


Jodie Arias wicked nature: Parapsychology & Mind Power mag should review a  book on Jodi Arias, The Jodi Arias Story. The secret world of sexual aggressor Jodi Arias. I am eager to read your analysis of the psyche of this killer. The author of the book claims that Arias had more than 8 orgasms and her victim was a just a puppet. Does parapsychology probe this macabre aspect of people? What therapists-psychics think about her anomalies? Yves A.

Answer: We will ask some competent psychics.








Is Facebook spying on us? Dear Sir or Madam, I want to report to your readers that FACEBOOK is possibly spying on us. All the folks who have an account with FACEBOOK are now under the microscope of the authorities. Here are words and phrases which raise red flag and attract the attention of the fed to your pages on FACEBOOK. If you use any of these words or phrases on FACEBOOK, you will be spied on: Obama, The White House, CIA, NSA, government, born again Christian, I made a fortune,  saving people, blast, he is a con artist, con, scam, camera, spies, who owns FACEBOOK, post here, follow, computer hacking, timeline, FACEBOOK login in, FACEBOOK security question,  likes,  airport, visas, NKVD, The Guardian, Snowden, Moscow airport, Cuba, Chile, money transfer, recent activity, transfer, central bank, can't wait to see, did you get the cucumber? terrific, standing on the side of the street, shooting now, gun permit, ammunitions, hot, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, justice, a second plan, Plan B, your mother maiden name, your favorite city, your first car,  exo, log in again, account terminated, suspended, get the part, got the part,  jackass, ass,  take him out, Pentagon, stealth, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims in Michigan, Muslims in Brooklyn, shooting, swingers, Inchallah, prostitute, prostitution, conspiracies, Goldberg, Bombing, explosives, American embassies, American consulates, Tea Party, Al Zawahiri, trojan, Yemen, Moujahidin, Friends of the Holy Koran, terrorism, white powder, priest, sugar, pork, cloud, attack, mushroom, Mexico,  Homeland security, national security, espionage, counter espionage, marijuana, coco, Allah, Zionism, Naser, Hizbullah, Hammath, PLO, Mossad, Mossaad, Mosaad, Yergun, Jerusalem, Beirut, Lebanon, Yemen, Benghazi, Oklahoma, Saida, Sour, imam, cheik, sheik, escort, Islam, Quran, Koran, Mishaf, Fatwah, auditioning, Islam, bacteria, marriage equality, emergency, FEMA, disaster, chemical weapons, Allahu Akbar, Am going to take a shower now, bathtub, suicide bomber, TNT, border, traffic, cops, Piers Morgan, CNN/Crowley, Sunjay Gupta, Associated Press, target, law enforcement, drugs, justice, sex scandals, psychic detectives, detective psychics, transportation security, wealthiest men, wealthiest women, top ten, cyber command, hacker, hacking, he breaks into my computer, military intelligence, NATO, EBS, FBI, FBI office in New York,  bombs, nuclear, military installations, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mullah, Korea, Iran, AQIM, Hizboullah, Iraq, Taliban, DARPA, HAARP, weather, futuristic weapons, Hamath, Hamaas, feed, badge, don't show a link, missing, mother fucker, hang the bag, on the stove. From a concerned citizen.


"Concerned citizen" is right on: I did my home work and searched the Internet. Add this to your Letters to the Editor. Thank you, Nigel, London




More: Facebook Discussed Secret Systems for the U.S. Government to Spy on Users http://www.globalresearch.ca/google-facebook-discussed-secret-systems-for-u-s-to-spy-on-users/5338609

More: Julian Assange: Facebook is a "spy machine" for US Intelligence. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Facebook is the "most appalling spy machine" ever invented. Users are creating the "world's most comprehensive database" for U.S. Intelligence. http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/julian-assange-facebook-spy-machine-us-intell


Source: Mail on Line

Board of Editors' Answer: They are doing it to protect our lives and prevent terrorism. Be grateful...you are still alive. America comes first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Djinns haunt Turkish women?: Is it true djinns with long mustaches like the company of Turkish women? Do they haunt Turkish women? I knew a woman from Turkey who would not walk on the left side of the street. She told me djinns follow her everywhere and she feels them walking with her on her left side. She is not crazy at all I know that. Apparently spirits and djinns are everywhere in Turkey and they love Turkish women. Do you have any explanation for this? Reda Ibrahim, Michigan


Is Natasha Blasick the reincarnation of Rita Hayworth?: Marla dear, do I have to be serious each time I text you or email you? Is this why you never respond? Is this why you never post my comments? I hope this time you will. I am not one of your sophisticated readers but I see things. In Trinidad we are born with psychic gifts. Let me tell you something. This beautiful actress from Estonia is very very beautiful. Yesterday I read her answers about meditation and past life. It's OK. And When I start to look at her photo I saw something. Let me tell you this young beautiful woman is the reincarnation of Rita Hayworth and I can prove it.  They have the same smile, the same lips, the same hair, Rita Hayworth had black hair but Hollywood change it to red, the same shoulders, the same thin eyebrows,  they smile and look at you in the same style, I think one of their favorite colors is white, they express themselves in the same style, they are actresses, they are dancers, they play musical instrument, the Estonian lady plays heavy metal guitar with her husband and her band, and the other I mean Rita Hayworth played acoustic guitar with her father, they married a man who is in show business, they are open minded but are cautious in their relationships, they have the same height, they have the same neck,  they finished college, they spoke foreign languages, they started their career at the same age, they pose for camera exactly the same way, they lay their left arm on their hips in the same way, they have an honest nature,  they have a habit of leaning forward when they walk on sand, they believe in paranormal and possibly magic, they are spiritual but not religious, they have identical chart, they changed their hairdo twice, they don't like strong sun tan they prefer natural skin color with little of makeup, at 19 they had to make the same personal decision, they don't like politics, they like straight line elegant couture., they don't follow a strict diet, they have a tender nature, they don't say bad things about people, they are very sensitive to criticism, they don't take bad news very easily, they dream, they love fantasy but are realistic, they thought about creating their own fashion design, they have a special feeling for their fathers, they have traditional family but their mother is not a source of inspiration for them. I can tell you more and I can predict  the future of Natasha Blasick. Interested? No charge. Mr. Robinson

Answer: Keep talking...

Natasha Blasick’s past life. I read your interview with actress Natasha Blasick, and I found it to be very sincere. Then she said something that made my head spin. She told your reporter “Thanks to being on the movie set of Paranoid Activity 2, I got introduced to something real in my life. Real life psychic Andrew Brewer played a psychic in the movie. After shooting one day he led us in a past life regression. It turns out I was a man, most likely a roman soldier. I was surprised that I had to do the regression myself. I thought the psychic would just tell me who I had been. So, I had no idea what to expect. It felt like Andrew led us through a meditation. He asked questions and we each answered them to ourselves. This is how we revealed information. When I finally got to the point of the regression I saw dirty feet clad in leather. The sandals were a light beige color. The feet were tan. The legs were masculine and muscular. I felt weight against my thigh, which I took to be a sword. I saw my feet walking and then getting onto a horse. It was all from a man’s point of view. Or I guess it was my point of view.” This is dynamite. My question is how did Andrew Brewer know this beautiful woman was a man in a previous life? Past life regression sessions are usually manipulated by hypnotists. They are very suggestive. It would be useful if Mr. Brewer would explain to us how did he find out? What method did he use to come to this conclusion? Benedict P. Romania.

Answer of Natasha Blasick: Hi Benedict. Thank you for writing :-) I was always curious about this subject, myself. When Andrew invited us to do a regression, even though we were tired from a long day of shooting, I wanted to stay and try it even though there was an early shoot again the next morning. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes along with a few other people who also did the regression. Andrew didn’t know what my regression revealed until I told him afterward. His guidance was general. It included things like going through a field and going up a hill and going through a door and asking us to be aware of what we saw. Things like that. At first I felt rushed like I was the worst regressor in history. I just saw the things he said to guide us, an open space a fence, a door. Eventually I had a vision. The reason I believe it was a vision is because until that moment I was consciously creating what I saw. This was completely different. It was quite a shock. Everything changed, the colors, the feel, the dryness and heat of the environment. I don’t believe it was manipulated by Andrew. The other participant’s visions were very different from mine. 

Natasha Blasick past life regression: I read what the gentleman from Romania posted….The legs were masculine and muscular. I felt weight against my thigh, which I took to be a sword. It felt like Andrew led us through a meditation… This what Ms Natasha Blasick said. I see clearly it was a psychic suggestion. She said it herself, please pay attention to what she said “It felt like”. To me it is a matter of feeling. Of course the psychic could explain the whole story, but perhaps you should ask again Ms Blasick what she meant by I FELT. This is a great subject which I am sure your readers would love to know more about... this colourful episode and about past life regression. Richard Graves, Kent, UK

Answer of Natasha Blasick: Hi Richard. I agree that regression is a fascinating topic. Thank you for asking about it. By “felt”, I mean that I physically felt the pressure of the holster and sword on my right leg. In my vision I looked down and couldn’t believe how big my feet were! Hairy, too. And tan and dirty, coated with the kind of dust from a hot environment. It threw me off from concentrating on the sword. My legs were muscular. I believe I was a soldier because I was so determined and clear, as though on duty, and because I jumped on a horse. In the vision I was strong and accustomed to doing things like carrying a sword and jumping on a horse. I was singular minded which isn’t how I usually am in life. I can be scattered, I said Roman soldier because that’s the first thought that came to me. Perhaps the Roman part is influenced by my present day brain? I ended the regression because my conscious mind intervened coming up with extra ideas that could simply be imagination. After all I am an actress. I wonder about the difference between regression and imagination myself. Seeing those big feet was authentic for me. Andrew didn’t know any of this until I told him my vision afterward. Regarding “felt like Andrew led us through a meditation” I mean that the process was like a guided meditation as opposed to meditating in silence. Andrew’s guidance was general in nature. I don’t believe it led to a particular vision.

Natasha Blasick is great: Yay! I love her photos. By the way did you know she was a beauty queen? Mrs. Estonia. Sergei Terechenko, Kiev.

Answer of Natasha Blasick: Hi Sergei. Thank you so much for bringing that up. Yes, it’s true. I was in the Mrs. World Pageant and won the swimsuit competition and placed in the top ten. It was so empowering, I really enjoyed it. At the time I felt kind of shy in general. Doing this pushed me. The stage interviews were especially challenging. It was great to be around so many wonderful, amazing girls from across the globe. They inspired me. Those two weeks are one of my very sweet memories. For my talent I did acting realized how much I enjoy the process and the connection with the audience. There’s a highlight reel on youtube with all my bits. You can see my less than Olympic quality rock wall climbing :-) I wore my favorite red pants for that competition. I’m waving the beauty queen wave to you right now, Sergei :-)

I want to summon Angels for my sister. Kay Fal Halak? Hello Mr. de Lafayette. Your book has calmed my heart and mind. Thank you. Now, I want to summon Angels for my sister who suffers from disability, but I'm confuse with words to say when I open séance with Them. Angels can't  be commanded you said, tomorrow is Wednesday so should I say to open séance for example, "Gabriel ihdar wa iftah  al daa irat, salama aleykoum". So I will not say "marsih kidra sayed arwah ajeebi talabati, amroukoum, amroukoum". I'm always curious, it is my nature unfortunately. Thank you so much, wa salama aleykoum.  Ps: Is it inappropriate to say that I'd like to meet you once in my life?  My phone number +33…...If you come one day in France of course! Melle Ussein. France

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: You must use the command that corresponds to each Spirit (Arwaah Karima) and pertaining day. At the end of the book, you will find a calendar of corresponding Spirits you can summon. But proper and appropriate Talaabat (Spells and commands) must be used.

The secret passages and tunnels under Area 51: Marla, thank you for the books, but this is not what I needed. The first book is OK, the second one is an old edition. I told you exactly what I needed. I need the latest edition because it has a chapter on the secret passages and tunnels of Area 51. I am not going to buy a third book, it was not my mistake. I am pissed off. I need the new edition with the secret passages and tunnels under Area 51. Marjana meeting the generals and the trip to Dulce. Why don’t you send me a PDF? Do I have to pay for it again? Gilbert A.

Answer: Take it easy man. I will take care of you. I can’t send you a PDF of the whole section on the secret passages and tunnels under Area 51 because it is a large file of 13 MB. I can’t send you a 13 MB file in attachments. AOL has a limit on how large a file can be attached in an email. I made a condensed PDF of the particular part of the new edition you are interested in (From Aldebaran to the Pentagon, Area 51 and the Aliens Genetic Laboratories at Dulce Base, latest edition). Here is the link.

Activating the Supersymetric Mind and Solving Problems: Hello Mr DeLafayette, I am reading your book “The Supersymetric Mind”.  It is a very good book and has been a big help to me.  Thank you for writing it. I had a question regarding “One exercise to partially activate the conduit” in section III Developing the Conduit.  In this exercise we are asked to picture a screen with 4 knots.  Each knot represents one of our problems.  During this exercise we use our conduit to untie the knots.  My question is: Each time we do this exercise, should we use different problems or the same four problems.  I was thinking that once we have done this exercise the first four problems are gone/untied, so then we should use different problems for the next time.  But I thought I should ask for your guidance. Thank you for your consideration in answering my question. Wendy Roberts

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: You can use each knot for any problem. One at the time

 Fighting Djinns and removing curses. Dear Sir. Pl. refer to my earlier messages. Please advise me. I am okay now but yet want some advise how to revert the Djin spell casted on me. What type of offering/prayer is to be done. Or how to summon that object disturbing me some time and I have found the name of the person and how I may send message that I am innocent …I am not supporting a Mohammdian/Muslim prostitute like they told you. Shri is also planning to force me to sell my house to a builder so that she can earn good commission but I am fighting against evil to protect for truth. Himatbhai Parmar. Rajkot 

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: You can’t fight Djinns. They are too powerful. However you can use corresponding Commands. Each Djinn responds to particular Commands. Read Volume II, it contains all the Commands you need to remove curses.

 Health problem  based either in karma and/or emotional  inner trauma: Dear Mr. De Lafayette,  I came across one of your books on  Amazon- How Some Famous Ufologists, Ancient Aliens &a… (Paperback) by Maximillien De Lafayette I have a few questions: I am very interested in a World War 2 German Admiral Alfred Saalwachter. You list him in your book. I was wondering how I could get all the research you have on him.  And I am having a health problem based either in karma and/or emotional  inner trauma. I can see you  are a learned man in many ways. Do  you  have any healing tools or techniques? I believe in prayer, energy work, vibration etc. I can see how are bodies are holographic representations of our inner state. Which ties in to my last question- I want to experience my connection with God. Do you have any techniques and or guidance? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. I  look forward to your reply. In Gratitude- Glenn Fisher/USA. PS If you prefer to talk, I will  be happy to send you my number.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Information on World War 2 German Admiral Alfred Saalwachter was obtained from confidential sources and secret files of the OSS. Concerning the healing touch and technique: Parapsychology & Mind Power Magazine (Issue 3) printed an in-depth article on my Healing Touch. It is easy to understand and follow.

 Activating the Conduit: I've been on a path all my life, I'm 62, a vet, I've had many experiences, I felt I have been protected all my life...it feels have been led hard to the Anunnaki Ulema, and it all feels correct....I can use more assistance in the conduit activation, and any other advice you can give me. I live in Long Beach calif USA,  are their any Anunnaki Ulema  close to me, thank you. Steven Jesse Wills.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Read my new book: The Supersymetric Mind (How to Activate the Conduit).

 Could you autograph a book?: My name is Antwan Thomas, 37, I like how you've explain the Maria Orsic story. I was wondering could you autograph a book if you give me one, Volume 2 of Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla, Extraterrestrial Messages, Occult and UFOs? I have your copy of Riya Marjana and love it. I am writing in my journal my dreams of UFOs and extraterrestrials, it's not much but I would like to share it one day. Antwan Thomas Norfolk, VA. Thank you

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Of course.

 The Present Threat of Nazi UFOs and World War Three: Hello Mr. de Lafayette, Thank you for making your books available on Kindle.  I find the news  devastating most of the time, but worth knowing. Two questions:1-Is there a Kindle version book of yours where I can find out more  information on the MIB, Men in Black? If possible I would like to  learn more about who they are and what they do. You mentioned them in the book "The Present Threat of Nazi UFOs and World War Three." 2-In both volumes 1 and 2 (4th ed.) of the above mentioned book, you started with the following: "People of Earth have signed two of the  most unusual and extraordinary documents in the history of  mankind..."  From my understanding, the NNWO will establish itself globally on 2020, unless my government (USA) does something, something they promised these guys. What did they promise them?  Is this something I can read further in one of your books, hopefully a  Kindle version? Again, thank you for sharing this information and making it available. Glennda Gilmour

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: 1-Men in Black: There is an article I recently wrote about MIB; it is published in the latest issue of Parapsychology & Mind Power Technique. 2-The NNWO will establish itself globally on 2020, unless my government (USA) does something, something they promised these guys. What did they promise them?  Is this something I can read further in one of your books, hopefully a  Kindle version? Answer: Yes. Book: 4th EDITION: Vol.1. THE PRESENT THREAT OF NAZI UFOs AND WORLD WAR THREE (The United States and Germany's UFOs from 1917 to the Present Day)  http://www.amazon.com/4th-EDITION-PRESENT-Germanys-ebook/dp/B00BTKFA82/ref=sr_1_58?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1376850013&sr=1-58&keywords=maximillien+de+lafayette   Volume 2.

Best book on alien abduction: Quick question. Best book on alien abduction? Thanks. Andrew Black, Nevada.

Answer: The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda by Dr. David Jacobs.

99% of psychics are BOGUS, PHONY!!! I need your opinion if possible. I am considering talking to a psychic on a personal and urgent matter. I looked up some but I am not sure which one I can trust and how much should I pay. One psychic charges three hundred Dollars per hour. Another  less than 174 Dollars. There are lots of scam nowadays. Anyway I need your professional opinion. Do you have a list of psychics you recommend and their fees? I appreciate your help, sorry I can’t give you my name and if you print my email please delete the last part of my email. Thank you very much. Looking forward to hear from you….A.L

Answer: Be careful! We recommend psychics who are tested and certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums http://www.americanfederationofcertifiedpsychicsandmediums.org   also www.amcpm.org

Technique: How to move objects with the power of your mind: Dear Mr. de Lafayette, years ago when I was young I would spend days reading books on the occult. My favorite author was Lopsang Rampa. Then my life took a different turn. I was enlisted and when I returned home I got married and family life and new responsibilities prevented me from pursuing my studies of my favorite subjects, magic and esoterism. Then I discovered your books. I could not understand everything but I felt a connection with you. A friend of mine, Mr. Al Burri from Al Azhar was versed in Arabic magic and it was him who told me about your books. He understood almost everything you wrote but could not teach me any of your techniques. I know I will never have the honor of meeting you. One of the techniques Mr. Al Burrri told me about is the Ulema technique of moving things fast and without touching them. From that moment I wanted so much to learn this technique you teach to your students. I am fluent in English and I can understand instructions in English and Arabic. I will remain grateful to you if you teach me this technique. And I will show you my gratitude in many ways. Sir, could I hope that you enlighten me with your honorable teaching? I will preserve it like my most precious possession. Yes?  Atef Al Kubaisi, Alexandria, Egypt. (PS:) Sir, I can buy your book, I am not a stingy man, but we have big problem in my country. The clerks at the postal service steal all packages coming from America, they think there is money, Dollars in the packages. It happens all the time. So I will never get your books or magazines. They steal everything. Thank you and God bless you.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: You are so welcome Atef. Here is a simplified version of my technique. Yes you can move objects at distance. With your mind you can order objects to move from one place to another, and I am going to show you how, by revealing the secret of Gudi-Ha-abri” Technique. But if you use my technique for financial gain or to hurt people, the technique will turn against you. Read my instructions with an open mind, for it could change your life for ever. Believing is an extraordinary mystical power, however, without experimenting, you will never know the truth. This technique is taken from The Book of Ramadosh, one of my books written some fifty years ago, and which is absolutely the most important book ever published on the supernatural powers which are dormant in all of us. The lessons and techniques of Ramadosh are easy to understand and learn. They will open new dimensions for your mind, and help you acquire magnificent information that could lead to spectacular success in your life, relationships, business and above all, a perfect harmony with everything that surrounds you. Gudi-Ha-abri” is a term for an Ulema’s technique/practice aimed at developing a faculty capable of making objects move at distance, by using vibes emanated by the “Conduit” implanted in the brain.  It is composed of three words: a-Goda or Gudi, which means great; influential; powerful, b-Ha, which means first; the first vibration, c-Abaari or Abri, which means to cross over or to displace. I-Developing the Conduit: There are techniques which are partially physical and partially mental. You could refer to them as psychosomatic. As a beginner, even though your Conduit is now open, you cannot tap directly into it, because consciously, you don’t even know where it is located in your brain. By adopting some postures and positions, you will send sensations to your brain. These positions will create internal muscular vibrations, and your mind will read them. You will be sending mental visionary lines, and these will activate the cell which is responsible for imagination. By the power of concentration and introspection, you will start to get intensified activity in the brain. This causes a buzz vibration in the brain the Conduit begins to detect. Then, the Conduit will absorb the vibrations and organize them, and from that moment on, the Conduit will take over. To summarize, by attempting certain activities, you are sending a message to your Conduit. It will take some time, because at the beginning, your Conduit may not catch the messages, or if it does catch them, may not interpret the messages correctly, because the Conduit is not one hundred percent awake. With practice, the Conduit becomes familiar with these types of messages, and it begins to give them codes. Each activity would have its own code. One thing must be understood. You cannot do these techniques to amuse yourself, since they simply will not work unless there is a purpose to the activity, and it must be a beneficial, positive purpose. II. Moving objects by using mental powers: As mentioned earlier, you cannot do any of these techniques to amuse yourself, it simply will not work unless there is a purpose to the activity, and it must be a beneficial and positive purpose. It does not have to be a great undertaking, a simple positive intent will be just fine. Put a lightweight coaster on the table. You wish to manipulate it with the beneficial intent of preventing a cup of coffee or tea from spilling on the table. Before starting, sit in a comfortable position next to the table.  Never attempt to do this technique standing up – you may very easily lose your balance and fall. You should not try to start with a heavy object, but once you learned how to work with this technique, and your powers become stronger, you could increase the weight of the objects. III. Preparations: In preparation, certain changes in lifestyle are needed during two weeks before you start your exercises: 1-Avoid all alcoholic beverages. 2-Avoid smoking, or tobacco in any form. 3-Abstain from sexual activity. 4-Do not eat meat. 5-Do not use any animal fat, such as lard, bacon drippings, or butter, in your cooking. IV. Precautions during practice: During your practice, certain precautions must be taken:1-Take off your shoes, and make sure your feet touch the ground, to anchor yourself. 2-Do not wear anything made of metal. 3-Do not allow either people or pets in the same room with you. You must have complete privacy. 4-Do not have any crystal glass in the room with you. V. The technique: 1-Extend your hands in front of you from the elbow up and shake them in the air for four or five seconds. This cleanses the hands from superfluous energy that might have accumulated on them. 2-With your arms in the same position, spread your fingers and hold for three seconds. 3-Put your thumbs right on the temples, with the fingers still spread in front of your face. Make sure the thumbs are located in the small indentation that is close to your eyes. People who practice acupressure will recognize this spot – pressing it is used to cure headaches. Hold the position for three seconds. 4-Rotate your thumbs, taking your fingers to the back of your head, and put your forefingers in the indentation at the back of your head, where it meets the neck. Again, people who practice acupressure will recognize this spot; it is used to cure headaches. 5-Push your forefingers into the indentation, and hold the position for ten seconds. 6-Close your eyes. 7-While still sitting with your back straight, bring your chin as close to your solar plexus as possible. Remain in this position for ten seconds. At this point, you will feel a slight dizziness. This is perfectly fine; it is part of the procedure. 8-Keeping your thumbs in their position, release the forefingers, and rotate your hands forward until you can put your forefingers in the small indentations by the sides of the bridge of your nose. In acupressure, this is the site for one of the techniques that release pressure in the sinuses, so practitioners would be able to recognize the sensation. 9-The rest of your fingers should be kept in a horizontal position, the fingers of one hand resting over the fingers of the other hand, the thumbs pointing down. 10-Move your thumbs toward each other and have them touch. Your hands will form a triangle. Your arms will be in a position of ninety degrees, relative to your body. 11-Say to yourself, mentally, I will now make the coaster move. 12-In your mind, draw one line from the middle of your left wrist, and another line from the middle of your right wrist, toward the coaster. Visualize the coaster between the two lines. 13-Keeping your hands in the same position, raise your head and sit straight. 14-Drop your hands down slowly. In your mind’s eye, keep on visualizing the coaster. 15-Bring your arms close to your body so the arms touch the ribs. 16-Move your hands up to a position in which they are horizontal to the floor. 17-The left hand should serve as a rod, moving the left line further to the left. The same should be done with the right hand, moving the line further to the right. 18-Keep concentrating on the coaster, with your eyes still closed, for at least another minute. 19-With your eyes still closed, you will notice blue lines and bubbles moving in front of your eyes. 20-At this point, decide which side of your body you are about to employ. You may use either side, but not both at the same time. 21-Let’s assume you chose the left side. Open your eyes, and concentrating on the left line, look intently at the coaster. Move your left hand a little to the side, and the coaster will move with it. You have accomplished your mission.

 VI. Closing the energy: This is the end of the exercise, but like any other mental technique, you cannot just leave and go about your business. You have created a center of energy, which should never be left open. The energy you have created with this exercise is linear. To create an all-around center of energy needs a higher training, and closing it is more difficult, but closing the linear energy is relatively easy. 1-Extend both hands, straight in front of you. 2-Make the hands stay in the direction of the lines. 3-Bring the hands close together, with a very little distance between them. 4-Visualize a very thin thread entering the space between the hands. Close your hands around the thread. 5-Bring your closed hands toward your solar plexus. 6-Open your hands, and shake them as you have done in the beginning. You have closed the center of energy. Commentaries: The Anunnaki Ulema Conduit is a new concept to readers in the Western Hemisphere. No other book has ever explained its enigmatic mechanism and purposes. The Conduit is a cell that contains all knowledge known to Man, on Earth and in other dimensions. Mainstream science has yet to define its properties, and locate its perimeter in the brains. Some scholars have compared the Conduit to the “Third Eye”. But Ulema de Lafayette, who brought this concept to the West, stated clearly that “The Conduit” is a cosmic memory and a depot of all the knowledge known to human beings.  If activated, it would produce extraordinary deeds, and elevates us to the highest level of awareness, and intelligence. Use this technique wisely, and surround it with humility and goodness.

A question for Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan: Hi, I am from Sri Lanka but currently I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A friend of mine who studies at LSU showed me your magazine. I was impressed, very impressed. There is an article about Ms. Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan. I think she is Korean. I read your interview with her. I have two questions if you could address them to her. My first question, how can I do astral travel on my own? Do I have to study courses on this? My second question, the energy she talked about, is it an inner energy of the body or the energy of the spirits she talks to? She said she sees angels in colors? What if I am a spiritual man but blind, can I still see angels? I would be grateful to you if you forward my question to Ms. Tan. Please dear sir, accept my respects. Humbly and respectfully, yours Shanta.

Answer of Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan: Astral travelling is one of the most exhilarating and enthralling experiences that I have ever had as a psychic-medium and lightworker. The straightforward answer to your question of whether you can astral travel on your own is yes but only if you are able to achieve and attain a host of physiological, spiritual and psychological conditions. Many afficionados spend their lifetimes trying to master astral travelling but there's no magic bullet formula and it's not a switch that you can flick on and off easily, nor can you achieve it through sheer will and effort. In order to astral travel, you first need to be in a hypnogogic state which is between being awake and asleep. You also have to be in heightened state of vibrational energy. But this has to be counterbalanced by your mind and body being a state of intense relaxation that is akin to deep meditation. In terms of brainwave activity, the optimal frequency for astral travelling is theta which is the brain state of REM sleep, hypnosis and lucid dreaming. It is the border between the conscious and subconscious worlds. And it is the ideal brain wave that enables our minds to connect with the Universe and manifest changes in the material world. It's important to understand that it is not your physical body but your astral and etheric body that transcends the material world and ascends into the astral plane. You may experience tingling or vibrations in your body at the point that your astral body is ready to separate or detach from your physical body. And as your astral body begins to elevate, you may experience fear at letting go and losing self control. You will experience the sensations of height, speed and velocity and all the physical reactions associated with physical flight. When I first started astral travelling, I panicked when I looked down from the ceiling and saw my physical body lying still in bed. And I wondered how I would be able to exit my bedroom without opening the door. The moment that I started to allow fear and doubt to set in, I found myself crashing down and back into my physical body. I advise astral travel novices to do their best to overcome the fear of height, speed and passing through solid surfaces and objects. Bear in mind that at any point in time, you can return to your physical body simply by willing yourself to do so. Your astral body is constantly connected with your physical body through a silver cord that is nearly impossible to sever. I recommend that you read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce if you're keen to study this in detail. Regarding your second question, I was referring to one's inner energy which is harnessed from the Universe. To be able to communicate with spirit guides, you have to regularly cleanse your aura and raise your internal vibrational energy. Angels and spirit guides appear to me in their manifest forms complete with colours, outlines and sometimes details of their facial features and physical characteristics. They also appear to me as pure light columns. Being colour blind is not an impediment as you can still see the other aspects if you're clairvoyant. 

You don't think much of Ancient Aliens Show on the History Channel: Marla, your sarcastic cartoonish in nature article  made me laugh. Where is it? I can't find it. Did you delete it? Albert Bare.

Answer: Are you kidding? Here it is Al. Keep laughing...











































On souls trapped in the afterlife: I believe in the afterlife. It is somewhere but I don't know where it is. If there is life after death, then Catholics are right when they say there is heaven, hell and purgatory. Is purgatory where souls are trapped waiting for something to happen or is it a place where souls await some sort of salvation from God? Yaacoub Nehme, Basra, Iraq.

Answer: We have published an article on the subject. Here it is:























































UFOs over California? Really? NOPE!! I read few discussions in a forum on the Internet about the first sighting of UFOS over the United States. The general belief as discussed in the forum is that UFOS first appeared in 1896 and thousands of people saw them. One guy posted this comment...Yes they flew over California and three people talked to aliens when they landed in California and Missouri. I don't know what to believe. I read a lot about UFOS but there are so many stories that don't make sense. Bottom line did the UFOS land in California or Missouri in 1896 or something like that?  Georges Lemaire, France.

Answer: NO SIR! Read our article on the UFOs sighting waves of 1896-97. It is well documented. No UFOS and No ALIENS in California.











































































































































Did Zecharia Sitchin invent Nibiru as the 12th Planet? Zecharia Sitchin wrote a whole book on Nibiru. He claims Nibiru is the planet of the Anunnaki. But science proved that Nibiru or the 12th planet as he calls is does not exist. I am aware he is is not a scholar of ancient languages. He claims to be expert in Sumerian but I could not find any work he did in the field of ancient languages and especially in Sumerian. What the Sumerian tablets tell us about Nibiru and how Nibiru is written or what it means in Sumerian. Abdel wahab Subhi, Cairo, Egypt.

Answer: We do not criticize authors. If you want to know exactly what Nibiru means in Sumerian, and what the Sumerian Tablets mentioned about Nibiru, read below an article on Nibiru which is exclusively based upon the Sumerian tablets, as written in Sumerian and Akkadian.





















United States Black Operations: The United States government just acknowledged the existence of AREA 51 after 60 years of denial. They kept telling us Area 51 DOES NOT EXIST. How about aliens? Still the United States government is refusing to admit any contact with aliens. Secret reports suggest that the US government jointly worked with aliens on sophisticated weapons systems carried at Area 51 and AUTEC. Have you published anything on AUTEC and the secret underground bases where extraterrestrials and the government work together shoulder to shoulder on futuristic weapons? Ralph H., Arizona

Answer: You bet. Read the article below.












Did Gilgamesh visit Baalbeck: I could not find any information on Gilgamesh's visit to the Cedars' mountains of Lebanon. Is Baalbeck or Phoenicia connected to the Anunnaki? You know I am from Lebanon. Thank you. Joe Bitar, Beirut, Lebanon.

Answer: Absolutely. Read the article below.












Beginning of Ufology: I thought ufology began at Roswell. Little did I know a German medium began to channel with extraterrestrials in 1920. Why nobody is talking about Maria Orsic? Am I missing something. How did she communicate with aliens? Was it by telepathy or in real contact? Anthony Pratt

Answer: Maria Orsic is the most important name in ufology's history. Read (Below) an article about her and her channeling with aliens from planet Adelbaran.



Best magazine in America: Marla, could you please ask Mr. De lafayette what is his favorite American magazine? Does he attend social events? Ed Sullivan.

Answer: I did. He said the Paris Review. In his opinion the Paris Review is a national treasure, and he encourages you to subscribe to this magazine. Check it out at: http://www.theparisreview.org/current-issue  As to social events, no, no more, he used to. He told me our modern world has changed and deviated from family values and what really counts, such as unconditional love, forgiveness and love for true art and literature. He has become a recluse mystic.








Natasha graced 2 covers of Parapsychology & Mind Power Magazine.

Natasha Blasick's Book: I enjoyed your interviews with Natasha Blasick. Is she now writing a book? WOW!!! Is it published? I love to read what she has to say... Alain Belanger, Paris, France.

Answer of Natasha Blasick: Thank you so much, Alain. Sharing my goings on has been a great pleasure for me. Indeed I am writing a book. It’s titled Live In Your World. I’m aiming to publish before the end of the year. Between my actual experience with a UFO and my many otherworldly dreams, this story appeared in my mind, almost magically. I  can’t wait for my work in progress to be done, but I also want it to be as wonderful as it is inside my mind. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Natasha Blasick's movies: Where can I watch Natasha Blasick movies? Are they in English? I know she is Ukrainian, I thought maybe she starred in foreign films in foreign languages. Any idea? Gilbert Leblanc, Paris, France.

Answer of Natasha Blasick: Hi Gilbert. Thank you for asking. Death Of Evil is available on Netflix as a rental. Amazon Instant Video streams Death Of Evil, Brando Unauthorized and a short film, Flash Click. I wish more of my movies were widely available. Paranoid Activity 2 is currently on YouTube in several parts, but that might change. The Black Russian, Notes From The New World and The Ruffian are on the festival circuit. In Notes From The New World I speak four languages. It wasn’t until moving to the United States that I started getting acting roles. So, they’re aren’t any Ukrainian films with me in them, although I’d like to change that someday. An unforgettable experience was shooting The Black Russian in India. I’d be delighted if you visited my website www.natashablasick.com.

Natasha Blasick (Leading Star) in a scene from Death Of Evil. Available on Netflix. She played Julietta Astor, a woman trapped and mind controlled by a powerful family working with evil spirits to create a 13th bloodline.

Natasha Blasick….what an actress!! Absolutely magnificent!!


THE HEALING TOUCH : THIS IS HOW YOU ACQUIRE THE EXTRAORDINARY POWER TO HEAL PEOPLE. Dear Ulema Delafayette. I want to learn your technique of the healing touch. A friend of mine who goes twice a week to a yoga class told me about your technique. Is it a physical training or an esoteric training? I will not be using it for financial gain, simply I want to learn how to heal people even if I have to go an extra mile to help others. I am vegetarian and animals lover. I can’t attend your classes because I live in Barcelona. Is it possible to initiate me without being in your class? I will follow your instructions to the letter. Would you honor my request? Thank you in advance. Manolo.

Answer: You are welcome Manolo. For your information, I don’t teach anymore. But I will be happy to introduce you to Baaniradu technique, which is very helpful and easy to understand. Baaniradu is the Anunnaki-Ulema term for the healing touch technique. It was first used by the priests of Melkart in Ancient Phoenicia, Ugarit and Arwad. It is extremely important to bear in mind, that this technique does not in any shape or form replace any scientific and medical treatment (s). Baaniradu has not been fully explored and used in the West.

Prerequisites and Preparation: 1-Before you learn how to heal, you should know first if you can heal, and if you have the power to heal without learning. 2-Training and learning will show you the way, but not necessarily the blessing of healing others. 3-Training will teach you the techniques of healing by touch and/or healing without touching. But success depends on the quality and quantity of the healing power you have in your “Conduit”. 4-Also you have to remember that if you are intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs, medicine, pills, addictive substances, narcotics, caffeine, tobacco and similar substances, you will not be able to heal others. 5-If your body is not clean, you will not be able to heal others. Your hands most be sparkling clean all the time. 6-If you have been sick yourself for the past 40 days, you will not be able to heal others. 7-If you have committed an act of violence, perjury, false testimony, adultery, theft and/or any hideous act (For the past 2 years), you will not be able to heal others. However, if you have been purified by the Ulema, and if you have fully compensated others (Humans and animals) for all the damages, losses, hurting, pain and suffering you have caused them, your chances of healing will increase considerably. 8-Do not come close to a sick person, and do not attempt to heal a sick person, if you have sinned in action and in thought. Only, when you are pure in heart and mind you can do so. Because you will be generating a strong energy current with your hands, you have to keep in mind three important things: a-Do not rotate both hands in opposite directions over one area of the sick body. b-Do not use physical strength in moving your hands; c-Do not constantly concentrate on one particular area of the sick body. Work around it as the healing touch progresses.

Dirasat: Explaining the concept: 1-Our bodies were created to heal themselves. 2-Our bodies were programmed from the time we were born. 3-We cannot change what was written in our “Essence” (Similar to DNA). 4-But we can improve on it. 5-Our bodies consist of many things, including mental memory, physical memory, spatial memory, and etheric memory. 6-Each memory has its own health condition, limitation and sphere. 7-We can be sick in one sphere, and perfectly healthy in another. 8-The mental affects the physical, and vice versa. 9-We can overcome mental and physical difficulties and disturbances by balancing our physical state (Physical milieu) with our mental sphere (Astral and/or non-physical dimension, also called Zinnar (Etheric Belt surrounding our body). 10-This helps a lot. Because when we feel pain in certain part of our body, this part can be transposed into the Zinnar sphere for self-healing.  11-Once it is healed, this part will return to its physical origin. This is an exercise/technique only the Ulema can accomplish. But students like you can heal the painful part of your body without transposing it into a non-physical sphere. You can heal that part with “Talamouth” (A gentle synchronized energetic touch), and “Tarkiz” (Even without touching the suffering part, and simply by directing beam of energy from the brain’s cell “Conduit”). 12-You have to consider your body as a battery, or like an electrical current. Both have negative and positive terminals. Your body too, has a positive area, and a negative area. 13-Some individuals have negative terminal in the left side of their bodies, and a positive terminal in the right side of their bodies. To others, it is just the opposite. 14-Thus, it is very important to discern between the two terminals, and know where exactly the negative and the positive terminals or stations are located within the body. 15-If you don’t know how to localize these two terminals, and you try to heal a sick person, you could disorient the energy in his body and cause severe injuries. 16-A well-trained student knows how to find these two terminals by dowsing, using his both hands as rods. 17-Before you start dowsing, you have to know upfront, which one of your hands is positive, and which one of your hands is negative. 18-If you don’t know, and you begin with your healing touch process, you could disorient the energy flux in the body of the sick person, and cause severe damages to his health. 19-If your right hand has a positive charge, then this hand should “hover” over the positive terminal of the sick person. 20-If your right hand has a negative charge, then this hand should “hover” over the negative terminal of the sick person. 21-The same thing applies to the other hand. 22-You should not wear jewelry or metal during the healing touch therapy. 23-You should not perform the healing touch therapy nearby an electrical outlet. 24-You should not perform the healing touch therapy nearby pets, because pets sense diseases, illness and negative energy. They are vulnerable to these conditions and could absorb their frequencies and vibes, thus disrupting the healing process. 25-Do not come too close to the body of the sick person. Keep at least 20 centimeters of distance between yourself and the sick person. 26-You should stop your healing touch immediately if you notice that the sick person is having trouble breathing. Steps to follow: The healing touch training requires patience, perseverance, practice, and time. Usually, to successfully complete the training program, a student spends at least three to four months studying and practicing. In some instances, the period could stretch to 6 months. Everything depends on the personal effort and commitment of the Talmiz (Student). There are several steps to follow. And here they are: Your hands are an extension of your mind. Use them wisely and for the good of mankind. Talk to your hands. Explore them. Get to know them. Find out what they can do, and try to discover how many beautiful things they can create. Watch what usually a good concert pianist does before he starts to play. The Baaniradu exercise/technique below will show you how.

THE TECHNIQUE. Stage One: 1-You need to practice 3 times a week. 2-Each practice session will take approximately one hour. 3-You practice alone. 4-No people, and no pets should be around you. 5-Select the most suitable three days of the week and stick to this schedule: Meaning you practice only on these three days. 6-Same hours are highly recommended. 7-You have to build in your system a new “practice-memory”. 8-First of all, you take a shower. You must be clean and your hands must be spotless. 9-Enter your room, and sit comfortably in a wooden chair. 10-Do not use metallic or plastic chair. 11-Stay put for 5 seconds. 12-Breathe deeply and gently. 13-Extend both arms straight ahead. 14-Join both hands, palm against palm. 15-Keep them like this for one minute or so. 16-Separate both hands approximately two centimeters apart, not more. 17-Focus sharply on these two centimeters for one minute. 18-Drop your hands down. 19-Repeat this exercise (Joining and separating hands) three times. 20-Drop your hands down. 21-Stand up and breathe slowly and deeply three times. 22-Sit down in your chair. 23-Raise both hands, (palms facing the ground), and stretch them as far as you can (Not higher than your shoulders). 24-Bring both hands close to your chest in an horizontal motion (Palms always facing the ground). 25-Start to rotate both hands in a circular motion, and keeping a 15 centimeters distance between the rotation movements. 26-Keep doing this for two minutes. 27-Now, bring your hands together. Palm against palm. 28-Keep both hands in this position close to your solar plexus for two minutes. 29-Close your eyes for approximately two minutes. 30-Now, tell your mind to enter a golden ray of light inside your solar plexus. 31-Let the light enter your solar plexus. 32-Keep your hands close to your solar plexus. 33-Now, tell your mind you want your solar plexus to send the golden light to your hands. 34-Tell your solar plexus to send the light right away. 35-Tell your hands to receive the light and hold on it for one minute. 36-Press strongly one hand against the other. Both palms are very firm. 37-Stay like this for 2 minutes or so. 38-At the end of the two minutes or so, you will start to feel some sort of heat in your palms. And that is good. 39-Do not loose this heat. Hold on this heat. 40-Do not let this heat leave your hands. 41-Take a long and deep breath. 42-Separate your hands. 43-At this moment, you might feel a minor fatigue in both shoulders or a sort of a small muscle cramp in your neck. Don’t worry. You will be fine in a few seconds. 44-This is the end of the first session. 45-Take a shower. Note: Repeat this exercise three times a week for a period of one month.

Preparation for stage two: During this stage you should not smoke, consume alcohol, or eat meat. And never ever touch addictive substances and narcotics!! This training stage shall take place outside your room. You are going to find a calm spot close to nature, far from cement, steel, noisy surroundings, and people. I recommend a wooden area, a park, perhaps your backyard if it is not exposed to your neighbors, a river bank, or the beach when nobody is around. The most suitable time is always early in the morning around 5 o’clock. The day should be sunny but not hot. Dress in white. Very light. Do not wear metal or jewelry. And do not eat before the practice. Drink plenty of water before you start your exercise. You don’t have to bring anything with you. Mother nature and a serene ambiance is all what you need.

Stage Two: 1-You are now starting stage two. 2-You have spent one month practicing in stage one. And you have made an important progress: You have discovered that you hands can hold heat. 3-We prefer to call that heat “Energy”. 4-Now, we are going to make this energy a positive energy. 5-If this energy is not developed into a positive energy, it will remain worthless, and will disappear before you know it. 6-So, we are going to hold on it, and make it work as a healing energy; a sort of positive vibes; a therapeutic touch. 7-You are going to succeed, as long as you have patience, you keep on practicing, and you are determined to use this wonderful power for the good of mankind. 8-Different practices apply to different places. 9-For instances, if you have chosen a river bank, you will be using river stones to practice with. If you have chosen a wooden area, you will be using leaves, or a piece of bark. If you have chosen the beach, you will be using sands or seashells. 10-You will always practice with pure elements of Mother Nature. 11-You will not touch synthetic products, plastic, metal or technological gadgets. 12-Let’s assume you have chosen a river bank. And that is good. 13-Now you sit comfortably anywhere around the river bank. 14-But make sure that the area is clean, calm, and you are alone. 15-Take your shoes off. 16-Sit for a few seconds, and try to “empty your mind”. 17-We have already taught you how to “empty your mind”. 18-We are going to use this technique in stage two. 19-Take a deep and a long breath. 20-Find two clean stones. Not too big, and not too small; the size of a small apple. 21-Place one stone in each palm and close both hands. 22-With firmly closed hands squeeze the stones as strong as you can for one minute or so. 23-Open both hands. 24-Keep them open for ten seconds. 25-Close both hands now, and squeeze one more time on the stones for another minute or so. 26-While squeezing tell your mind to bring the golden light to the stones. 27-Ask your mind again one more time. 28-Imagine the golden light entering your hands. 29-Direct the golden light toward the stones. 30-Keep focusing on this for two minutes. 31-Now something is going to happen. Pay attention. 32-The stones are getting hot. 33-Keep squeezing. 34-You start to feel some sort of heat in your hands, and that is good. 35-Now you tell yourself you are going to send the heat away. 36-You tell yourself you are going to absorb the heat. 37-You order the heat to enter your body. 38-You start to feel the heat entering your body, and that is good. 39-Now you tell yourself your hands are no longer feeling any heat. 40-There is no more heat in your hands. 41-You open both hands. 42-Now something very important is going to happen. Pay attention. 43-Look at the stones. 44-You are going to see something around the stones. 45-What you are seeing now is the vapor of the heat that was left inside the stones. 46-In a few seconds, the vapor will dissipate. 47-You have made a tremendous progress. 48-You were able to direct and to move the heat from one place to another. 49-That is correct, because you have perfectly succeeded in bringing the heat to the stones. 50-Also you have succeeded in storing the heat in the stones; and finally in directing the heat toward your body. That is remarkable. 51-We are almost at the end of the exercise. 52-You have to keep the two stones you worked with. 53-Do not loose them. 54-Put the stones in your pockets. 55-Breathe slowly and deeply. 56-Stay put for ten seconds. 57-Stand up and you are on your way…Note:  a-Repeat this exercise three times a week for a period of one month. b-In a wooden area, you can use leaves or a piece of bark, or stones, whatever is accessible. c-In the future, and once your Conduit is fully operational, you will be able to use this technique/exercise with various materials, including metal and substance originally made from liquids.

Stage Three: Introduction: This final stage is extremely important because it concentrates on: a-Cleansing your hands; b-Nourishing your hands; c-Protecting your hands; d-Experimenting with your hands.

The Technique: 1-For a period of one month, you should not touch any substance or product made out of animal fat. 2-Do not touch any toxic element. 3-Do not use tobacco or consume alcohol. 4-Use of addictive substances or narcotics is absolutely forbidden. 5-Every day for a period of 10 minutes, hold the two stones (you found on the river bank) in your palms (One in each hand), and gently flip the stones in any direction you want. 6-Close your hands, and visualize yourself sitting on the river bank. 7-Try to capture the sceneries of the river in your mind. 8-Repeat this exercise once a day for thirty days. 9-For five minutes or so everyday, bring both hands close to a healthy plant, and keep both hands at 10 centimeters distance from the plant. 10-Avoid touching the plant. Just surround it with your palms. 11-Focus on the greenest part of the plant or on the very top of the plant. 12-Select a specific part of the plant and concentrate on this part. Preferably around the bottom or the roots. 13-Repeat this exercise daily for thirty days. 14-While concentrating on the chosen area of the plant, remind your mind of the properties and energies of the green colors which are: a-Modifying energy.  b-Natural healing ability. c-Restful state. 15-Tell yourself you are absorbing the energy, the natural healing ability and the serenity of the plant. 16-So far you have practiced with stones and plant. Now, you are going to practice with water. 17-Fill a flat container with boiled water. 18-Wait until it cools off. 19-Immerse both hands in the water. 20-While immersing your hands in the water tell yourself that your hands are absorbing the blue light. 21-Remind yourself of the properties and characteristics of the blue light which are: a-Balanced existence. b-Sustaining life. c-Easing the nerve system. d-Transmitting forces and energy. e-Balance of the mind. f-Receiving and/or transmitting information in a telepathic communication. 22-Tell yourself once again that the blue light is entering your hands and solar plexus. 23-Repeat this exercise twice daily for thirty days. 24-We are almost done. 25-Your final practice is with fire now. Nothing to be afraid of. 26-You will be practicing with a gentle candle. 27-Light up a white candle. Never use a black candle. 28-Bring both hands close to the candle, and keep your palms at five centimeters distance from the candle. 29-Focus on the flame for 2 minutes or so. 30-Soon, you will start to see a purple color emerging from the blue flame. And that is good. 31-Tell yourself the purple color is entering your palms and solar plexus. 32-Indeed the purple color and the gentle warmth of the candle are entering your solar plexus and nourishing your palms. 33-Remind yourself of the major property and effect of the purple color which are: a-Spiritual thoughts. b-Gentility, tenderness. 34-Repeat this exercise twice daily for thirty days. 35-Stage three comes to an end now. 36-You are done. You have completed the orientation and training program. It is very possible that you have acquired a healing touch. You have to believe in the positive powers of your hands. You will find out very soon. Use your hands wisely and for the good of mankind.


HOW TO BLOCK NEGATIVE VIBES: Dear Mr. de Lafayette. I read your answer to Rita, and let me tell you, I am feeling the same way. I come home and am dead meat, tired and upset. I want to be left alone. What is your advice? What should I do? You must have something to stop this. Feng shui is any good? Or is there a lesson you can send me to block negative vibes I get at my work? Esmeralda Pinto.

Answer: Use this technique: 1-For the untrained, it is difficult to pinpoint the source of bad vibes. Therefore, I will be providing you with general guidelines useful in many cases. 2-It is very easy to protect yourself from bad vibes by creating a mental shield around your body. 3-Everything starts with your mind. 4-You start the first steps in the privacy of your room. 5-You sit comfortably in a chair in your room. 6-Take off your shoes. 7-Remove your jewelry, your belt, your tie, your watch, and any metallic substance you are wearing. 8-Change into white clothes. Never wear dark colors clothes during this exercise. 9-Close your eyes and take a deep breath. 10-Breathe deeply three times. 11-Keep your eyes closed. 12-Visualize your body standing before your eyes. It is very simple. Just tell yourself I want to imagine my body right here standing before me. It is not going to happen physically, but just say that to yourself. 13-Repeat it one more time. Repeat the very same thing you just said. 14-Everything is going to be fine. 15-Breathe deeply and slowly one more time. 16-Stretch your arms (Straight) and move them or rotate in any direction you want as if you were swimming. 17-Keep on breathing very slowly and gently. 18-Imagine yourself swimming in a beautiful crystal clear lake. 19-Continue to swim until you reach the bank or the edge of the lake. 20-You are there now. Look for a comfortable spot and sit there. 21-You start to feel a fresh breeze and that is good. 22-Keep your eyes closed. 23-Look at the other edge of the lake. You will find it. The edge from where you started to swim. 24-Good. You found the edge. 25-Clap your hands now. 26-You hear the clapping of your hands. 27-Tell yourself you are leaving the sound of clapping at the edge of the lake. 28-Leave the clapping at the far end (The edge) of the lake, and return to your spot where you were sitting. 29-No, you will not swim again to return to your spot. 30-Your brain is so fast now, and understands what you need…it will take you right away to your spot. 31-That is wonderful. You are there now, sitting calmly. 32-You are still enjoying the fresh breeze. 33-Breathe and smell the fresh breeze. Tell the breeze to move faster and faster. 34-Repeat your command one more time. 35-The breeze is moving fast now. 36-Let it move and move and move. 37-Tell the breeze to get thicker and ticker. 38-The breeze is getting ticker…very very thick. 39-Thank the breeze. 40-Tell the breeze to change itself into a wall. 41-Repeat this command three times. 42-You are going to feel something now. Pay attention. 43-Your head is getting heavier. And that is good. 44-Tell the wall to stay there like a guard. 45-Lift up both arms and direct them toward the wall. 46-Tell yourself the wall is strong and is blocking everything. 47-Tell yourself you are leaving everything that has disturbed you behind the wall. 48-Thank the wall and ask the wall to go away. 49-Clap your hands twice. 50-In your mind, try to remember how did you get here, from the very beginning. 51-Now tell yourself you are going back to where you have started...the lake bank you saw first. 52-Good. You are at the lake bank now. 53-You see, you came back without swimming. Your mind knows what you are doing. He is with you all the way. 54-Now tell yourself the lake, the breeze, the wall will always be around you to protect you from other’s bad thoughts and vibes. 55-Tell yourself nobody can enter or break the wall around you. 56-Repeat this 3 times. 57-Take a deep breath. 58-Open your eyes and stay calm in your chair. 59-Right down in a notebook what you have experienced. The more details you put down the better you will feel very very soon. 60-Repeat this exercise twice a week, always the same day and same time for one full month. 61-After the third exercise, burn your notes. 62-After the fourth exercise you are going to feel so good and so strong. 63-Bad vibes will never disturb you again.

Employees from 9 to 5, pets and bad energy: I am 9 to 5 employee at a drugstore. It’s a living. I am not totally satisfied with what I do but for the time being I am OK. I read something on how employees who are not happy in their jobs bring home negative energy and their children suffer from it. I have pet at home. And when I get upset I confine myself to my pets. Do you think the placework is the reason why I feel this bad energy? Is it mine? Rita D.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Contemporary Ulema have found that negative vibrations and transmission of negative energy rays vary in intensity and degree of harm in virtue of many factors. 1-In the United States, negative and bitter people are more likely to emit negative energy that can deeply affect you mentally and physically on Monday and  on Tuesday than on any other days of the week. 2-Employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs and who dislike their boss diffuse intense bad vibes during the early and late hours of the day of their shifts. 3-These vibes become more intense upon returning home, and especially during the first 40 minutes. 4-The negative vibes dissipate short after, however their sub-conscience retains their dissatisfaction and anger for the rest of the day.  5-Thus, the Ulema suggest that you give those people enough room to relax and enough time to forget about the job they hate before you discuss with them any delicate or sensitive matter, because they will explode. 6-It is highly recommended to have pets around depressed and tired people. Pets provide therapeutic and curing vibes. However, if these people are going through intense rage or anger state, pets should not be left around them. 7-The negative vibes of bitter and angry people can cause damages not only to humans and pets, but also to domestic appliances. Rita, the place work can affect the way you feel and react. Nothing wrong with you. Email me at delafayette6@aol.com to discuss in private your situation. I will be there for you.

Is this the right definition of the Anunnaki: “Those who from heaven to earth came"? Sitchin said so! Is he right or wrong? What do you say? Gregory Stevens

 Answer: We will not criticize Mr. Sitchin. He is entitled to his own ideas. But first of all, forget all about the childish and idiotic theories, statements, and claims you hear about the Anunnaki and ancient aliens, ancient astronauts, coming  from some TV shows hosts, and conspiracy theorists, because they don't know! And why they don't know? Because they can't read and understand the Mesopotamian tablets referring to the Anunnaki written in Sumerian and Akkadian. Some very well-known authors, and ufologists are unfamiliar with Akkadian, and Sumerian. And since they could not read, write and understand the Mesopotamian texts (Akkadian, Sumerian, Old Babylonian, Chaldean, Assyrian, etc.) and the cuneiform clay tablets of ancient Iraq, they fabricated fantastic tales, created their own stories, came up with erroneous & bogus translations of the texts, and intentionally distorted the truth, because they assumed that the general public is not familiar with dead languages, and would not notice the difference between the truth and their fabrication. Consequently, their readers, fans, followers, thousands of websites, a fleet of ufologists, TV show hosts & producers who are not familiar with those ancient languages were misled; they took their words and fake translations for granted. Despite their total ignorance of dead & ancient languages many ufologists & advocates of the ancient aliens & ancient astronauts theorists always referred to, and used BOGUS TRANSLATION & FALSE INFO as reference & foundation for their elaborate theories.  Authors and their duped followers could not check historic/linguistic sources, because were in languages they couldn't read,  couldn't write, couldn't understand! This was a BIG MISTAKE. Even their translation of the Word "Anunnaki" is outrageously wrong & show their ignorance of the Akkadian & Sumerian Languages. Those theorists, every host of a TV show on aliens & UFOs & every website on UFOs & Anunnaki define the Anunnaki as follows: "Those who from heaven to earth came" or "Those who came to earth from above." These definitions are WRONG, because they do not define the word Anunnaki, but refer to where they came from. If you want to define "New Yorker", you would -I assume - simply say, a person who is from New York, as simple as that. You do not say, "Those who George Washington sent from Virginia to New York" or "those who from the mountains or the plains of Georgia to New York came." These two definitions have been blindly accepted by those theorists and the masses, because of their lack of knowledge of Akkadian-Sumerian-Old Babylonian languages. The word Anunnaki is composed of two or three words, less or more, depending on the choice/preference of linguists, but the most correct linguistic compositions are as follows: First composition: 1-Anu, which is the name of the Anunnaki's supreme god. And the epistemological meaning of Anu is: Lord; leader; king. 2-Na, is either a verb meaning to send, or an adverb, meaning within or in. In many Akkadian, Sumerian, Assyrian and Old Babylonian texts and inscriptions, "Na" was written as "Ina", and meant: In, from within, so on. 3-Ki, generally means Earth in Akkadian and Sumerian. But Ki also means all of the following, in Akkadian and Sumerian: a) The underworld, b) The netherworld, c) The empire of death, d) The world of no return. Thus the correct definition is: The Gods of Earth or the Gods of the Underworld.

Correct Definition and Meaning of the word Anunnaki  as explained by Maximillien de Lafayette, and according to the Akkadian and Sumerian languages and as mentioned in the Cuneiform Sumerian tablets: Anuna-ki (Anunnaki): Sumerian/Akkadian. Noun. The word Anunnaki is composed of three words or more, depending on the choice of linguists:

 THUS, THE CORRECT MEANING/DEFINITION OF the word ANUNNAKI  is: Gods (Anuna) of the Underworld (Ki), also Gods (Anuna) of Earth (Ki; Ki means both Earth and Underworld). The Akkadian/Sumerian Anunnaki word is used in a plural form to represent the gods of the heaven and Earth, called Anunna in Sumerian and Akkadian. Later on in history, and in order to differentiate between the Anunnaki and the Igigi, The scribes called the Anunnaki, the gods of Earth, also gods of the netherworld, and  gods of the Empire of Death, and the Igigi, gods of the Heaven. This differentiation is very clear in all the Mesopotamian clay tablets, particularly in the Ishtar Descent to the Underworld (Ki), the poem/myth of Gilgamesh, the Enuma Elish, etc...They are represented as Sha Shame or Da-meh u erSetim (Pronunciation: As Sha Shameh ersetiim) meaning the Anunnaki of heaven and earth.  Sha Shame means heaven in Akkadian and Sumerian. Shem and shama in Phoenician, and Sama in Arabic. erSetim means earth. Thus,  the Anunnaki and Igigi are grouped together under Anunna (A group of Gods in Sumerian, Akkadian and Old Babylonian). Consequently "Those who from heaven to earth came" is an absolute NONSENSE! Other names of the Anunnaki: The Anunnaki were known to many neighboring countries in the Near East, Middle East, and Anatolia.  And because of the languages' differences, the Anunnaki were called differently. For instance:

Bad spirits in our home: Al Salamou Aleykoum wa rahmat’Allah wabarakatouh. Greetings from Morocco. Dear Editor of Parapsychology and Mind magazine. A few months ago my father and I bought an old house in Casa. We moved in and no problems. Two weeks ago, something began to happen in our house. Chairs were moving, windows opened and closed and other things. I thought this is normal because it is an old house. Then, my father got sick. I though because of his old age. Then I got sick and afterward my wife Aisha got sick. Now all my family is sick. The doors open and close, the windows make terrible noise. We called a cheik. He came to the house and prayed from the Koran. He told us the house is haunted with afarit. But everything is going to be OK. For two days the house was calm. Then on the third day, the afarit returned to our home. I think they live in the lower part of the house, it is like a basement. I said to my father I am going to call Sebastian Paul, a voodoo master from Haiti. I know Sebastian very well, I met him in Paris while studying Political Sciences. He came to the house and performed his rituals. He said the house is inhabited by bad dead spirits and he needed longtime to fix everything. I told myself I want to write to you and ask you what I should do? Do we need to bring a person to bless the house? And if we bring somebody what he will do to get rid of the bad spirits? Redwan J. Morocco.

Answer: We have discussed the matter with Patti Negri, the world’s greatest medium who specialized in house blessing. We are posting the interview we had with Patti. Many of her answers respond directly to your questions:


Q: So Patti, why do people call you to do their “House Blessing and Cleansing”? Patti:  In addition to obvious paranormal, unexplained or strange activities happening in a home, people also call me when they are noticing subtler signs, like negative energies or feelings in their home. It is often things like unexplained tiredness, arguing, a restless, listless or “down” feeling, or lack of foreword movement. These also are signs that it is probably time to do a house blessing or clearing! People also call me after a divorce, death or break up or any life or situation changing moments.  People of course call me when they are moving into a new home, or sometimes they just need to get the “stale” out and start off on a clean slate by removing old or negative energy out of the home – kind of like a “Spring Cleaning” – in ANY season!  Q: OK, you go to their homes…and how do you start cleansing/blessing their homes? Room by room or the area known to be haunted or disturbed? Patti:  I definitely go room to room and do every room in a home. First I do a walkthrough of the entire house to get my impressions of the energy and what is going on.  It is amazing how obvious it is to me “where the problem areas are”, without ever talking to the residents first.  Once I have my own opinion, I compare with the person or family and they almost always “match up”.  Then we get to work.  I ask them what they consider to be the heart of their home – and that is where I set up our home base to begin the ritual.  Q: How do you find the “Bad Zone”, the haunted or unbalanced area (s) in their homes? Others (Whether real or fake) use all kinds of instruments and camera. But you don’t? Patti: I sense, see and feel “energy” – so I literally use that ability along with my psychic senses to feel out the space. Sometimes, yes, it is a haunting or an entity, but most often, it is stuck, stale, dark or negative energy that has gathered like dust bunnies – and that can heavily affect the people living within the home.  I do have the “new school” toys and technology like EMF meters and cameras if people want to see and experience what I do… But I am way more “old school” relying on my psychic vision….and maybe a trusty old set of divining rods so the participants can see firsthand what is going on. Q: How about basements? So many psychics claim that bad spirits live in dark areas and especially in  basements? Patti: Yes, basements, blocked corners, dark areas can sometimes attract dark energies or spirits… partially just because they “get stuck” since there is no flow there (especially just dealing with energies versus spirits.) But truthfully, in my experience, the “bad” places usually are where something negative happened repeatedly like heavy arguing, fighting or sadness in a certain area or room.  That tends to cause the energy disturbance more than just a dark or scary place.  Those “scary” places are just more likely to heighten our awareness and fear – so we tend to see things that sometimes may not even be there at all… Q: How would you know that the negatively charged entities left their homes or at least were appeased? Do you sense any change in the intensity and level of their vibes and frequencies? Or you catch visions and feelings in your brain? Patti:  Yes, I can sense when the entity or energies are gone. But it is also usually so obvious that EVERYONE in the house can feel it. When we do the first “walk through” and I am feeling out the house, I ask the residents to “sense” what the house feels like to them.  The heaviness, the weight, the emotions, etc…whatever that means to them. Then, we do the first round of cleansing where we clear everything out - and I ask them to “sense” it again.  And they can feel the extreme shift in the density, and energy of each room.  They usually state how it feels light and airy and open. Then we go through the home again, this time empowering and replenishing each space with good, loving, positive, light, energy. Again, going room to room – and while in each room – we declare and state the elements and attributes they want in that room.  Then I ask them to “feel” the space again – and it again has completely changed, and I get comments like “now it feels warm and homey”.  It’s pretty cool.  It happens almost every time without prompting.  Q: Do you recommend that new habitats should be checked out “esoterically” and spiritually before we move in? Patti:  YES!  People are so funny. Everybody cleans their new house, paints their new house, and landscapes the yard– but so few think about cleaning the “energy” of the new place they are going to call home.   If you’re moving into a new home or apartment it is smart to perform a cleansing and blessing on your new residence.  It will clear negative energies from the space, bring new harmony and light - and protect the new inhabitants from misfortune.   Why take chances?  While moving  is often stressful and busy, try to set one day aside before moving so that you can go to your new home and make your metaphysical preparations. A house cleansing should be a celebration, so if you want, you can invite your friends and family and ask them to join in blessing your home. Q: How people can reach you for this particular need? Patti:  They can call me at 323.461.0640. Or email me at Patti@PattiNegri.com or get more information, including testimonials, from my website at www.PattiNegri.com

Psychic Harry T: I am inquiring about Australian psychic Harry T you wrote about the last year. Does he produce a television show? On what network? Australia? New Zealand? Thank you for your time and assistance. Melanie Crowley.

Answer: We sent your inquiry to Mr. Harry T. Hopefully he will answer soon.

The Cytron Returns...Is it a published book? Hello, I am interested in a series of articles by Eugenia Macer-Story you have published in one of your magazines. Frankly speaking it was an eye opener. It was a great article. Are you going to continue the series or it is over? Something else I would like to know, is the Cytron Returns a published book or simply a series of articles? If it was published, how can I order a copy? One more question: Who did the paintings? Are they illustrations of the demon she talked about? R. Lopez, Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: Dear R. Lopez, Vera Cruz, Mexico. My article CYTRON RETURNS was actually published in UFOs & Supernatural Magazine in four installments plus an article about my artwork in a subsequent issue. Because the magazine layout was confusing to people in the later installments, I have published all four installments in the "Extra" Edition of the Yankee Oracle Gazette "Cytron Returns" Spring 2011-20 I12 as an Adobe file. Perhaps in the future it will be published also as a booklet or ebook. Just go to http://yankeeoracle.org  and scroll down the index to find the appropriate link to the "Cytron Returns" Extra Edition. I am also a visual artist and have done all the sketches in the articles and the paintings included with the subsequent article about my artwork. My work will be included in the "World Registry of Artists" to be issued online from Sicily within the next few weeks. I have a new book in process about similar topics entitled "The Bright Spidey Charm Book: Real Magick Both Talismanic & Philosophical". If you wish to be on my mailing list for this new book, please email: e.macer-story@att.net  . Thanks for your interest in my work. Best--Eugenia Macer-Story


















BIG TIME COVERUP: Bob Lazar was the first whistleblower. Without him noboby would have known about Area 51 and alien UFOS in America. Our government has been lying to us for fifty years. President Reagan said he saw a UFO. President Carter described a UFO flying over his head. Coverup coverup. Why are they lying to us? What are they hiding? Was it Truman who started the whole coverup? Any relevant documents? Jim Reeves, Alabama

Answer: Read the whole story in the article below.
































































































































































































































UFOs in Christian art: I don't buy the stories of ancient aliens about UFOs appearing in medieval Christian art. They are weird. A few months ago the History Channel in the USA aired an episode about UFOs found in Biblical and renaissance artwork. How come nobody is debunking their claims? I am talking about UFOs in Christian art? Do you agree? Are they real UFOs in Italian Christian art? Salvatore Bossi. Roma, Italy.

Answer: No UFOs in Medieval Christian art. Did you know that ancient aliens' theorists took the hat of Cardinal for a UFO? Coincidentally, we published an article on UFOs and Christian art. Have a look:






























I can't afford it: I can't afford to buy all the books of Ulema Maximillien de Lafayette. In the past I bought 5 or 6, but now I am on a strict budget. Can I get a free load to some of his PDF? Please. Arakel Baghramian, Yerevan, Armenia.

Answer: Try this.

Can we communicate with our dead pets? Dear Mr. de Lafayette, I hope you are reading my email. I tried so hard before to reach you and every time there is somebody else who answers to me. Please sir read my email because what I am looking for is very important to me. I will not take your time I know you are a busy man with all your books but I need your help sir. I am from Syria and where I live people believe in the afterlife and the Joly Koran says so. But one thing is not clear for me. I lost my dog two weeks ago. You have no idea how sad I am. When de died I almost had a heart attack. I am crying all the time now. Please Mr. Maximillien can you tell me if there is a way to know what is happening to my dead dog? Can I communicate with my dog? I wrote to a psychic in America and asked her, she said yes, but she wanted lots of money. I can't afford to pay three hundred dollars. Would you please help me? I am not a rich man, I used to work for Aramaco in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, I am now in Aleppo, in Syria, and I am out of work. Please please sir, can you help me? I am very sad... Fouad Habash, Syria.

Answer from Mr. de Lafayette: Fouad, I know exactly how you feel. Many don't believe that animals have a soul. They are wrong. Animals are as important as humans. I am herewith giving you an excerpt from a lecture I gave on communicating with our dead beloved pets. Read it carefully. And if you still need further guidance, email me at delafayette6@aol.com . From the lecture: Communication with our Dead Pets “Gensi-uzuru I. Introduction: The Ulema are very fond of animals. Extensive passages in the Book of Ramadosh speak about the important role animals play in the life of humans, especially at emotional and therapeutic levels. The Ulema believe that pets understand very well their human-friends (Instead of using the word “owners”). And also, pets communicate with those who show them love and affection. This loving relationship between pets and their human-friends does not end when pets die. II. Is it possible to communicate with our dead pets? Although the Anunnaki-Ulema do not believe in any possibility of contacting deceased people or animals, they have explained to us that contacting our departed ones is possible for a very short time, and only during the 40 days period following their death. In other words, we can contact our deceased parents and dear ones, or more accurately enter in contact with them if:

 The Ulema said that humans cannot contact their dead pets. But pets can contact us via different ways that we can sense if we have developed a strong bond with them. Pets know who love them and those who don’t, because pets feel, understand, sense and see our aura. All our feelings and thoughts are imprinted in our aura, and the aura is easily visible to pets, particularly, cats, dogs, parrots, lionesses, pigs, and horses. This belief is shared by authors, people of science and therapists in the West, despite major difference between Westerners and Ulema in defining the nature and limits of pets-humans after death contact. For instance, in the United States, pets’ lovers and several groups of therapists and psychics think that “a pet can reappear as a ghost, and a ghost could be luminous or even appear as it did in life. You don't necessarily know when you see an animal if it's a ghost or not, said Warren, a researcher in the field. “It's much easier to identify a loved one who's passed and come back.” “Don't forget them because they're gone,” said Jungles, who owns three cats. “Keep their toys and blankets around. They (ghosts) will go where they're happiest.” Warren agrees. “Recreate an environment conducive to the pet's life,” he said. “Use your imagination and treat it like it's alive. In other words, you should create or re-create conditions ideal for their re-appearance, their return, even though, for a very short moment.

 III. When your departed loved pet returns to see you: I remember very vividly what the loving and Honorable Ulema Li has said to a novice who rushed to him in tears, and begged him to bring back to life, his dog who had died that morning. This happened some sixty years ago. (More exactly 57 years ago). Here is the story.

My loving teacher asked the little Murad (Name of the novice): When did your dog die?

Murad: This morning Master, please bring him back to me!

Master Li: I can’t do that son, but how about if I let you see him one more time?

Murad: Oh Master, I will do anything for you, anything.

Master Li: You know son, you dog is not dead. He is somewhere else now and he is very happy.

Murad: Master, I buried him this morning under the tree. He is dead, he is dead!

Master Li: Ok then, l will let you see him one more time, but do not touch him, do you understand? Just look at him, you can talk to him, but do not touch him. If you touch him, Poof, he will disappear.

 By then, many students were alerted to what was going on and rushed to sit on the floor at the feet of the Master, excited and curious, they kept looking at the Master and I could hear them saying Master, please one more miracle, because they were accustomed to see the Master doing extraordinary things. An indescribable deep silence threw its heavy coat over the little students… and we were waiting. And all of a sudden, Murad screamed: Ahhhh…he is scratching my legs…he is licking my right foot…he is here…I feel him…Where is Master? Where is he, please tell me…I want to see him. None of the students –including myself– saw or felt anything. Only Murad. Then, a thin layer of white dust began to take shape. And suddenly the dust was transformed into a substance like fluffy white cotton, and finally the face of a small dog began to appear, and seconds later, his whole body became visible to all of us. Murad got so excited and so happy…and not remembering what the Master has told him, rushed to hug his dog. And this was a grave mistake. Because as soon as he touched the face of his dog, the dog vanished in thin air. What Murad did upset everybody, and we hated him for that! Obviously Murad is in state of shock now. He did not know what to do or what to say. He dropped on the ground, and almost fell in a coma. The dog never returned again.With an austere serenity, the Master was watching everything, and everybody. Then, almost in a perfect synchronization, the students shouted: Master! What happened? And very calmly, the Master said: “You never touch the body of the dead before he rises to a higher dimension.” None of us understood what he meant. We kept on asking more and more questions, but the Master in a firm voice said: “The Dirasa did not start yet!” (Dirasa means the lesson or the study.) Two months later, the Master nicely surprised us with a lesson on Gensi-uzuru. Obviously, he did not forget how interested we were in learning more about what has happened to Murad’s dog.  Everybody was excited beyond belief.  And this is what the Master had to say:

 IV. Kira’at on Gensi-uzuru:

Fouad, I hope this small lecture would be useful to you.

Threat of the Fourth Reich: The Guardian paper reported that the world could face a threat from the new World Order, which I believe is the New German Nazi Order. Some articles mentioned the existence of secret Neo Nazi bases in Latin America. How accurate and serious are these reports? Josh Bloom.

Answer: In a previous issue of Art, UFOs and Supernatural magazine, we published an in-depth article on the subject. You can have a glance at one of our articles here.



















Did Hitler escape in a UFO? I am not a conspiracy theorist. I know how to use a sound mind to sort out the fact from the myth. Yet, there are are convincing evidence that Hitler escaped from his bunker with the help of General Muller who was the chief of the Gestapo. And the so-called skull of Hitler belongs to a 40 year old woman according to DNA test conducted by professors from American universities. What is your take on this? Did he or did he not escape from the bunker aboard a UFO? Ismail Halabi, Khartoum, Sudan.

Answer: Straight to the point, Ismail. Read this article that we have published in Art, UFOs & Supernatural magazine. It is self-explanatory.






















Talking to spirits: I have an extensive library on the occult. My main interest is communications with spirits. Is it possible to communicate with spirits without talking to a psychic? And do spirits in the other world communicate with  us in our language? I read that each category of entities and spirits has its own language. True? Can you address my questions to Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette. Thank you very much. Khalid Maghrabi, Cairo, Egypt.

Answer: Here is what Mr. de Lafayette said: LANGUAGES OF THE ENTITIES, SPIRITS AND GHOSTS: a-The entities who belong to the “Higher or Superior Spirits” have a dignified language. They communicate with us in a very precise and clear manner. They are truthful, humble and friendly. b-The entities who belong to the “Lower or Inferior Spirits” are usually arrogant, deceitful, and communicate with us in a vulgar and aggressive manner. They love to play tricks on us, and quite often they give us wrong information. c-Those who are trapped in the doomed zone are angry, confused, and vengeful. Consequently, their language is aggressive and confusing. d-The noble spirits of antiquity speak in Ana’kh, and/or in an ancient language from the Middle/Near East. They are called “Arwaah Karima”, meaning the noble spirits. e-The afrit and djinns have their own language; they use macabre and dark expressions. It is almost impossible to understand what they are saying. f-The spirits of the Anunnaki Ulema speak in every known language on Earth. g-The Shayatiin speak in Shataniyaat, which is the language of the devil, according to Arab Sahiriin. h-Al Malaa’ika (Angels) always speak to us in a language we know. i-The spirits and ghosts of departed friends, siblings and relatives speak to us in their native languages; languages we are familiar with, language (s) we used to talk to them in, when they were still living with us. FEELING OR HEARING THE LANGUAGES OF ENTITIES, SPIRITS AND GHOSTS: IS IT A REAL FEELING? Sometimes, it seems to us –through incomprehensible feelings and sensations– that beloved departed ones are talking to us, or trying to communicate with us. This is a true feeling, but unfortunately, we don’t know how to respond, how to understand it, and what to make of it. In some instances, they whisper a few words. And sadly enough, our ears cannot hear everything they are saying. To our great astonishment, some of their words become crystal clear if they are recorded on some devices. Are we hearing voices? Are we hallucinating? Not always. This is why we have to keep an open mind, and try to believe in the reality of the afterlife. Their vocal communications are limited by time, meaning that only during the 40 day period following their death, can the spirits and ghosts of our departed relatives and friends communicate with us. Once they leave the first stage/level of afterlife zone, all communications and messages will cease. So what should we do when we hear their voices? Because they have initiated the contact, the communication channel is open, meaning that we can respond to them and tell them that we are hearing them. Unfortunately, many of them will vanish before they hear our response. Why? Because they have run out of energy. They manifest themselves to us and they can talk to us when the etheric molecules of their substance are fully charged, exactly like a battery. To re-enter our world, spirits and ghosts need an enormous amount of energy. And this energy does not last long. If you keep on receiving their messages and/ hearing their voices –even if it’s just a few words- ask the help of an honest medium. A séance is highly recommended.

Aliens Transcripts: I believe we are not alone in the universe. And the universe is not the same everywhere, this could explain why aliens look different from us. Maybe they are not totally biological. I don't believe they look like monsters as many folks thinks. And if it is true, so we might look monsters to them as well. Possible? Hermes Garbo. Budapest, Hungary.

Answer: You are right. Living creatures' anatomy is conditioned by weather, climate, and eco-system. Read this article on the subject.





















Origins of UFOS: Hello, I liked very much your article on the origin of UFOs. Very informative. I have part one (I think). Where can I find part two? Thank you for your time. Your magazine is magnificent, Unfortunately I can't find in Togo. Thank you thank you. A. Sohoka. Togo

Answer: Link to the complete article.


















The Great Airship Scare of 1896. Dear Sir: I could not find your article on The Great Airship Scare of 1896. Where is it? Any link? One more question, can you link me to your article on STARGATE? Thank you. Jules Samuel Rozen

Answer: Here it is, click on The Great Scare and here is the link to Stargates.





















Are you going to organize a new election for the best psychics and mediums this year? If yes how could I cast my vote? Is it like the last year? Herbert Simonides.

Answer: YES! It is around the corner! It begins on October 15, 2013 and ends on November 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM New York Time. It has become a tradition now. So start voting for your favorite psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers and lightworkers on October 15. Send you vote to Judith Goldsmith at newyorkgate@aol.com The 1st International Vote (2011-2012) was a spectacular success. But in 2012-2013, the event was phenomenal. Hundreds of thousands of votes came from the four corners of the globe. And winners from 35 countries graced the page of the “Directory & international rank of the United States & the world's best psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers & lightworkers 2012-2013. It was fun, challenging, time consuming, but equally informative and necessary. The public has the right to know who are de facto, the best lightworkers in the world. The results of the Votes/Election reflect the opinion of the general public, the consumers, clients, fans and peers from all walks of life. America was seriously challenged, this time. The competition was tough and the voters fanatically pushed for their favorite psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers, tarot readers, you name it. Last year, the United States was ranked number 1 in the world thanks to Allison Hayes and Michelle Whitedove and American lightworkers captured the first place in many categories, effortlessly and gracefully. But this year, they had to face a stiff and intense competition, caused by the superb and extraordinary quality and level of world-class peers and colleagues, such as France’s great, the legendary author and psychic Madame Maud Kristen, Francois-Charles Rambert who was nominated “Best Psychic in Europe” by the prestigious Parisian newspaper Le Figaro, Britain’s Zak Martin, Lynne Caddick and Derek Acorah “Derek Johnson”, Switzerland’s Alexandre Delovane, Belgium’s Pascal Riolo, Australia’s Harry T., and Elizabeth Jensen, Azerbaijan’s Hayal Alekperov, Canada’s Jojo Savard, China’s medical doctors, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Lifang Lian, Ecuador’s legendary Healer Yachak, India’s giants, Ajai Bhambi, Vidhushekhor Pandey and Anita Nigam, Peru’s world famous healers and mystics, Doña Ysabel & Doña Olinda, and Russia’s phenomenal masters of the paranormal and the occult. The results of the 2013-2014 vote will be published in The “Directory & international rank of the United States and the world's best psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers & lightworkers 2013-2043”. It is the world #1 reference source and the most authoritative documentary book on the best, the greatest and most reliable, trusted & effective psychics, mediums, astrologers and healers in the United States and around the globe because: 1-It does NOT list and/or recommend individuals because they are affiliated with our magazine (s). We are neither a PR agency/group nor a membership association. We don’t charge fees. 2-Psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers and lightworkers are included in the Directory because they were chosen, nominated, recommended and trusted by the public and their clients. They are the PEOPLE’S CHOICE, and not their agencies’ nominations. 3-Nominees’ credentials are verified and their claims are checked out. 4-This is the world’s first book-directory of its kind, compiled and written by independent researchers and reporters who have no ties to any psychic, medium, healers and related agencies. 5-Bear in mind, our magazines don’t endorse, and/or recommend individuals, organizations and agencies. We just report facts and verified findings. The Directory is not written by psychics, mediums, healers and their PR firms and agencies or any individual/group who has a financial or professional arrangement with them. The Directory is compiled and written by the author with the assistance of an Editorial Board and investigative reporters who don’t belong to their circle, and based upon investigation, research, recommendations and votes sent to us by lightworkers’ clients and general public. FROM THE RESULTS OF LAST YEAR’S INTERNATIONAL VOTE: The World’s Top 10 psychics in this rank order: #1. Maud Kristen, France. #2. Francois-Charles Rambert, France. #3. Patti Negri, USA and Sunhee and Chinhee Park, USA. #4. Dr. Linda Salvin, USA,. #5. Lynne Caddick, UK and Zak Martin, UK. #6. Alexandre Delovane, France. #7. Allison Hayes, USA. #8. Allison Dubois, USA. #9. Marie-Claire Estevin, France. #10. Vladimir Shpunt, Russia. In the Astrology category, Patrice Cole from the United States came first.

From L to R: #1. Maud Kristen. #2. Francois-Charles Rambert. #3. Patti Negri.#3. Sunhee and Chinhee Park (Photo credit: Shay Parker) #4. Dr. Linda Salvin, #5 Lynne Caddick.

Is it a joke or What? I read your silly article on election "Ms. World Psychic"!!!! Are you kidding me? Who came up with this crazy idea? Well..if it works is fine but it will never happen. What was the reaction of your readers. Nevermind, if they believe in psychics, they are as silly as the article you published. I did not buy your magazine I borrowed from a friend. Can you print here the whole story? Mr. Anonymous.

Answer: With pleasure, Mr. Coward Anonymous.

I AM VOTING: I like it, I like it why not? Let's have fun. Let the vote begin...here are my 3 favorite queens, Patrice Cole, Patti Negri, and the frenchywoman Anabele Villeudieu. Hey, can I vote for men too? Joujou Estefan, from everywhere.

Answer: Go ahead, vote for your favorite men psychics.

Hey! I AM VOTING TOO: I like this project. I am sick and tired listening to tv news of killing and kidnapping. Brighten up folks...cheer up, lets  make it happen this beauty contest. But I am casting my vote for men only and I am not voting for french and english. I am voting for "Made in America", Halleluia...praise the lord. Here is my vote: Andrew Brewer he looks real to me, the crazy looking  dude Peter Serraino and this cute boy Rodriguez. How am I doing? I think I hit on the nose. Taisha Lamont Jones, Washington, Dc.....Peace be with you.


Question about the Federation of psychics program and event. Is it a seminar or a convention? Is it open to the public or strictly to lighworkers? Also is Patti Negri giving free or paid psychic readings? S... (A real lightworker from Ohio).

Answer: We sent your inquiry to Patti. And here is Patti's answer: Hi S...!  Thanks for your inquiry!  It is a conference!  It is for EVERYBODY!   It will include 8 amazing workshops by 9 professional tested and certified Federation psychics who are all leaders within the spiritual community, a working séance, a psychic gallery, a Q & A session and a mix and mingle networking party with live jazz music.  It will be a celebration of life!  A weekend designed to inform, inspire and empower.  You do not have to be a psychic or light worker to join us. We welcome everyone to attend and learn about and experience our magical world.  Attendees may even discover their own psychic powers within…  in fact I am pretty sure they will!  It is of course for professional working psychics and lightworkers as well!   I am sure as a lightwoker yourself, you know we are always learning and growing!  As far as readings at the conference, I am teaching a workshop on Spell crafting and earth magic and leading / facilitating the Saturday night séance.  I may do some readings Sunday afternoon as well for a nominal fee we are setting for the conference.  People will of course get free readings within many of the workshops, Séance and Gallery throughout the weekend!  I hope you can join us.  If you do, please make sure to introduce yourself, I would love to meet you!  Thanks again, Patti  www.PattiNegri.com


Dr. Linda's Candle of Wisdom: Hi... I am interested in Dr. Linda Salvin Candle of Wisdom. Can you tell me if they are used as magic or spell tools? What they do precisely? Salma Tabbah, Jordan

Answer: We sent your inquiry to  Dr. Salvin.






From the archives

ghostsYour ghosts technique is not working: I tried your summoning technique and no ghost showed up. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to use their language? You said so and I did....nothing nada zip zero! It is not working. Can you help? Zahi A.

Answer: Who are those two in the picture you send us?

Celebrities on your cover: I am very curious to know who decides in your group or selects a famous person to appear on the covers of your magazine. In Hungary, it is always the importance of the person and the popularity of a celebrity. Is it the same thing with you? Can you tell us who is going to be on the next cover of ufos & supernatural magazine? Are they always Americans? Why did you choose Ms Allison Hayes and Patti Negri? Can I suggest some names from Budapest? Sophia

Answers of USM: Answer: The Editor-in-Chief. Sometimes, the Managing Editor.

Q: In Hungary, it is always the importance of the person and the popularity of a celebrity. Is it the same thing with you? Answer: NO.

Q: Can you tell us who is going to be on the next cover of ufos & supernatural magazine?

Answer: We are still debating.

Q Are they always Americans? Answer: No.

Q: Why did you choose Ms Allison Hayes and Patti Negri?

Answer: Because they are among the very best. And we like them.

Q: Can I suggest some names from Budapest? Answer: Absolutely, go ahead.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Scientology: Tom Cruise the unpredictable and supporter of the Scientology Church is digging deep in his pocket to finance Scientology operations. Tom Cruise is alienating friends because of his fierce arguments and strong support for his church. Why does a superstar of his caliber act in this manner, and what did he find in Scientology that he couldn’t find in the Church of our Lord? And now he is talking about aliens, UFOs and the new world order!! Strange dude! I read this in Forbes magazine, “He (Cruise) had a very public fight with Brooke Shields over the use of antidepressants and was more outspoken than every about Scientology.” John Travolta is also a supporter of Scientology. What’s wrong with these people?-Josh B.,Oklahoma.  

USM: Nothing “wrong with these people.” Mind your own business!! You wish you were either Tom Cruise or John Travolta. We know very well Mr. Cruise and Mr. Travolta. They gave so much to charity and donated endlessly to animals’ shelters. And we find this honorable. People who care for animals are people you can trust, because they care. Nothing in life is prettier than generosity, perhaps forgiveness. Why don’t you try it sometimes? I promise you, you will feel much better about yourself.

Carl Sagan and the extraterrestrials: Did Carl Sagan coin intergalactic or space travel “The Route X”? Do you know what scientific implication it had on space and time travel?-Raphael Montenegro, Ph.D., Lisboa, Portugal  

USM: Yes he did. Its implication is only known to a few, and obviously to NASA and the military. You can get an idea by watching the film “Contact”, starring Jodie Foster. Pay attention to her time-galactic travel which took only a few seconds to reach another dimension. And by the way, Ms. Foster is a strong believer in alien civilizations.

Ufologists hate for each other: I totally agree with you, ufologists hate each other. The old ones criticize the newcomers. Maybe they are right, coz they made things up and write silly stuff. I always wonder why there are so many books on flying saucers if nobody knows where they come from or who the aliens are. The intelligent ones made a bundle, the honest writers are struggling and the public is lost in the translation. Frankly speaking I don’t think ufologists know a thing about UFOS. NASA people are mute. SETI people are deaf. US government denies everything. Ufologists make up things,  no real stories, no facts, no nothing, only hot air. And when they make an appearance on TV, they all shout and contradict each other. Ancient Aliens tv program is a perfect example on how stupid they are. I enjoyed UFOS HUNTER very much but it is gone now. Edward Stephano

Hitler’s Escape aboard a UFO: With great enthusiasm I read your article on Hitler’s escape from Nazi Germany aboard a UFO. Reports suggest that Hitler flew to a secret basis not far from Argentina. I come to believe that the UFOs we see over Europe and the United States are man-made. I have no doubt that they are built by German scientists in secret installations and hidden hangars in Canada. I am sure Russia and America know about this but will not admit it because they have some sort of secret arrangements with the Germans. I congratulate you on your magazine. It is really beautiful and packed with good articles. Jose Ramirez

Patti Negri's Dog on the cover of a magazine

The lovely and classy Patti Negri, the psychic-star who made the cover of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE, Issue #5,  just told us that her dog “Dora” also made the cover of a magazine. (See left) Here is the link: http://www.discoverhollywood.com/Publications/Discover-Hollywood/2011/Winter-2011-2012/Working-Like-a-Dog-in-Hollywood.aspx

I just love your magazine. WOW what a great magazine, but I am disappointed because you kept out of the loop Gabriela Castillo. You should have included her in the list of the best psychics and healers. Gabriela is awesome. All the ladies who are featured in your latest issue are phenomenal. The Park Sisters are very special to me, and The Rock girl Allison Hayes is from heaven…I like to know more about Patti Negri. Ray Townsend.

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Ray!  Thanks for your interest!  There is a whole lot of information about me and my background in Shoshanna's wonderful article in the upcoming magazine you refer too.  I am a Los Angeles native, I live in the Hollywood Hills (just below the Hollywood Sign) and I truly LOVE life - and all it brings - and try to live it to the fullest every day!  There is more information about me, my gifts, way of working and belief systems on my website at www.PattiNegri.com

 Eugenia Macer-Story 's CYTRON: The article written by Eugenia Macer-Story on the entity called CYTRON intrigued me. Is it an entity from the lower dimension or a ghost, maybe a Gray alien? I must confess the story is unusual. Did she communicate with CYTRON? Could you please ask her? Robert Calvert

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: This is an interesting question which pre-anticipates the content of the third installment of "Cytron Return-=part three-The Sorcery Game.". Briefly, CYTRON is attenpting to communicate and was not conjured but advanced first. But there are other factors beyond and involving this entity which are of concern in understanding the context of the situation.

 Dorinne Davis: Your cover story, Best Psychics in America was very informative, although your interviewer was tough on Melissa Stamps and Allison Hayes. Any particular reason? And since you covered all the angles why didn’t you mention Dorinne Davis? Do you know who she is? She is the founder of Davis Center, the first sound therapy center under the sun. Freddy Espinoza

Anunnaki in Hollywood

David Ballard of Ballard Media in Hollywood  and Producer at the Discover Channel, began to work on a movie script for the big screen based on a book by Maximillien de Lafayette. The story of an Anunnaki leader/extraterrestrial who manifested in the flesh before the US government. It is not the story of Victoria who appeared in the "Anunnaki Ultimatum" co-authored by de Lafayette and Ilil Arbel. It is based upon "Sinhar Marduck Mouzakarat." We will keep you posted.

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe apparition in Patti Negri's seance

Ms. Negri, why Elvis Presley didn’t show up in your séance? Marilyn Monroe did. What did she tell you? Can you summon other Hollywood celebrities? By the way you are great!! The magazine interviewer was right when she said you are the classiest. Are you still acting in Hollywood? Yousef Ali Asmar

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Yousef! Thank you for your question. I have no idea why Elvis didn't show up. Much of the "beyond" - really IS beyond our understanding. Maybe he was busy, maybe he thought it was a silly TV show, maybe he didn't like the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches Chef Manoushka made for him - I really don't know. Marilyn let us know that she was happy with her Hollywood life - and would do it again - but that she was a bit afraid of Frank Sinatra in life for some reason. If you want to watch the episode, I have it on my website at www.PattiNegri.com - it is kind of fun! ;o) As far as contacting other celebrities, I do not concentrate on it, but I have contacted a few others - mostly "old Hollywood" type - since those are my favorite. Most times they come - and seem to like the attention / care/concern/respect being shown for them. It is nice. Thank you so much for your kind words about me, yes, I am still acting in Hollywood. My most recent film will be released soon, it is called TWO DE FORCE and I am playing Jill Biden. It was fun playing someone "real". I have several TV projects airing soon as well - including a small segment on DR PHIL with psychics John Edwards and Char Margolis coming up - where Char gave ME a reading! It was great and is scheduled to air on January 10th. Also, I would like to comment/ agree with Ray Townsend. Gabriela Castillo is a dear friend and certainly one of my favorite/top psychics as well!


Louise Brooks and her Psychic Angel

New discoveries about Louise Brooks' (the star who took Hollywood by storm in the thirties and early forties) Angel Guardian who guided her in her successful career are making a big buzzzzz; apparently the Angel is now haunting Hollywood MGM studios. At one time, Brooks confessed to a confidant that all her moves were calculated because her "Psychic Angel told her what to do." This is a brand new material, since the biography of "Louise Brooks, Her Men and Life" published this year, did not tell much about Brook's involvement with spirits.

Ohio Exopolitics on BlogTalkRadio

From Ohio Exopolitics host/producer: I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/2673789. #BlogTalkRadio... Tonight at 9pm Eastern on Ohio Exopolitics... Julie Stranges the wife of Dr. Frank Stranges discusses the book Stranger at the Pentagon which was written by her late husband Dr. Frank Stranges. Here is an excerpt from the book: Val Thor landed in Alexandria and met with the President to discuss the world's problems and offer advice and counsel on how to deal with and eliminate them. He indicated to Mr. Eisenhower that the world was in a precarious situation and that if the world continued to proceed on a war footing which Val Thor felt would be a self-destruct mode it would cause and economic imbalance throughout the world. Val Thor stayed on Earth until March 16, 1960, and then disembarked to his home planet Venus. He indicated that his race of people lived and dwelled underground and that many of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in the same manner. He also mentioned the waves of aliens that would appear around world to help with Earth's seemingly insurmountable problems. He stated that a group from a distant planetary system would be coming to give aid and data to help the Earth's progress. Val Thor spoke of Christ's presence in the universe and that it was heart warming to see Christ's advanced teaching continuing. This visitation at the Pentagon marks perhaps a new era in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on the planet.


12-Shirley MacLaine, Michelle Whitedove, et al

 I find it strange all psychics are women, and ufologists who made a big splash are also women, Lynn Kitei, Leslie Kean, Shirley MacLaine? What’s going on here? Am I missing something? Michelle Whitedove wrote 5 books, MacLaine 7 books, Dolores Cannon wrote 17 books. Men! They are busy. What’s their secret?   Is Whitedove a real author or does she have a ghostwriter? And what kind of movie is she working on? Ed Hutton

Reply of Laura Davis: Michelle Whitedove is a terrific writer. Why does she need a ghostwriter. Who gave you this crazy idea? Are you overwhelmed by the number of books she wrote? Women can write too and do lots of things. Why did you single out Michelle Whitedove and not Shirley MacLaine? Laura Davis

USM: Miss Michelle Whitedove who we highly respect and admire did not personally answer the question. But her representative/Press attaché/etc., Shante Powders did.

Answer of Shante Powders, Whitedove PRESS:  I can assure you that Michelle Whitedove is the author of her books. In fact as a futurist and visionary, she wrote channeled predictions that are coming to fruition now. In 1999 when she wrote SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS (Pub. 2000) Whitedove gave important predictions in the chapter Earth Changes: (link http://www.michellewhitedove.com/images/STWApg196.jpg) -The collapse of global and domestic financial empires (2008 began the Global Financial crisis that continues today. No one else made this prediction) -Governments will become impotent as the physical changes swallow seaports and low lying cities. (Katrina/New Orleans, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Indonesian tsunami 2004, to name a few). There are many more significant prophecies in her books SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS and ANGELS ARE TALKING that I encourage everyone to read. In my opinion Michelle Whitedove is the Edgar Casey of our time. Currently Whitedove is working on two more books that will be released in 2012 by Whitedove Press, her publishing house.  But we are unable to discuss other projects that are still in development. With Best Intent, Whitedove Press | Office of Michelle Whitedove

Comment of Albert Salame on Shante Powders’ reply: Take it easy Shante, nobody is doubting the authorship of Michelle Whitedove. Otherwise the magazine investigative reporter would have not written a glowing article about her. It was a simple question and you made your point. It is very clear. I have never seen Michelle on TV, because I live in Manama, Bahrain, but I did read very good reviews about her work and I am going to buy some of her books out of curiosity. But now I have my own question for Whitedove which is the result of your reply, Shante Powders. Why didn’t Michelle Whitedove answer personally the question? You see, all the others including stars, celebrities and authors did. This is EXACTLY what the magazine brought our attention to and warned us about, some famous psychics will never answer your questions personally….Read the intro of the article on psychics in UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, Issue number 5. Do you think none of us deserves the personal attention of Michelle Whitedove? Is she too big and too important and way above us to answer a simple question? Albert Salame, Bahrain

Reply of Shante, Whitedove Press: Dearest Albert, As a friend and PR person, I wanted to share some facts and shed some light on Whitedove’s background. My reply was directed towards Mr. Ed Hutton who asked the question above “ Is Whitedove a real author or does she have a ghostwriter?”  And so please don’t misunderstand my intent, I was kindly addressing his question and clarifying.  As you may know, It’s is the Holiday Season here, and Ms Whitedove took off time to be with her family but with that being said she’ll be back to work next week. I’d like to invite all the readers to interact with her personally and tune into one of her webcast radio shows next week! Whitedove does take calls. Radio Info LINK: http://www.michellewhitedove.com/appearances.php?page=January2012.php     Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!  With Best Intent,  Shante Whitedove Press | Office of Michelle Whitedove Tel: 954.435.5564  (FL) www.MichelleWhitedove.com    Photo left: Shante Powders

Comment from Roy Stevens, addressed to Powders: Dear Shante Powders: I fetched you on face book and read what you posted: CALL Now> GREAT CHANGE radio Michelle and Cari will be taking your Calls! it's FREE!
LISTEN LIVE http://tunein.com/radio/Contact-Talk-Radio-s111077/
It’s FREE// Call with One Specific Question 1-877-230-3062.  Well, I am going to call right now and find out. Are you serious? FREE!!  Roy Stevens, Las Vegas

Comment from Bert Stanbouli: Hi Shante, this is Bert, I called your number 1-877-230-3062. Busy signal and poof went dead! What's going on? Is it gimmick or what? Bert Stanbouli, Boston

Comment from  Rita S.: Same here...nobody's home! Rita S., Brooklyn.

USM: on Saturday 31, December 2011, time: 8:57 PM, UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE called this number: 1-877-230-3062, just to check out the situation. Results: NO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See correction below.

Comment from Joelle : Nothing is free baby except dreams. Goodnight. Joelle, Washington, DC

Comment from Aisha: Roy Stevens, Stanbouli whatever, Rita something, Joelle, it is New Year Eve dummies. Aisha, Washington DC

Follow up by Aisha: Sorry friends I called you dummies. But you pissed me off with your stupid posts. Psychics don't work on New Year eve.  Nobody does except the Mafia in Las Vegas. I am sorry. Happy New Year. Aisha, America's new hottest model. Wait and see.

Comment from Bert Stanbouli: Hey Aisha which one of these rednecks is you? Bert Stanbouli.

USM: The photo of these two delightful species was a courtesy of Miss Aisha.

USM: Correction: The link to Michelle Whitedove’s upcoming radio shows in January: http://www.michellewhitedove.com/appearances.php?page=January2012.php   (The phone number posted above by a reader was for a past show - not an upcoming show.)

13-Body of an extraterrestrial found frozen in Russia

Mail on Line published a strange article on Body of 'dead alien' found in frozen wastes of Siberia after claims of UFO hurtling to Earth. Here is part of it; It just seems too strange to be true. But in the frozen wastes of Siberia two walkers claim to have found the body of an alien. The corpse of the badly-damaged creature which resembles ET is 2ft-high. Part of the right leg is missing and there are deep holes for eyes and a mouth in a skull-like head. UFO fans believe the body could have been left behind by ET visitors after an accident, or missed by Russian military alien experts clearing up after a crash. The area is a known UFO hotspot with dozens of sightings reported every year. It follows reports of a UFO hurtling towards Earth in the nearby Irkutsk region of Siberia one month ago. 'We couldn't believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship.  Jay Atkins

The Twin Pyshics, Chinhee and Sunhee stole my heart: The Twin Pyshics, Chinhee and Sunhee stole my heart. They are cute, funny and modest. I was touched by their act of generosity and how they helped a family who lost everything. I noticed that they are opening up a new restaurant. What’s the name of their restaurant? Where is it located? Are Sunhee and Chinhee Park vegetarian? And what about their TV show, you did not write much about it? Florence Signorelli-Briggs, Naples (Napoli), Italy.

Answer of Chinhee & Sunhee:  Dear Florence Signorelli-Briggs, "Ciao Bellamica! Tante grazie a voi"  Happy Holidays and thanks so much for your lovely words.  In regards to your questions:  We did not reveal too much about our restaurant, because we are in beginning stages and it's so very unique, we have to keep it secret so noone steals our idea!  We are not Vegetarian, but we  eat Organic and Kosher foods.  We have also incorporated Lactose-Free and Gluten free foods in our diet.  One thing I can tell you about our restaurant is that, we will not waste our food and give what we don't use to the homeless.   The restaurant will be located in Los Angeles, California.
Regarding our television show.  We are under contract to not talk about it for the same reason as the restaurant.   I can tell you for sure that it's going to be an amazing show! Very unique, emotional, inspiring and lots of tears and laughter!  Once we can give everyone more details, we will be sure to post it on our website.  www.ChinheeSunheePark.com.  Please subscribe to our newsletter and join us on Facebook (Chinhee Sunhee Park)!  We send you lots of love from California to Italia! Ciao ciao, baci baci! Chinhee & Sunhee




Patti Negri’s Hollywood: Hi Patti, I am writing to you from Brooklyn, New York. Since you are an actress, do you know of any other famous actress who is a psychic too? Do you spend more time on your acting career or psychic business? Do you teach how to talk to spirits? Flo Lopez

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Flo!  Thanks for your question!  I divide my time up pretty equally between my acting career, my psychic work, my production company (Brain Brew Entertainment)  and my civic activism /volunteer work...   it really is a pretty even "4 way split" - though they often cross over and mix together.  My typical day averages about 3 or 4 hours on each.  Then, I always try to squeeze in a bit more time in for my pup Dora's career and her/our general happiness and joy as well!  (agility classes, auditions, play dates).   But I like my life "very full" so it works for me!  There are several other actresses who are psychic... often the two go hand in hand - since the "inner awareness, openness and availability" you need to be an actress is very much the same energy / ability you need to do psychic work.  Many of them do not advertise or focus on it though - since their life path may be only the acting.  But psychic ability certainly can help you in acting!    I do not necessarily "teach" people how to talk to spirits - but I often do let people know how to develop the ability within themselves where they can claim their own power and ability to open their awareness and often "see beyond the veil".  I believe we all have that ability within us... some just more naturally and easily than others, some have to work at it or "practice" a bit more... 


Danielle Egnew’s Angels: Hi Danielle, I am still reading your column THE LIGHT. I liked it very much and I have a question for you. Are the angels created by GOD or by other beings of light or the cosmic energy? Madame Blavatsky said angels are created by a cosmic energy and this energy created the whole world. PS: Do you talk to angels? Marie-Rosalinde Berger, Paris, France.

Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi Marie-Rosalinde! I'm so very glad you are enjoying my column, thank you so much! And your question on Angels is a very good one. Yes, Angels are created by God, whom many would also see as a "Cosmic Force". As humans existing daily in the third dimension, we don't really understand how to define "God" very well, so humanity has many ways of illustrating such a powerful singular consciousness -- Cosmic Force, Parent Creator, God the Father, God the Mother, The Great Spirit -- and in fact, the entity we know and recognize as God did create the angels, and all things, to work in tandem with one another. I do speak with angels, and consider myself very blessed to do so. They are powerful entities with a very clear "charge" from God, or "set of orders" in how they are to interact with we humans. However, they aren't interested in simply visiting with me, though I'd love that ;), unless I am translating on behalf of a client, or someone who wishes to have assistance in clarifying life issues. They are amazing entities, beautiful, powerful, pure, and sometimes, a little scary! But yes, God made them, just as God made us -- in fact, they were God's original "children", the Bene Elohim, the Sons of God. Its kind of wonderful for humanity to have such amazing relatives :)! Thank you for writing in, and I hope you continue to enjoy my column, The Light!






Tommy Garrett’s Encounter of the Third Kind: Dear Mr. Garrett, Your story is amazing and I believe each word of it. Could you please clarify one thing for me. Did you receive any telepathic message from the alien or the UFO you saw? Marcus, Birmingham, Alabama

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett: Dear Marcus,Thank you for writing, and thank you for supporting UFOs and Supernatural. In my first experience in Virginia, yes, I felt a very strong telepathic pull, which was the reason I actually got out of the car to look.  It was very strong. However, in the second incident, the telepathic pull came only once I was inside the craft, it was not so strong while I was driving along in the car.  Thank you for asking, I hope this answers your important question.  You are very much appreciated! Tommy  www.HighlightHollywood.com - Hollywood's latest and most exciting news magazine

Hey Tommy,
I have some questions for you.

    * Was the sterile room perfectly quiet or did it resonate with any kind of sound?
    * Did you notice fingernails on the alien hands?
    * Did you get a feeling that the aliens were nude or wearing some kind of suit?
    * Do you think the aliens were actual living beings or possibly androids?
    * When they walked, did they make any sound ?
    * Did there appear to be a chain of command?
    * Was communication rushed, slow or at normal speed?
    * Did they blink?
    * When the pond UFO sped away, did you notice any wind or audio effects?
    * Have you ever had the feeling that you have been monitored or marked for further contact?
    * Did anyone from the Government ever visit you about your contact?
    * Everything aside, how is your belief system affected by knowing aliens exist?
    * Did you get a feeling that they are superior to us and we are at their mercy?
    * Do you think they are herding us in a particular direction of thought or action?
    * Did you see anything on board that was recognizable?  ie light switches, controls, chairs, tables, tools, instruments?
    * Did you feel that time was passing normally or did it seem to drag or not take any time at all?

best regards, Jeff

FYI, Dr. David Jacobs provided extensive answers to some of your questions in the interview we had with him. You can find his answers in Issue 4 of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE.

Answers of Mr. Tommy L. Garrett:Q: Was the sterile room perfectly quiet or did it resonate with any kind of sound? A: It actually was silent except for a pinging sound that was very light, and I heard every 10-15 seconds or so. But I could hear the alien behind me, he was actually repeating to me what was being told to him, but he had a clear English speaking voice coming from his mind.

Q: Did you notice fingernails on the alien hands? A: Yes, dark, almost claw-like, but smaller.

Q: Did you get a feeling that the aliens were nude or wearing some kind of suit? A: I felt as if they were wearing silver-ish colored gowns, except the tall ones were in white uniforms.  Formfitting definitely, Jeff.

Q: Do you think the aliens were actual living beings or possibly androids? A: The drone that spoke to me definitely felt as if it was an android, but the others were definitely living. Although their eyes barely would blink.

Q: When they walked, did they make any sound ? A: No, just could hear the pinging sound in the background, coming from another room/space.

Q: Did there appear to be a chain of command? A: Absolutely! There are definite beings IN CHARGE!

Q: Was communication rushed, slow or at normal speed? A: Very slow, everything was slow, even my walking and my speech, as well as theirs.

Q: Did they blink? A: Very rarely, very slowly!

Q: When the pond UFO sped away, did you notice any wind or audio effects? A: I noticed wind, and the water splashing, but absolutely no sounds!

Q: Have you ever had the feeling that you have been monitored or marked for further contact? A: Yes, and I intend to talk about that in an upcoming issue of UFOs and Supernatural magazine.

Q: Did anyone from the Government ever visit you about your contact? A: No, not for this matter. I never discussed it until this interview.

Q: Everything aside, how is your belief system affected by knowing aliens exist? A: I actually feel a sense of security. With human beings destroying Earth, it actually feels gratifying to belief and trust that there are more intelligent beings outside of our planet system, and maybe there is hope for us, though it seems doubtful at this time.

Q: Did you get a feeling that they are superior to us and we are at their mercy? A: No, I got a feeling that they were definitely more evolved, but I did not feel any jeopardy or need to fear. But that's me!

Q: Do you think they are herding us in a particular direction of thought or action? A: I believe they are experimenting on us, similar to how we tag and track and study wild animals. I do feel we are being watched, those of us who have interacted with them.

Q: Did you see anything on board that was recognizable?  ie light switches, controls, chairs, tables, tools, instruments? A: Just tables, examination tables. Everything else was pretty sterile and bleak looking, even pewter-colored.

Q: Did you feel that time was passing normally or did it seem to drag or not take any time at all? A: Absolutely not. Time stood still.

Illustrations, courtesy of Dr. Jacobs

Great script of the Fifth Kind!! Hi Folks, I have a great script for Stephen Spielberg. It is about an encounter of the FIFTH KIND. Can you put me in touch with him, I sent an email to his company some 5 months ago and never heard a word from him. I thought you could help with your connections. I am willing to send you a copy for your review. I am an ordinary guy who is telling the truth in my story. I know I am not famous or important but if you read my script you will find out how important my story is. I saw a fleet of psychics in your magazine and it seemed they are successful in the entertainment business. Is it possible that some of them could do something with my script? I need your help, please. J.S., New Orleans

What’s it like to control people? That's a very common question and I just posted a new video that shows you how to do it. Check it out www.hypnoticmindcontrol.net/Hidden Most people think you need to be sneaky with hypnotic mind control. In this video I pull back the curtain and show you how to get people to do whatever you want by simply coming right out with it. It's called hiding in the open because you camouflage your directives within your language in such a way, that even though you come out and say exactly what you want, no one will ever notice. And the best part is these hidden directives are so powerful you'll wonder how you survived without them. I'm not sure how long this video will be around because we don't want everyone to have access to these incredibly powerful techniques. Go watch the video before I take it down P.S. These hidden directives are something I have never taught before. They are one of my best kept secrets until now. Marc Savage, Melville, NY

20-Allison Hayes “Sacred Stones”

Dear Ms. Allison Hayes, c/o UFOS AND SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Your answers made a huge impression on me. I read the interview three times and each time I learned something new. I am a strong believer in the healing powers of stones. I wish I was in America so I could come and see you and tell you in person how much I admire you. They wrote an outstanding article about you. Ms. Allison Hayes, I have a question for you, please answer me. I am from Lima Peru. In Peru we practice stones healing rituals with Shaman. The Shaman have magical stones but we can’t touch them and we can’t find them on the market. Please tell me where can I buy your stones? Please excuse my English it is not my first language. Please tell me how can I buy your magical stones and are you visiting my country soon? Thank you thank you very much. You are very important to me. Please answer my questions soon. Thank you. Emilio

Answer of Ms. Allison Hayes: Hello Emilio! Thank you so much for your email, and for your very kind words - it is a pleasure to hear from you! I offer many stones for purchase through my website www.TheRockGirl.com,  but if you tell me more about yourself and what type of healing you are in need of I can select the stones especially for you: ) I have a radio show called The Rock Girl Sacred Stone Show http://therockgirl.com/radio-shows  where I talk about all different types of stones and their healing purposes and you can listen to the archives (listed on the front of my website). If a certain stone connects with you just let me know and I can have that shipped directly to you. I LOVE the energy in Lima Peru and hope to visit there in the Fall of 2012 or the Spring of 2013. Please join my mailing list and I will let you know when I am headed your way. There are many magical stones in your area and near by. Bolivian Amethyst is a very friendly stone that will quickly attune to your energy - so if you happen upon one of them it may want to go home with you! I am looking forward to visiting your country and meeting you some day soon. Mighty Blessings! xo, Allison The Rock Girl

Allison you are the BEST!!!!! Do you write for this magazine? Jeanine, Bethesda, Maryland ............  She should. Levon Arakelian, Yerevan, Armenia......What a great idea! Marie Bedran, Beyrouth, Lebanon.....

Photo: Allison Hayes, America's High Priestess.

To Ms. Allison from Emilio, Peru: I am with my wife in the textiles and crochet business. I work long hour and when I come home I am weak and tired. I need magical stones to give me strength and allow me to concentrate. I am constantly tired from work. My brother in law lives in Staten Island in New York. You can send the stones to him. How do I pay you? And how big or how small are the stones. Does size matter? I am so happy and honored you answered my questions. I wish you so much happiness. Please come to Peru. We are poor people but we will welcome you in our home, cook good food for you and everybody in the village will come to see you and embrace you. But don't worry Miss Hayes I can pay for the stones. My son Manolitto saw your photograph and said to me, Papa she is very beautiful.

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Emilio; Thank you for sharing your story. The stones that I would recommend for you would be Smoky Quartz, Orange Calcite, Red Jasper and Fluorite. They are all about palm-size so they fit comfortably into your hand. The combination above will help you release any unwanted stress and negativity from your day (Smoky Quartz), recharge your vitality (Orange Calcite) and establish a healthy & stable energy pattern (Red Jasper). The Fluorite will also help you stay focused and relaxed at the same time. Size does not matter - that all depends on the person. In your case I am sensing that you would benefit the most from larger stones that nestle in your hands and the healing energy can travel up your palm meridians into your chakra & auric systems to do their work. If you can not find these stone in your country please email me at info@TheRockGirl.com and we can arrange shipment to your brother's house. I hope this helps and please say hello to you son Manolitto for me! Mighty Blessings, XO, Allison The Rock Girl


GOOD JOB TOMMY LIGHTFOOT GARRETT. Mel Gibson is learning a lesson. Wife Robyn Gibson Takes Half Of His Reported $850M Fortune

I am Jewish but I have a free spirit and an open mind. Fanatic people disrupt the normal rhythm of our society. And religion should not be exploited. WOW what a great piece on Mel Gibson you posted on your website. And I am not going to hesitate to share it with the readers of your magazine. I took the liberty of including it in my email to UFOS &…” I hope you don’t mind. Garrett’s post “Robyn Gibson proves the old adage, what goes around, comes around. Mel Gibson has brainwashed many religious people over the years, and has a legion of devoted fans, who tolerated, ignored and some supported his vile behavior by being a racist, an anti-Semite, a homophobe and also he admitted to assaulting  his mistress, who he had a baby with. All the while, he considered himself such a devout Catholic that he and his father, who denies the Jewish holocaust broke away from the mainstream Catholic Church over their “Vatican II” pronouncements and Gibson went as far as building a church on his California estate. Since his admission of having a child with his mistress while still being married to long time wife Robyn, luckily his so-called church members have left, and now Robyn can count her dollars and be rid of this walking fiasco!” Bruce L., New York. Read full article at http://www.highlighthollywood.com/

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett: Dear Bruce,  I want to thank you for posting my article from HighlightHollywood.com, and I owe you a lot for your support. I promise it will never be taken for granted. Luckily like you, I try to remain open-minded and positive about things and about people. However, Passion of the Christ was so anti-Semitic and it also was a-typical of what Mel Gibson has done his entire life. It's sad to me that people are caught up in religious fervor on the planet, that they lack any genuine morality. Gibson has been able to insulate himself from the real pain and suffering he's caused so many others by his wealth. Now maybe with half of his wealth gone, and the idea that he won't be able to brainwashed too many people into rebuilding it back for him, now we may have what we call phrase in Hollywood as "self-imposed retirement." People who create hate and defame others have a very special place in that "Hell" they try to create for others of different faiths, orientations and ethnicity.  Luckily more of YOU exist on the planet than people like Mel Gibson and his blind-faith followers.  Happy New Year! Tommy

Comment from Armand Castelano: I don’t give a dam about Mel Gibson’s wealth, his wife or his empire. Since you are a Hollywood columnist you should also admit that Gibson is a good Christian. There is more than one side to each story. The Jewish media went after him because of his film “The Passion of the Christ.” Do you call him anti-Semite because he told the true story of our Lord? I visited your Hollywood website, it is great. But having Mel Gibson on your side would not hurt. Besides, tell me Mr. Garrett how much do you know about his wife? I bet she is not Mother Theresa? Armand Castelano, New York

USM note: Mrs. Gibson is a very fine lady. Mother Theresa or not, this is besides the point. Remember Mr. Castelano, some stories have also a third version. Mr. Garrett was making a point which is very relevant. And there is no reason to mix Mother Theresa, Gibson's film, and Mrs. Gibson. Please let's keep this forum clean. Thank you!!

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Mel Gibson.

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett to the comment of Mr. Castelano: Armand, Don't we LOVE Freedom of Speech in America. Thank you for your comment.  Well, I did know Robyn quite well, and I won't compare her to Mother Teresa or anyone else. Like all of us, she was human, and she was simply ROBYN! A wonderful wife, and mother, and there is GOOD reason Mel Gibson never put her down in public and to this day is not doing so. It's because she was the BEST thing that ever happened to him.  I won't go into any comments about the media and your feelings about who rules it. I'm not Jewish, but Catholic and I would be ashamed if anyone in my family, say my dad spoke about people the way Mr. Gibson has.  But thank you for your comments about my site. And thank you for saying I'd be lucky to have him Mr. Gibson as a friend. I'll be fine without him, but thankfully I do have many, and I appreciate your support of Highlight Hollywood. Even when we disagree, we can do so the way you have, and I hope that you know how SINCERELY I appreciate your support! Thanks, Tommy



22-Ufologists should learn from Nick Pope how to behave

Nick Pope the British authority on UFOs was called “CIVILIZED” by your magazine. I like that. Big shot ufologists should learn how to behave on American television. Stanton Friedman threw dirt on Bob Lazar and Philip Corso and called them hoaxers. Well how about his fake MJ12? Did Friedman apologize for the big hoax he threw in our face? The whole thing was fabricated and the FBI made it clear MJ12 IS A FAKE. I read many of Friedman’s books. He is good. He knows his stuff. But Corso and Lazar are credible despite their controversial claims. Ask Bill Birnes how did he react when Friedman called his book a hoax? The world is strange, Friedman writes for Birnes UFO MAGAZINE. Do you have a rational explanation for this unlikely cooperation between Birnes and Friedman? I don’t. Shlomo Levy, Tel Aviv

Answer from Robert Bernstein: MJ 12 is a bonafide document. You expect the FBI to deny its authenticity. Use common sense!



Danielle Egnew (Left)…Tina Bliss and the Angels: Danielle Egnew (Your favorite psychic, apparently!!!) talks a lot about angels. I thought biblical stories are fairy tales. If you want to keep your magazine above criticism and ridicule, don’t mix religion with science. Angels are pure fantasy, everybody knows that. I have nothing against your magazine. I already bought 3 issues and I will subscribe soon. You see angels, hell and heaven don’t mix well with reality and science. Unless Egnew can prove to me that Angels exist, the whole mambo jumbo Angels myths are nothing more than fantasy.  Another psychic who claims to channel thru Angels is Tina Bliss. I don’t know if you are familiar with her name. Bliss posted on her website a rather colorful revelation. Here it is “My guardian Angel Grace channels messages through me to answer your questions. She also gives me the ability to guide those who are seeking to awaken their spiritual gifts or find their life purpose.” An Angel called GRACE!!! I thought only my aunt was called Grace!!! Do you believe that, an Angel from heaven called Grace? I read very carefully your article on the best psychics in the United States. Although it is impressive, it is not complete by all means. Anyway, I would appreciate your scientific definition of ANGELS? Maybe Tina Bliss, Danielle Egnew and their guiding Angels can give you a helping hand? Anxious to read your reply. Please convey my respects to D.  Egnew. I saw her videos and they look pretty good. Jim Collier

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Bliss and Miss. Egnew. We did not receive yet an answer from Miss. Bliss. But we got a reply from Miss. Egnew.

Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi Mr. Collier! Thank you so much for your inquiry, and especially thanks on your compliments to my music / videos! I very much appreciate that, as music is the other half of my life :).  Your letter addresses some really wonderful points that I would love to touch on, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do so. First and foremost, I want to be very clear in stating that unfortunately, I cannot provide you with scientific proof of Angels, and ergo, the rest of this discussion is not intended as an attempt to convince you that Angels are real, since I can’t offer you what you plainly requested. I’m also regretful that I can’t provide anyone with the scientific proof of the OffWorlders, or the ET’s that have been in contact with me. Nor can I provide anyone scientific proof of the spirits, or ghosts, that I’ve had the opportunity to interface with on paranormal investigations – outside of a few readings on EMF and K2 meters, which, I’m sure you’ll concur, isn’t scientific “proof” of spirits, but in effect is only proof that something, cause unknown, is creating a readable spike in the EMF field. The moment I am able to obtain scientific proof on the existence of Angels, I will shout it from the rooftops. I have a big background in science, actually, in the field of wave behaviors (I get to use a form of all that in my music production pursuits) and I have an enormous love of proof and theorem. As such, I can very much appreciate your perspective on the “angel” issue. In fact, I was a bit flattered you considered my perspective to be religious, as the religious sectors regularly list me as a heretic and a false prophet, as stated in Steve Barney’s 2009 book “The Sacred and Profane”, in which, he stated I was speaking with Demons, not Angels, and that I had no idea how to tell the difference, lol. I even made the “Who’s Who” list of leading “False Divinators” on the Evangelical Christian site “Spiritual Research Network Inc.”, so it’s mighty refreshing to hear someone mention my name in the same sentence as “religion” without tagging on “Demon-conjurer”! I’d much rather address your concern -- it’s far more rational. I would posit to you, in the spirit of scientific observation, which suggests new possibility so that proof may be accrued to support expansion of horizons, that perhaps a change in perspective, where Angels is concerned, would be of great use to many across the board -- especially in both the paranormal and spiritual fields. I would agree with you 100% that there is much mythology surrounding Angels, and that much of this mythology is created for, and perpetuated by, organized religion. However, I would offer that simply because the franchise of certain religions decided to create a version of these entities that supports its overall mission in establishing human kind’s dominance in all the Universe, subject only to God (because according to those religions, even the Angels bow down to us, don’t you know), does not necessarily equate the fact that Angels are myths. It simply means that the rather concocted and agenda-driven recount of such creatures tends towards fancy. My only recommendation here would be to keep an open mind, and not to throw the baby out with the agenda-sullied bathwater. Though only part of my work involves dealing with Angelic life, I can only speak for my interactions with these creatures -- and my interactions don’t exactly match up with the “Touched by An Angel” version. I’m from Montana, and tend to be a little more brass-tacks about everything, so that may explain their more “fullness of character” approach with me. As such, I was the creative consultant on the CW’s TV show “Supernatural” about the function of Angels, prior to the network’s launch of the Angel and Revelation storyline, and their depiction of these creatures was a lot more accurate to what I’ve experienced them to be. No harps, glowing auras, or and clouds involved. Now, I in no way stand in criticism of anyone else whose spiritual work includes speaking with these entities, such as Tina Bliss, or Doreen Virtue. If there’s one thing I know about working in this field, it’s that the more I know – the less I know.  And, it’s been made clear to me time and time again that the spiritual world tends to meet us in a way in which we are able to translate it best, rather than the other way around. (ET’s just meet us, period, and it’s our problem to figure out how to make sense of it – but that’s another topic.) For instance, when these creatures speak with me, it’s only in relation to assisting someone, and they prefer to remain anonymous – they won’t tell me their names, or relay general prophecies.

Photo: Doreen Virtue.

Doreen Virtue, much like Tina Bliss, report on a different aspect of Angelic life’s application to humanity than I do, likely because there are those whose spiritual growth requires those types of messages. These entities, as is common in the spiritual universe, are meeting each of us where we are able to receive their messages the most effectively. That’s only part of their job description. Most of their function has nothing to do with humankind, but people don’t seem to be as interested in knowing that, ironically. Now please note that in great respect to your initial perspective: My response isn’t an attempt to change your mind on Angels, or even Psychics who claim to talk with Angels. Instead, it’s an appeal to your sense of investigation, to suggest leaving a door of exploration open where the agenda of a handful of religious institutions have painted a rather one-sided and mythological picture of an entire genus of rather astounding, powerful, and formidable entities. Regrettably, God, too, has been subject of this franchising, and look at all the in-fighting it has caused? I feel that the strength of the paranormal and spiritual community is in our ability to lend our individual perspectives to understanding the whole. Each one of us, yourself included, have a gift to discern certain aspects of the big picture, and together, I believe we will be privy to a greater perspective. For the longest time, the scientific community did not wish to accept the practice of Theoretical Physics, due to its lack of immediate proofs to back theories. However, the more science has uncovered, the more it realized that key universal building blocks in the puzzle were missing – blocks that could be reverse-engineered, in theory, thus – Theoretical Physics and the work of such great minds as Stephen Hawking, who some day will live to see our technology catch up to his ability to theorize, so that hard scientific proof may be captured. To me, it’s about coming together. Take the best, and leave the rest – whatever resonates with you -- which is why I find myself straddling many fields of paranormal study. The UFOlogists are unhappy with Psychics claiming contact with Aliens. The Paranormal Investigators are unhappy with UFOlogists, thinking that they discredit the “scientific approach” to the paranormal in that they all should wear foil hats, lol – the Metaphysicians are unhappy with the mention of anything that could be construed as “traditional religion” – and the purists in each field sometimes roll their eyes at me, because I don’t “pick a side of the fence” and stay there. In fact, I’m just sharing my experiences, which stretch over many fields. We all have our calls of interest. Mine, overall, appears to be unity. It is my opinion that though certain modalities may resonate with each of us more than others, to take a hard stance one way or the other in any field within the paranormal likens far too much to the same religious counterparts many of us take issue with, whose strict set of black-and-white dogma has set society back thousands of years. My hope for our community is that we never become that which oppressed scientific expansion in the first place. Thank you Mr. Collier for your letter and expression of honest concern – it shows that you are thinking, and reasoning, and putting your convictions to the test in writing, and that’s honorable. No matter what we all believe in – at least you have the commitment to believe! Keep rockin’ :)!      

BlogTalk Radio: Show: The Great Culling / The Silent Revolution of Truth. Date/Time:  Dec 26, 2011 9:00 PM EST Listen: Click to listen. Or copy and paste the link below:  http://www.Blogtalkradio.com/ohioexopolitics/2011/12/27/the-great-culling-the-silent-revolution-of-truth  And do not forget, if you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial (917)889-7099. You will be placed into the caller queue where you will still be able to hear the show while you are on hold. If you miss this above event you can listen to the archive anytime by clicking on the same link above. Enjoy the show, The BlogTalkRadio Team

Ohio Exopolitics...Billy Meier: I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/2688301. #BlogTalkRadio The great culling... The illuminati are using chemtrails and vaccinations to reduce the population of the earth. Also on this show we will be covering sections from the Silent Revolution of Truth the Michael Horn movie that talks about the Billy Meier Contactee case.


His Honor Judge Alfred Webre, Exopolitics, Americans on Mars,  and Billy Meier: Does Alfred Webre the president of World Exopolitics believe in Billy Meier? Many of his followers do. Something else I would like to know from the exopolitics people, is the United States government still sending expeditions to Mars? You interviewed him...and what he said was extraordinary. Estefan Montez

Answer of Dr. Alfred Webre, Esquire: First of all I am very flattered at being referred to as the "president of World Exopolitics."  I am sure that some of my colleagues would have something to say about this, though most of them now acknowledge that my 2000 book Exopolitics brought the science of Exopolitics into being. U.S. Secret Mars Program: With regard to the question of whether the U.S. government has functioning facilities on Mars at present, every indication is that the secret U.S. government Mars program is continuing to function at a high level.  One informed source estimates that the number of U.S. personnel on Mars at this time may be as high as 500,000, although I have no way of verifying this. Below are research articles and interviews on the subject of the secret U.S. Mars program and life on Mars that you may find of interest: Secret U.S. Mars program & Life on Mars

http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/12/earth-mars-norwegian-space-centre-secret-us-mars-program-life-on-mars httpexopoliticsblogscomexopoliti.html

Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)  www.projectmars.net

12. Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars


11.  A "New Cydonia" of ancient extraterrestrial monuments found on Mars


10.  Mars active industrial site located by remote viewing, JPL photos, corroborating Mars whistleblowers


9.  New data, law of evidence support view of Mars having indigenous, intelligent extraterrestrial life


8.  Vancouver Futurist and former DARPA Time Traveler question de facto Mars truth embargo


7.  MARS Takes Its Case for Life on Mars to the American People


6.  EXOPOLITICS: The discovery of life on Mars with Andrew D. Basiago


5.  Discovery of life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago chosen #1 UFO story of 2008


4.  Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to Mars and meeting Martian extraterrestrials


3.  Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike's great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project


2. Basiago and Eisenhower reveal "Marsgate" and make case for "Alternative 4"


1. Web Bot: Andrew Basiago is predicted "planetary level" whistleblower for Mars life and time travel


Secret U.S. Mars program & Life on Mars http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/12/earth-mars-norwegian-space-centre-secret-us-mars-program-life-on-mars-httpexopoliticsblogscomexopoliti.html

Billy Meier contact case: Exopolitics is the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.  As an exopolitical researcher, the Billy Meier contact case is a valid case for study and research, although a controversial one because of unwarranted claims based on belief structures by specific "followers" that Mr. Meier is the sole legitimate ET contactee on planet Earth.  This does not make scientific sense, and is based on belief systems. Here is an interesting case study of the Billy Meier case by a colleague of mine, Jim Dilettoso: The Billy Meier Case -The Simple Farmer Who Talked With Star People by Jim Dilettoso - AlienZoo Resident Ufologist

http://www.rense.com/general/bm.htm Please let me know if you need more information. Best wishes for an enlightening 2012!




Comments from our readers on his honor Judge Albert L.  Webre’s answer.

From Benny E. Singleton: “Alfred L. Webre is the best ufologist in the world. A walking encyclopedia. I am very impressed. His answer shows clearly that he is the most informed. I have read one of his books which sets the standards of Exopolitics. Did the United Nations consider Webre's theories? -Benny E. Singleton, Kent, UK

Answer of his honor Judge Alfred L. Webre: Thank you Benny for your insightful comments and question about our Exopolitical initiatives within the United Nations. During my career as an exopolitical advocate I have been particularly focused on the United Nations.  I was trained in International Law and currently a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal applying international humanitarian law.  I have always thought that the United Nations represented a potential embryonic interplanetary organization for our planet, one in need of substantial reform and elevation of consciousness to be sure. The United Nations has structural limitations, such as control through the veto power of the Security Council that represent the New World Order (NWO) nations and hence the legacy of the Annunaki ET intervention. Nevertheless I began my exopolitical activity in the United Nations around 1982 as a NGO delegate to the 2nd Special Session of Disarmament in New York, and then as an NGO Delegate to the 1982 UNISPACE conference in Vienna, where I raised the need for a UN department to address the extraterrestrial presence.  In the mid-1980s, I became the NGO representative of the CCCUN in New York and continued to represent the exopolitics perspective at the United Nations in this capacity. In 2009, I worked extensively with the President of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D'Escoto Brockman (who was a Catholic priest and former foreign Minister of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua) to obtain UN General Assembly implementation of its 1977 resolution mandating the establishment of a UN office of UFOs and ET affairs. Below is my letter to the UN General Assembly President.  At the time, I was dealing with his Chief of Staff.  Although this UN General Assembly did not take up the matter, my prediction that at some point in the period 2012 - 2025 Earth will begin to have a functioning transparent diplomacy with intelligent civilizations.  The most plausible place to start with is with the planet Mars.

LETTER TO UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT, September 9, 2009.  His Excellency, Miguel D’Escoto Brockman, President-Elect, United Nations General Assembly, 760 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017


Dear President-Elect D’Escoto Brockman:

Pursuant to Article 14 and Article 15(2) of the United Nations Charter, I have the pleasure of requesting the inclusion of the following supplementary item in the Agenda of the 63rd Session of the General Assembly:

“IMPLEMENTATION OF UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY DECISION 33/426, 1978, which concerns the establishment of a United Nations agency or department regarding Extraterrestrial Life.” As stated in detail in the accompanying Explanatory Memorandum, implementation of General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978 should be included as an Agenda Item because:

1.  The Chairman of the Committee on Outer Space has, as of August 20, 2008, completed a status report (Attached PDF) on General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978, rendering it properly before the General Assembly as an Agenda Item.

2. In an historic announcement, on May 13, 2008, the Vatican’s chief astronomer, Gabriel Funes, S.J. stated in an interview published in L’Osservatore Romano that belief in extraterrestrials was not inconsistent with Catholic theological principles, and that extraterrestrials “could be our brothers.” 

3. Other U.N. General Assembly Members are starting to address UNGA Decision 33/426. On March 22, 2007, the French Space Agency announced it was making public its secret files on possible Extraterrestrial sightings.  On May 2, 2007 the U.K. Ministry of Defence announced it was releasing up to 7200 secret Extraterrestrial sightings. Yet, there have been few formal opportunities to coordinate international efforts to investigate and research extraterrestrial life as recommended in the Decision.

4. The 63rd Session falls in 2008, which is marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of General Assembly Decision 33/426.  

5. The General Assembly can undertake to set out a plan for the implementation of General Assembly Decision 33/426. Paragraph Two of the decision states the following: The General Assembly invites interested Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.

6. Pursuant to Article 14 of the United Nations Charter, we have developed information from the Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence, that the U.S. Space Command may be preparing advanced weapons in space against ethical advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations who are visiting Earth at this time for the purpose of providing non-polluting Energy and other solution oriented advances to humanity.

We understand that, because of the exigencies of time, this Agenda Item may not be included in the Opening Session of the 63rd Assembly, and we request the ability to bring the Agenda Item back for timely inclusion at subsequent sessions in 2008-9. Please let me know if you need further information. Sincerely yours, Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med www.exopolitics.com

Photo: Dr. Michael Salla.

Who is in charge of Exopolitics?From Khalil Akram Fathi: Who is in charge of Exopolitics? Alfred Webre or Michael Salla? I agree with Benny Singleton, Mr. Webre is the man. Does Mr. Webre lecture outside Canada? Khalil Akram Fathi, Alexandria, Egypt.

Answer of his Honor Judge Alfred L. Webre: Dear Khalil - Thank you for your question.  I am very happy to lecture outside Canada.  If any organization would like me to lecture, please contact me at exopolitics@exopolitics.com. My 2012 EXOPOLITICS lecture schedule currently can be found at: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/12/alfred-lambremont-webre-jd-med-lecture-tour-2010-11-.html


Photo: His Honor Judge Alfred L. Webre

2012 Positive Future Lectures

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, 11 AM- 6 PM. The OBAMA/MARS CONNECTION. Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre, Awakening Center, Yelm, WA. Saturday, March 10, 2012.Dimensions, The Ecology of the Multi-verse, Bellingham, WA.  Spring 2012,The Truth Convention, Atlanta, GA. http://thetruthcon.com/truth/ 2012 Conference. Who is Barack Obama? Date & Location to be announced. May 18-20, 2012, Free Your Mind Conference, Philadelphia, PA http://www.freeyourmindconference.com/ August 2012. Chemtrails Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Sept 21, 2012, 2012 Exosciences, Conference, Buenos Aires Argentina.  October 10-14, 2012, Pythagoras Conference, Louisville, KY http://www.pythagorasconference.com  Oct. 20-21, 2012, Congreso de La Nueva Luz, Nueva Conciencia, Madrid, Spain. Nov. 26-27, 2012 - 1st International Conference on UFOs/Exopolitics, Prague, Czech Republic http://www.exopolitika.cz/english/

While it is an historical fact that I founded the science of exopolitics with my 2000 book Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact, Exopolitics is a platform or foundation in which anyone can participate and which no individual can control or "run", in the sense that no individual can "run" any discipline, such as physics or art or even politics itself. Like any discipline, Exopolitics has different schools of thought and profound individual points of views.  This is particularly so because Exopolitics itself studies relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, which from our 3rd dimensional human point of view are: (1) interdimensional and (2) subject to a high degree of strangeness and hence to subjective interpretation. Michael Salla and I have agreed on some subjects and have disagreed on others.  The subject of our most outspoken disagreement is on the U.S. secret Mars programs and Life on Mars.  Michael Salla is on record as having stated that he does not believe the evidence of either the U.S. secret Mars program or of Life on Mars.  These are my views on the subject of Mars: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/12/earth-mars-norwegian-space-centre-secret-us-mars-program-life-on-mars-httpexopoliticsblogscomexopoliti.html This disagreement did not prevent Michael Salla and I from sharing a collegial dinner in Kona Hawaii in June 2011 during a Life on Mars symposium I was leading there with my colleagues Andrew D. Basiago (Mars visitor) and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (Mars whistleblower). Exopolitics is a platform for a diverse and growing body of conversation, research, investigation, scholarship, and knowledge of the populated and organized multiverse. Exopolitics is now entering its second decade, as its first decade was 2000-2010, and is, from any objective perspective, thriving. Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med www.exopolitics.com

A statement by Dolores Cannon (From your interview) made my head spin: “The ETs are merely taking care of their own.” What did she mean? Stanley Egan

USM: We have sent your email to Miss Cannon.

To Mr. Tommy Garrett: Ghosts? Dead trying to contact to you?Hello Mr. Garrett.  I have been an avid reader of yours since the days of Canyon News.  I like your new site, Highlite Hollywood much better.  My question for you is what new things will you be having at UFO & SUPERNATURLAL Mag.?  Have you ever had other experiences, ...say with ghosts or the dead trying to contact you? Thank you....Crystal Stone, Nashville, Tenn.

Photo: Rudolph Valentino.

Answer of Mr. Garrett: Dear Crystal, Thank you very much. I love UFOs and Supernatural magazine, and in the next upcoming issue, please be on the lookout for a story regarding the late Rudolph Valentino at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery where even I plan to be laid to rest. Anyhow, it's a very intriguing story about the lady in black and an employee told me exclusively for our magazine that he refuses to lock up the shrine each night, until another employee comes by to watch for him.  And yes, in the New Year, you'll be hearing more about ghost encounters from me. I promise. And thank you for reading www.HighlightHollywood.com. We are growing, and we are grateful for your loyalty. Thank you, Tommy



Did the Vatican and Pope Benedict delete 2 pages from Nostradamus recently found “Lost Book of Nostradamus”? I heard that the Italian Public Library has found the “Lost Book of Nostradamus”. An interview with two Italian historians about Nostradamus book was aired a few days ago in Rome. Allegedly, high ranking bishops at the Vatican as well as the curator destroyed two pages from the book because they contained illustrations of Aliens and the role they played in creating the Catholic Church organized religion. The book was found, and the discovery was made public. My niece told me that she saw part of the interview on Cable television, but she could not remember whether it was on the History Channel or another channel. This is quite a story. Melvin R., Virginia








Gorgeous psychics!! Wow WOW!!!!! All these psychic women in your mag, My Lord they are gorgeous… Allison the Rock Girl, Danielle Egnew, Doreen Virtue, Maureen Hancock…I thought witches were ugly, toothless and ride a broom…. Joe Montana, Biloxi, MS

USM: What did you say “Witches”?





 Team of "Decoded"; still the best on Cable Television!


Photo: Simcha Jacobovici

Your review of DECODED indicates to me that it is your favorite TV show. That’s your opinion and I respect your opinion. It is a great show but not the best. You presented the team of DECODED as the most intelligent team on Cable television? Really? Did you know they got arrested because they raided on a private club (The Bohemian Grove) looking for freemasons and secret societies rituals. It is true they were arrested, finger-printed and spent the night in jail and they admitted it on one of their episodes. I don’t call their behavior an intelligent behavior. Do you agree? NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is the best. The host Simcha Jacobovici travels to the five corners of the world and collects historical data. It is hand-made for an intelligent audience. There is no drama in his show. Only the truth. Watch the show and see for yourself. Benny Kaufman, Ontario, Canada

USM: We have an enormous admiration for Mr. Simcha Jacobovici. And FYI, we are featuring him in a forthcoming issue of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is indeed a fabulous show.







Sir, ladies and gentleman, I read 4 issues of your esteemed magazine and I like it so far. But frankly I am very concerned with your policy. You keep saying you don’t badmouth people, you don’t write bad reviews, but you did write a VERY BAD review about the greatest show in the history of television. You called ANCIENT ALIENS the worst show on television and you called us RETARDED because we watch the show. This is unfair. This is untrue. The show is very successful and is appreciated by educated people, and not by rednecks as you have said irresponsibly. You laughed at Jessy Ventura, you laughed at Erich von Daniken, you laughed…you laughed at everybody. Sir, you have double standards in your business. Why don’t you keep your promise and publish the truth? And if you can’t just say so. Sincerely Mr. Stavros Panayoti, Los Angeles

USM: Dear Mr. Panayoti, you are making a big mistake. We spoke highly about Mr. von Daniken, and we have never called ANCIENT ALIENS a show for retarded people. We do not need to defend our “Policy”. We simply don’t badmouth people. And just to set the record straight, we are hereby republishing the article we wrote about Ancient Alien show. Read it carefully. It could change your mind. We hope.

Here is the article in its entirety:

 Aunty Edna, Uncle Elmer and the Ancient Aliens Show

By an unidentified flying staff writer

Elmer in Peru…

Edna: So happy to see you back old timer. How was your trip to Peru?

Elmer: Out of this world aunty Edna. I saw everything…all the aliens I could see.

Edna: Get out of here!

Elmer: It is true sugar. They were there jumping and bumping like jambalaya crawfish pies all over the Nazca Lines. But they had some problems.

Edna: What did you do to them? Did you steal their pies?

Elmer: Nope. Nothing like that! It was their damned UFOs! They could not land on those lines, they were too narrow, 2 to 3 feet wide. And their leader was so disoriented. He asked me if I had a GPS.

Edna: Geepee ess? Gee wiz…What is that Elmer? Did you make it up?

Elmer: Global Positioning System. You can get it at Winn Dixie. I told the alien I can get him one. He was pissed off, because the lamas cows were shitting all over the place, and the poor alien could see no more the lines! He broke my heart. You see the aliens made those lines as runway for their UFOs. Really! I heard it on “Ancient Aliens”…on the history Channel…you know the teevee show.

Edna: Bullshit! Who would say stupid things like that. Are you pulling my legs?

Elmer: I wish Edna, you are still soooo sexy…and I love those skinny legs of yours…bounce with me honeybunch. Well let me tell you what the aliens told me. Are you interested? Great stuff!! They are going to make me a big star yessiree!!

Edna: Have you been drinking this moonshine shit again?

Elmer: Listen sweetheart. I am damned serious. The big head alien told me I am the CHOSEN ONE! And the aliens gave me a message for all the good folks in Louisiana to hear. Reverend Jesse will be proud of me.

Edna: A chosen one, a message, my ass! You barely know how to read. I am out of here!

Elmer: Will you listen…you old tree! The big head alien took me inside their UFO and introduced me to a very nice guy who was kidnapped in California while eating oranges and now lives on planet Zambar Ortis 300 in the Anciento Aliensos Constella-yashen with Huey Long, Johnny Carson, Johnny Cash and Andrew Jackson! A nice man, not bright but a good man, God bless his heart. He introduced himself as George Adamski and he said to me  I am a very lucky man because the aliens are going to take me to England, you know the country of Queen Victoria. You bet your gazebo.

Edna: Did you fall on your head or something?

Elmer: Okey dokey don’t believe me.

Admaski…Adamski knew what he was talking about. He said the aliens were organizing a Pickick…Piclick? Oh I remember the word now Picnic…Picnic to England. There is an old church there and under the church there are treasures, the cross of Jesus, The Ark of Covenant, the Ten Commandments and the Holy Grail. I know that’s true because I heard it on the Ancient Aliens teevee show. Adamski told me the aliens chose a few good folks to go to England and start digging under Rosslyn Chapel. Johnny Carson will be there, Lucy and her husband, Bud Abbott and Lou Castello, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Mollie B., all the outlaws, Elvis and Tammy Wynette too, Stand by your man…and show the world you love him…

Edna: They are all dead knucklehead! Not Mollie B, she is a sweet angel…

Elmer: They are not dead. They are alive, but are little bit different now. You see Edna when we leave from here we don’t die. The Lord almighty gives us a new body. And I know that for a fact. I heard it on the teevee.

Edna: Where did you hear this crap?

Elmer: I heard it from Machoo Kashou…no no wait a minute…Michio Kaku that’s the name, he teaches in New York, he is a city boy. He said all of us live in different worlds and the Lord made copies of us so he wouldn’t forget. I told Admaski…Adamski I am going. You take care now of my turtle and the truck…you hear?

Edna: You go to the barn and you stay there and take with you Elmers glue and sit on it. I am going to see Reverend Rodney…he knows what to do with you.

Elmer: Go ahead drive your truck with expired registration, no license plate, no driving license, no insurance, no spare tire, no brakes, no lights, no front seat, no engine…

Elmer in England…

Elmer is now digging with the 3 stooges in England…there are ETs’ treasures in the Rosslyn Chapel basement. The aliens are watching and the stars of “Ancient Aliens” TV Show are reporting live from the basement! Stay tuned, but keep your remote control handy!

 Uncle Elmer flew with the aliens to England.

Destination? Rosslyn Chapel’s underground basement and tunnels, where extraterrestrial treasures are buried according to ancient astronauts theorists and the stars of Ancient Aliens TV show. Yah Right! Before landing on the lot of the Chapel, the UFO hovered over the site of Stonehenge for 50 seconds, and boom kaboum zoomed back into a space-time tunnel toward the Chapel. Elmer asked Adamski what is going on and what are those huge stones. Adamski replied they are refueling. Elmer asked again, “Refueling what?”…refueling the UFO said Adamski, and added, “This is something I did not know before, even though I have built a few of those babies with Campbell soup cans and Popeye spinach.” Elmer asked, “How did you know they are refueling?” and Admaski replied, “I learned about it from the Ancient Aliens show…people on the show said the extraterrestrials built the Stonehenge to charge their UFOs, they have to recharge their batteries, they cross the universe to come here and charge their spacecrafts.” Elmer: “You mean like Leroy’s gas station in Baton Rouge?” Adamski: “Yes, something like that.” Elmer was puzzled by the size of the stones and asked, “Gee wiz…man! They are huge. So the aliens built these monsters?” Adamski, “Yes, some, and few stones flew in the air under the command of Merlin the magician.” Elmer: “What are you talking about? Stones don’t fly in the air! No foolin Mr. Adamski!!”

Adamski: “Merlin moved the stones by the magical power of his stick, didn’t you hear it on Ancient Aliens?” Elmer: “You mean like the sticks we use back home to catch snakes and rats?” Adamski, “Exactly! Now you’re thinking!” Elmer: “Where did you learn all this stuff?” Adamski, “I told you Elmer, from the Ancient Aliens show, are you deaf or something? The show the show Elmer.”

Edna: Who watches shows like that?

Elmer: Everybody honeybunch, everybody I know…George “The Animal Steel”, the wrestling champin, Jessie “The Body” Ventura, Jack “The Snake” the son of Ruth, who got out of jail on Tuesday, Crystal the wicked witch from Beaumont who wrecked her Subaru last week and her fayancee  (Fiancé), Ramesh Karesh Bandoor Bonjour the guy who owns seven eleven store, Harvey “The Alligator Man”, Bernie the bouncer at the strip joint…

Edna: Wow! What a crowd! La karim dee la karim (La crème de la crème).

Elmer: There are more, Rose the midget from the swamps who hit the sheriff on the head…

Edna (Interrupting and furious): Stop here you knucklehead! Rose is deaf!

Elmer: It doesn’t matter, Raoul is helping her…he listens to everything and tells her what’s going on.

Edna: Raoul? Are you nuts? Raoul does not understand English!!!

Elmer: It doesn’t matter, half of what they say on the show nobody understands anyway.

Edna: Is this a show for retarded people?

Elmer: No Edna, they are not retired, they all work.

Edna: I meant not very bright.

Elmer: They are bright alright. Some finished high school, yes yessiree. And the people who advertise on the show are mighty good… Joey advertised his joint, you know “Joey Nacho The Macho” diner…all you can eat. Edgar too who has “Beaver The Happy Coat” store, you know… buy two get one free, and KLXDKP, the teevee station, I hate their weatherman when he says, fifty fifty chance of rainin’… and 33 degrees at the airport, for God’s sake who lives at the airport!!

Edna: You are learning something.

Elmer: Yes sugar, I am learning everything, the show is great. It’s good for business.

Edna: What business?

Elmer: Well, potatoes chips, crawfish in the bucket, popcorn, you name it…they are selling like hot cakes since people start to watch the show. They sit on the couch and yum yum gooly gooly and eat the whole damned thing…I love it. I love this show. It is better than Sesame Street!!

Continues in Issue 5: Aliens land on the set of Ancient Aliens show & bring along “Ghost Hunters” show crew with cameras and mics that don’t work. The aliens are pissed off!!

33-Questions for Eugenia Macer-Story: Who is piloting the UFOS, aliens or multidimensional beings?

Dear Eugenia, where do we draw the line between the occult and UFOs, and are the UFOs piloted by aliens or multidimensional beings from parallel universes. In you articles you quite often write about entities Like Shaitan and spirits. Some appeared before you. What did you learn from these experiences, could you share your results and findings with us. Thank you. Bernard Gauthier, Paris, France

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: In my experience, each encounter with unknown intelligent entities is unique. In understanding and investigating these interdimensional circumstances, one must keep an open mind, exactly as when introduced to a human person under questionable circumstances. All is not as it initially might seem. For example: when Cytron first appeared outside my glassed-in porch I saw this as unique incident which I could not photograph because of glass reflection from the porch outer walls. So I memorized the entity to sketch it. I have been a professional artist for years, doing "astral portraits". When I sketched the entity, I found I had represented a characteristic which had been told to me by a witness of "Cytron" in 1980 when I initially investigated this entity as it was channeling through a medium, not visible. You will read in Part Three of "Cytron Returns" entitled "The Sorcery Game" about this aspect of the entity. I think there is a difference between "ufo" beings and the multidimensional terrestrial entities we call tribal "gods" or ancestral spirits.




The book NECRONOMICON: Real or fabrication? Dear Ms. Story: Asking a few mediums and channelers about their opinions about the book NECRONOMICON, I was told the book is a pure fabrication. In other words a fake. You wrote extensively in this area, and you had interesting experiences with non-human entities, so what is your professional opinion? Behrooz  A, Tehran, Iran

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: My opinion is that the NECRONOMICON and other books like this which put forth an invented, exotic pantheon of Gods and spirits may be telepathically channeled to some extent by trickster entities. I know the NECRONOMICON is a fabrication because I met the author "Simon" years ago when I was just getting started with my occult studies. He is Peter Levenda who has recently written a book called "Sinister Forces" about the Nazi occult and claims harassment by this secret order of adepts. I think that the type of trickster entity channeling through Levenda when he composed NECRONOMICON snaps back on him when he attempts to report occult interference. For he does receive unusual interference and I myself once incorrectly represented him because a trickster young man was using his name. See my book:” Doing Business In The Adirondacks: True Tales Of The Bizarre And Supernatural".




I don’t want to be mundane in existence: Dear Mr De Lafayette; My name is Coert Valentyn Janse Van Vuuren I am 23 years of age and I live in South Africa. My story began in December 2010 when I had my last bit of money to spend, I had about $7 to spend to I went into town to my favorite book shop, I wanted to find a book different than usual, I went to the book shelf and something in my mind body, spirit and conscience told me to buy this book, it was the Twelve Planet by Zechariah Sitchin, I looked at the price and it was $15 dollars….. I couldn’t afford it, something told me to look in my wallet, $8 mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and I purchased the book, this was the first book that changed everything about me forever and ever since then I could stop researching about the Anunaki and so I bought more books, I wanted to email or write a letter to Zechariah Sitchin but I found out that he died in October 2010, two months before I found about the book, about him about everything that changed my life! I received on Christmas day a very special gift from my father, your books two volumes the Mega Encyclopedia of the Anunnaki volume 1 and 2 only. I finished the first book within a two days, I couldn’t put it down, I felt different with a purpose, I then realized that you are the key in terms of seeking answers of my life journey and quest, I believe deep down that I have to and can do something very special….. I need help in terms of how I can dedicate my life to the cause, I can't fit into normal society, normal working class, normal way of thinking etc, people do laugh at me but its their problem. I have a broad knowledge of history through the ages, I believe that I can be crafted and forged with untold wisdom and knowledge by the theologians cant you, the Ulema, and the secret theologians help me in my quest? I don’t want to be mundane in existence, I want to do what I have been created to do. I thank you for your time and help, you are powerful and legendary in many ways.- Coert Valentyn Janse Van Vuuren, Indexer, Discovery Health, South Africa

USM: Your email was sent to Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette



Allison Hayes Knight Templars, her magic stones, Michelle Whitedove books, and spirits floating in the air in Egyptian séances

Photo left: Allison Hayes

I spent quality time reading your reportage with the American mediums and psychics. I learned new things about their style and character. Maybe I should tell you I am a medium from Alexandria in Egypt. I have been doing this for 25 years. I use different ways. I don’t use stones or photographs. I use Safad, sea shells and spells to bring spirits to my séance. I talk to the Arwah, the spirits of dead people. This is traditionally Egyptian. I could not copy your article from your website. I wanted to distribute the reportage to my friends. I suggest you make it available to everybody. I could not locate your magazine in Alexandria but I bought one copy from a bookstore in Cairo. It is beautiful like a cinema rich magazine. How do I subscribe? My opinions on the American psychics. The young lady Allison Hayes is very warm inside her heart. I like her photo on the cover. It gives good impression. I am curious to know how she was ordained priestess. We don’t have priestesses in Egypt. I am curious to know how she got the title of priestess from the Knights Templar order? I thought there are no longer in existence. The books of Madame Michelle Whitedove are not available in Alexandria and Cairo. I don’t trust the mail in my country. They steal mail coming from America. They think there is money inside the envelopes. If you can talk to Madame Whitedove ask her please how I can buy her books. The magic with stones is an interesting practice I am not familiar with. It would be a clever and a good idea if Allison Hayes opens a store in Alexandria and Egypt. It will work immediately. In my séances I use papers folded like triangles. Each triangle represents a spirit I being to the séance. I ask the spirits questions. The triangle answer the questions by jumping in the air. They float in the air. A few minutes later the spirits write their answer on the paper. They do it not me. People in the room can see what is happening. I send you good luck. In Egypt we don’t say I send you BLESSINGS, because only Allah can do this. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Salma H. from Alexandria in Egypt

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Salma; Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your story - it is wonderful to hear about what you do and your unique gifts! After many years of study and service I was ordained through Sacred Ceremony. Although The Knights Templar appeared to have disappeared in the 1300's their traditions are carried on today and most often handed down by word of mouth. It is an incredibly humbling experience to be honored is such a way and I founded The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School  (www.SacredStoneSchool.com) in order to pass that knowledge onto to others. Thank you again for your interest and kinds words ~ Allison The Rock Girl




How many Mediums Queens do you have in America? Michelle Whitedove? Allison Hayes? Danielle Agnew? And who else?????????????

Photo: Danielle Egnew

Your magazine is a good combination. Mediums and UFOs. Clever! Now everybody will buy  it. You are smart. Good business strategy. I did some research on the mediums you wrote about in UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Michelle Whitedove is “CROWNED BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA” by a television show. How serious is this nomination? American television is not for education. It is business. It is entertainment. Allison Hayes is Miss America Best Psychic by an independent group of psychics. Do they have the authority to do that? Danielle Egnew is best psychic in America nominated by your journal. Hey hey…how many Miss America Psychic you have there? I can’t ask the three queens what they think about each other. I can’t ask each one which is the best election? Can you ask them. Honestly who is the best from the three? Nodar, Republic of Georgia.

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Hayes, Ms. Whitedove, and Ms. Egnew.

Comment from Joe Bonanza on Ms. Egnew's photo: Now you are talking. One complaint though, the stripes are too wide. She is a knockout.

Comment of Lisa Barbour on Joe Bonanza's comment: Dirty old man...Danielle is lovely. A diva is a diva. Can you grasp this? Beauty is a gift.


Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi there Nodar! Thank you for your question! Perhaps this will help: I think we are *all* the best at what we do! AND, I think there are many, many more wonderful Psychic, Mediums, Empaths and Healers out there on whom the title *best* could be bestowed, simply because there are so many aspects of spiritual gifts and talents that it would be impossible to name one human being alone as "the most competent of all." That would be like handing out only ONE gold medal for the entire Olympics, lol! However, unlike the Olympics, which is a competition, I feel the Psychic and Spiritual fields are about unity, enlightenment and peace, through education. Though it is enormously humbling to be named as "Best", for which I have incredible gratitude, as it is a wonderful heart-felt acknowledgment of one's life's work, we in this field do not set out to compete against one another, but to bring great illumination to all aspects of The Spirit and The Unknown. I feel that UFO's and Supernatural Magazine does a lovely job for their readers in shining a light on many different outstanding Spiritual Practitioners, from all different styles and different backgrounds. Allison Hayes and Michelle Whitedove are my esteemed colleagues and I am *always* honored to be considered as a fellow "Bestie"! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Nodar!  Thank you for your feedback. I believe that Danielle said it beautifully "we in this field do not set out to compete against one another, but to bring great illumination to all aspects of The Spirit and The Unknown." ...and that "the Psychic and Spiritual fields are about unity, enlightenment and peace, through education." Each of us in unique in our gifts and there are many reputable organizations, directories, magazines etc. out there that recognize and profile these gifts. When honored with the title of "Best" it is not meant to be interpreted as "Better Than" - simply the "Best' that particular individual can be!  Many Blessings,  Allison Hayes ~ The Rock Girl


Reply from Arakel Baghramian. Comment on Nodar's email from Georgia: Why are you so confused? Haven't you heard of MISS WORLD, MISS UNIVERSE, MISS COSMOS. Americans are businessmen. They have everything. I am not a psychic but I predict America will elect soon THE BEST DRESSED PSYCHIC IN AMERICA. THE PRETTIEST PSYCHIC N AMERICA, THE TALLEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA, THE SHORTEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA. It is not important who is the best. What is important is who is a real psychic. The magazine said 98% of psychics are FAKE. The psychics we read their names in the magazine are the good ones. All are beautiful they should work in cinema. Why didn't you ask who is the most beautiful ALIEN. The most real extraterrestrial.  I know who he is....SARAH PALIN. Arakel Baghramian, Armenia


Comment of Lisa Barbour on Arakel Baghramian's reply: Women are not objects in the United States. They are leaders, writers, doctors, educators, spiritual healers. Nothing wrong with Sarah Palin. She is a successful woman. Your comments are repulsive. Do you have problem with women? Get professional help. How is the weather in Armenia? I bet it is freezing, so is your head. And you ,Ufos and supernatural mag why did you post this photo? Couldn't you find a better one? What's wrong with you??





The Shaitan…The DEVIL

The CYTRON RETURNS article by Eugenia Macer Story made me think a lot about this creature. In her article, the author called the creature Shaitan. In our Arabic literature, Shaitan means the DEVIL, also Ibliss and Dajjal. It is mentioned in the Holy Koran. Mrs Macer Story description of SHAITAN is different from the way we visualize him in our traditions. My question to Mrs Macer Story is, “Are you talking about the Muslim Shaitan or another Shaitan? According to our Arabic stories Shaitan appears to tempt the believers and make them sin. Did the Shaitan ask you to do something? Ismail Moubarak, Khartoum, Sudan.

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: This is a very important question--as you will understand as the narration in the article installments develops. First remember that the entity presented itself originally in 1980  as "Cytron" not Shaitan. I am familiar with the various diabolic strategies and soon saw that this name "Cytron" was not on the level. You see in the second installment that I am temp0ted to recognize as a "bright being" what is basically an unusual reflection from a book on my desk. This game-playing is not entirely Muslim or Arabic. You will see in the Third installment some surprising input from other traditions as well. But I am versed in Sufic literature and the systems of the Sufis are sometimes very dark, requiring discernment. What "Cytron" asks is that I recognize and investigate this appearance. I have not been secretly asked for any favors nor have any "powers" been granted to me by Cytron.





Serious concern about psychics training, practices and claims: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Hi there. I have been reading your latest issue and find it quite lovely. Your article on the best psychics is very interesting and I have enjoyed reading about each one you have highlighted. I have taken some time to visit the websites of each psychic and they are all very unique. I do have a question/concern, though. As a practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker for over 20 years, I have extensive training and experience in these types of cases. I noticed on the website of Sunhee and Chinhee Park that they claim to offer "help" for all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. I am wondering exactly what qualifications these "professionals" claim to have to be able to offer advice on these very serious matters. In researching their website further, I could find no professional training and zero credentials to substantiate their abilities as psychics or healers. I am sure these ladies are good at what they do; however, it is extremely irresponsible and downright unethical for them to be offering any type of counseling to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other abuse. Qualified professionals must complete years of training and actually earn degrees in order to "help" with these cases. I find it very concerning that seemingly self-appointed psychics/healers are claiming to assist with matters that are this serious. If nothing else, they are opening the door for substantial law suits against them. So my question to Ms. Sunhee and Ms. Chinhee is - could you please share your professional training and qualifications with your audience? This may be something you should really put on your website. Thank you,
Geraldine Metcalf, Brooklyn, NY

 USM: Ms. Metcalf; We have sent your email to the Park sisters. Psychics. We could not locate any pertinent information about you as "A practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker." Gladly, we will post your comments, and mention the names of the two psychics you referred to in your email, once you have provided us with an idea about your practice? A website, perhaps? We want to make sure that we have INDEED received an email from Ms. Geraldine Metcalf, an accredited caseworker. We are delighted you have addressed this issue. Thank you.

Comment from Ruth P. "Geraldine Metcalf is right on. Psychics who practice any form of health/mental profession must be licensed. I appreciate what you have done....hiding the names of the two psychics subject of the email of Metcalf. But I insist that those two psychics come clean and show us their credentials."  Ruth P, New York, New York

Comment from Bridget  Howard-Polanski: I second the motion.

Comment from Samuel Levy: Are you imposing censorship now? Why did you "hide" their names? The public has the right to know!!!!!!!Show us your guts and give us their names.


Photo: Chinhee and Sunhee Park (The 2 angels with a golden heart)


USM: Now, we can reveal the names of the 2 psychics, Ms. Geraldine Metcalf mentioned in the email she sent us, because Sinhee Park and Chinhee Park gracefully commented on Ms. Metcalf's comments.

Answer of Chinhee Park: Geraldine; In regards to your disturbing, insulting words and demeaning comments about our "gift".  I will express this.  FIRSTLY, we do NOT have on our website that we Professionally Help sexually abused people, nor do we "Claim" to have any professional training or degrees.  NOR DO WE NEED ANY when we have a gift as sacred as ours.  Our gifts have helped heal abused victims, survivors etc.  99% of our clientele are sexually, physically, emotionally abused people.  WE ATTRACT PEOPLE OF ABUSE due to; NOT OUR DEGREE in training of sexual abuse, but because they feel our extensive LOVE for them and personable attention and intuition.  Something that a DEGREE or extensive training cannot offer.  Victims of abuse need more love than the normal person.  We are highly intuitive with their needs and we know first hand, since MY TWIN AND I ARE BOTH SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. So before you go off on your ego trip, take a look at yourself and point the finger at yourself and ask yourself.  How are those 20 years of extensive training and degrees doing for you?  Do you receive such honorable testimonials as we do?  Because if you do, I commend you, I don't have to demean you or make you feel "unqualified" to help a victim of abuse. Lastly, WE Never needed training, We were Blessed with our gifts.  NO SCHOOL CAN TEACH US THEM.  There is NO PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE evidence for gifts like ours. Do yourself a favor, and try to step out of your "conventional" world.  Because conventional or intellect has nothing to do with OUR unconventional, spiritual, loving world.   Regardless of your bitter, demeaning email, I still send you loving energy, because YOU REALLY NEED IT! Happy New Year!!!! CHINHEE PARK

Comment from  Marc Cortez: Very good answer Chinhee. We all love you. The article on you explained very clearly how generous and a good person you are. People who makes negative comments are disturbing people. Keep your good work. Ignore what the lady has said about you. Obviously UFOs & Supernatural Magazine know very well how good and helping you are. God bless you. From Marc Cortez, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Photo: Chinhee and Sunhee with Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City.

Comment from Andre Popovich: I agree with Marc Cortez. You have done nothing wrong. Throw wild accusations in the garbage. if the magazine wrote that you are a good element, they must have a good reason for saying so. They called you an angel. And I love angels. Stay strong. Happy New Year, Andre Popovich, Moscow, Russia

Comment from Andrea Salibi: Very few people in the world like you help needy families and give them furniture like you did. Your gifts don't need a diploma from the government. You answer to a higher authority. You are the best because you have talents and a big heart. Amman, Jordan

Comment from Alain Lebrun: Thomas Edison was a school dropout. Shakespeare did not earn a degree in English Literature. Nikola Tesla never finished university. They are above normal rules because they are geniuses. You don't measure talent and creativity by degrees and courses you attend at ivory league and expensive universities. When you are gifted like the Park Sisters, you don't need a diploma signed by a government employee. They never claimed that they deal scientifically like a doctor or certified health therapists. Edgar Cayce knew about the mind and soul more than 1000 doctors and Ph.Ds in science and religion. It is vicious to attack two young ladies who did nothing but good things. Alain Lebrun, Paris, France

From Marie Louise Carpentier: We love you Chinhee! Courage. Marie Louise Carpentier, Paris, France

Photo: Jesus healing the blind without a license. Courtesy of Salim Hamzi

Comment from Salim Hamzi, Certified Electrical engineer: Ho Ho Ho!!!! Hold your horses people. Let’s be reasonable, shall we? I believe in miracles yet I can’t explain miracles. I saw people healing others, yet I can’t explain what I saw. Science of today is yesterday news. We advance and what we learned a year ago is no longer accepted by science. Abusive governments and organized religions are poison so, are some government licencing bodies. Jesus Christ healed the sick and opened the eyes of the blind, yet he was NOT a certified or licensed doctor. As my country goes through turbulent political times, I don’t need to hear accusations. I need people like Chinhee and Sunhee Park to heal the wounds of  compatriots and martyrs who fell defending justice and liberty in Syria. I am with Chinhee and Sunhee regardless of lack of governmental certification. Who needs a recognition and a permission from government to practice love and affection? I take this opportunity to congratulate UFOs/Supernatural magazine for being fair and withholding the names of the two psychics before a response from them was timely given to all parties concerned. This is what I call an unbiased and fair journalism. Salim Hamzi, Master degree in electrical engineering. Aleppo, Syria, currently living in Australia.

Reply of Chinhee to: Marc Cortez: Thank you so much Marc (Gracias chulo!), We truly appreciate your support!  Happy New year!
To: Andre Popovich: From our hearts in Cali to yours in Russia! LOVE!  Manifest a good new year!
To: Andrea Salibi: We appreciate your open mind of understanding we answer to a higher power!  Love comes from within and heals  all wounds!  Much love to you;  Happy New Year!

Note from Sunni Llee: To Whom It May Concern, First off, to address this question – I have not been formally or officially interviewed by this magazine. Secondly, I do not have anything on my website that addresses that I help sufferers of abuse of any form, as I agree that it takes years and years of education and practical application to work and understand the many intricate layers of abuse. So – please accept my apologies for any misunderstandings on this. Also, my name is Sunni Llee, and NOT SunHee. Please do not make this confusion in identities. Sunni Llee, C.ht, Psychic/Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist I am a Psychic/Medical Intuitive, Psychometrist, vibrational traveler, healer and otherwise metaphysical geek who came out with my skills and interests a few years ago after having lived in secrecy of them. I had shut them down and was too concerned with fitting in among my peers and geographic surroundings. I chose to change my name from a given adopted name that I don't really relate to. I haven’t for a very long long time. Growing up in a white family and community where I was the only asian, I felt white in side my mind, but my outside was still a yellow peel. So I call myself a banana, white on the inside and yellow on the out, peelable layers of course. And, I love to eat! Now I live freely and fly with the wind and an open heart and mind. I hope that what I share here helps and heals you in any way.... Sincerely Sunni Llee

Comment from Antoine Forrestier, Belgium: Obviously there is an attack on spiritual healers. And some fear scandals. I am totally in the dark when it comes to understanding what metaphysical healing really means. However, from browsing the websites of many psychics I got nothing but confusion. But the psychics who were featured in the magazine were different from the rest of the pack. They seem to be friendly and it would not hurt to get to know them and see what they have to offer. The Park twin sisters for some reason appeal to me. And I can see that they are hurt. Attack on metaphysicists and people gifted with supernatural abilities is not something new. I encourage you to read the column of Danielle Egnew, very properly called THE LIGHT to get acquainted with religious attacks on spiritual healers.  But I understand the concern of Geraldine Metcalf, and most recently and surprisingly the reaction and alarm of Sunni Llee. Ironically both are right in their own way. This should not diminish the credibility of Chinhee and Sunhee. Antoine Forrestier, Belgium.

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You introduced yourself as vibrational traveler. Hum….what are your destinations? Antoine Forrestier, Belgium.

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Sunni Llee. And her answer was: I don’t know how to access the forum, and if this article is about me, I never saw it or received a copy. Please clarify…Thanks

To the attention of Sunni Llee: Why are you panicking?? You were eager to distant yourself…. Bob Rosenthal

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You “don’t know how to access the forum”, yet you rushed to respond without an invitation.  And the first thing you do is to issue “To Whom it May Concern” statement. Weird!!!!! Bruce Bruno, New York

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You don’t know how to access the forum, so how did you know about the forum? You emailed a rather disturbed announcement. Give me a break! Alec Briggs

Answer of Geraldine Metcalf: Thank you for letting me know. I did read the response of Ms. Chinhee and feel that it was filled with anger and defensiveness. To be clear, I was not attempting to be hurtful to these ladies. I simple had a concern about what I read and had further questions. Ms. Park states that their website does not mention that they offer professional help to victims, so then I am unclear as to what this excerpt from their site is: "Through their highly accurate psychic readings, Chinhee and Sunhee help people who are stuck in dysfunctional relationships or just stuck, sexual abuse victims or victims of any form of abuse. They offer telephone psychic readings, email psychic readings, live sessions and private parties. The twins are currently writing an autobiography with a ghost writer. Look out for their new book called "Pair of Normal". Perhaps they are stating that they help but it is not professional help? Again, I am not attempting to be rude here, I am just trying to understand. Anyway, this is not about a battle and no one was under attack. As I said in my first post, I am sure these ladies are lovely and do good work. My concern was simply about the serious implications of counseling or advising an abuse victim without proper training. Regardless of the angry responses of the Park twins or other readers, there is a reason that people are required to undergo professional training to aid victims. Horrific things happen to people every day and, like it or not, people who have not been trained in trauma recovery should not be offering advice to anyone. Having said that, if the Park sisters are simply offering a loving ear to people in need, then that is a kind deed and, yes, it is also something that victims do need. I am the first to say that victims need all types of support and if the sisters offer an understanding, empathic ear, then more power to them. However, if they are offering advice that crosses boundaries into where professional help is needed, then that is a different matter entirely. Being an abuse victim does not qualify one to counsel another professionally. Regarding "not needing training", this is quite a statement. Again, I mean no offense here but this seems very ego driven. There are a ton of very gifted healers and psychics that were born with the gifts they have. Yet, the most successful ones, John Holland, John Edward, etc regularly speak publicly about how important constant training is. Mr. Holland has stated that he will never be able to attend enough classes, courses, etc because even though his gift has been with him his entire life, he knows that he can always learn more and can always strive to become better. Have the Park sisters reached their utmost pinnacle in life to really be able to say that they need no training whatsoever? Is it not possible that they may actually learn something more than they already profess to know? Ego before humility is not attractive in anyone. If someone professes to be able to counsel others and offer life changing advice to "heal the world one soul at a time", then perhaps they should also realize that there is much more to learn and they don't know everything. Basically this boils down to two women with zero training and zero qualifications offering advice to the world. Again, I mean no disrespect, but it is the truth. They admitted it themselves. This will be my final response on this thread, as I am not interested in starting WWIII with these women. I simply feel that obtaining training in their field would not harm them. Here is a great place to start: https://www.ovcttac.gov/saact/about_this_curriculum.cfm I sincerely wish the Park sisters the best in all they do. Sincerely, Geraldine Metcalf

Photo: The classy star and psychic Patti Negri

Comment regarding Sunhee and Chinhee by Patti Negri:  I know them personally and they are loving, talented, gifted and ethical in their work.  Comparing them to traditional techniques is like comparing apples and oranges.  Both good.  Both different.  I know a hundred MD's who still claim Chiropractors or Acupuncturists complete quacks... yet, they certainly are not.  They are just different modalities / methods.  Both valid, both right, just different.  I truly believe that many people will be helped more by the loving gift of the Park sisters than by years of "traditional therapy" and some people more comfortable with the latter - depending on their own comfort levels and belief systems.  Apples and oranges, but both going for - and getting the same results.  Can't we all just get along… Patti Negri

Chinhee's Last Response: My last response to this thread is: Geraldine Metcalf "YOU DON'T GET IT" But, it's ok that you have to attack us and make us feel bad as it's a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  You are very good with your grammar and sentence structure and words and good for you in obtaining your degrees and extensive training in your work!  KUDOS to you!  We don't need training to do what we do.  Our extensive training is in LOVE.  Our degree is in "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" and the only thing ZERO about us is NEGATIVE ENERGY! We are truly sorry that you cannot understand our gifts.  We still send you love and light and wish you health and happiness.  Now to the real reason I'm writing my last comment is to THOSE BEAUTIFUL SOULS who are supporting us and making us feel better for the attack that was inflicted on us.  To: Alain Lebrun, Paris, France You really stated that so eloquently and beautifully!  I loved your comment so much I shared it on my Facebook page as my status.   Thanks so much for sharing your love with us, I could not express it better than you!  I admire you for that! To: Marie Louise Carpentier, Paris, France; Thank you so much for your warmth! To: Salim Hamzi Australia:  Wow, what an amazing analogy and comment you wrote.  Thank you for taking the time out to express your views.  You have our hearts and many thanks! To: Patti Negri;  You are such a lovely friend and we trust, respect and love you and Gabriela.  You are the spiritual family we are so connected to...in our new home in Cali.  Thank you for that, see you in the New Year! To: Antoine Forrestier, Belgium; Thank you for taking the time to comment, we appreciate your good energies! We wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!  Please LOVE yourself more and more so you can have the strength and energy to SHIELD off negative energy people and things!  Always believe in who you are and what you do, and Stand up for yourself when attacked!  It takes the negative energies off you and puts it back on the negative force.  You don't deserve to be carrying someone else's negativity.  You deserve to be happy, healthy and LOVED unconditionally!  Peace and love;  Chinhee & Sunhee Park

Sunhee Park response to Geraldine Metcalf and Sunni Lee: In order for you to become a psychic and stay in business for 14 years you have to be good. We are confident with our gifts and our specialty is helping the abused. We give people messages through channeling on how to better their relationships, or if they are getting beaten up by their husband, should they leave? Does that require a degree or a license? If you ever had a reading with us you would understand our gifts, but your narrow conventional mind is pushing us out, and you happen to pick on my sister and I out of the other psychics. It feels like you are jealous, competitive, and ego which to me sums up to Unhappy, Lonely, and unsuccessful. If we were prescribing medication, diagnosing mental illnesses, and telling people to jump off a bridge, we would not be in business. One last thing : We do not need a degree to be a psychic or need a license to help abused people when it comes to spiritual advice. We are giving inspirational messages to those who cannot heal from a caseworker. Not to mention, everyone has suffered from some type of abuse today. Sunni Lee, you are a psychic? and you agree with Geraldine, it seems like you wanted to come in the forum to advertise your services to get more business. I know times are tough for opportunists, but We do not say that we are M.D.'s, or psychologists or even therapists. We are helping people who are in despair and need loving and gentle spiritual advice. You should know if you claim to be a psychic/medium. To all the GREAT supporters who gave us LOVE and good energy and made us laugh with the Jesus photo healing without a license; that made my YEAR! Thank you for your kind words and we appreciate your support!! Love, Sunhee Park


Reply (FINAL) of Ms. Geraldine Metcalf:I first will begin by stating that I was not going to reply to any more threads and this message to you is not an attempt to further stir this issue.  I simply want you to understand my position in this.  I assure you, this will be the last message I write about the thread.I do understand you questioning my credentials but I am a little confused as to why the credentials of Chinhee and Sunhee Park are not being questioned.  I read other interviews in your issue and it seems you questioned many other psychics about their credentials, including your rather harsh questions to your cover interviewee.  About me - you will not find that I have interviewed hundreds of celebrities, nor will you find me boasting about my amazing gifts.  I am not in the spotlight, nor am I a famous person.  My desk is a bland, cream colored metal unit and my office is just about as simple.  Chinhee Park was very defensive in her response, "We are highly intuitive with their needs and we know first hand, since MY TWIN AND I ARE BOTH SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. So before you go off on your ego trip, take a look at yourself and point the finger at yourself and ask yourself.  How are those 20 years of extensive training and degrees doing for you?  Do you receive such honorable testimonials as we do? " I myself am a victim of sexual assault, as most professionals who counsel are.  Yes, I was gang-raped repeatedly.  In fact, I was held against my will in a warehouse for 8 days, chained to a wall.  I had no food, no water, and no clothing.  I was tortured with knives and with cigarette lighters.  And no, my attackers were never brought to justice.  That is my story, plain and simple.  I do not wish to receive a bunch of responses of sympathy or anything else because this happened a lifetime ago.  I do not share this with people because the work I do is not about me.  It is about the victims. I took my tragedy and decided to use it as a catalyst to change my life.  I've earned a Masters in Social Work and I specialize in the assessment and treatment of sexual abuse against children and adults.  I have been a clinical consultant in trauma assessment, and have worked with a variety of law enforcement agencies.  I have created a variety of sexual abuse treatment programs and have been a professional consultant for a very popular crime show on television regarding sexual assault. I have taught at several police academies and have also assisted in investigative interviews.  Having said all this, I do not believe that I need to prove my qualifications, as I am not the subject of your article, nor am I attacking anyone. Sunhee Park writes, "If you ever had a reading with us you would understand our gifts, but your narrow conventional mind is pushing us out, and you happen to pick on my sister and I out of the other psychics. It feels like you are jealous, competitive, and ego which to me sums up to Unhappy, Lonely, and unsuccessful." This is quite presumptuous on the part of Ms. Park and quite ironic, considering she and her sister are supposed to possess psychic gifts.  She and her sister both continuously refer to me as having a narrow, conventional mind.  Why would I even be on this website if I had a narrow and conventional mind?  UFO's and the Paranormal are not exactly "drinking hole's" for narrow and conventional-minded visitors.  The Park sisters are making assumptions about me that are completely unfounded and very inaccurate.  I am a long-time student of Reiki and am a Reiki Master.  I have also studied the Jose Silva method and Reconnective Healing, to name a few.  I do not practice as a metaphysical professional because, quite frankly, I am far too busy with my current position to have any extra time.  We have thousands of cases that remain unsolved, and more victims than I care to discuss.  Even so, I have nothing against metaphysical gifts and, in fact, am highly supportive of them.Regarding my being jealous, competitive, "and ego", whatever that means, as well as unhappy, lonely and unsuccessful (as stated by Sunhee Park), I am none of the above (who is attacking whom here?).  First of all, I have no reason to be jealous of these ladies.  I don't even know them.  I have no reason to be competitive with them because our professions have nothing to do with one another.  "And ego" is not even a complete adjective, so I will leave that one alone.  "Unhappy, lonely and unsuccessful" - once again, none of this is true, but I gather these statements on the part of Ms. Sunhee are simply a feeble attempt to circumvent the real topic here, which is not surprising.  Defensive behavior is a behavior which occurs when an individual perceives a threat.  The defensive party may give some attention to the issue at hand, but moreover he or she devotes most of their energy to self-defense. He or she considers how to divert attention from the issue at hand in order to win, dominate, impress others, or escape punishment, as well as how to mitigate a perceived attack.The Park sisters keep insisting they were "attacked" by my questions.  I was direct and asked them reasonable questions.  I was not attacking them.  I read that they hope to get a television show of their own.  If this ever becomes a reality for them, they are going to need much tougher skin.  If they felt that my honest questions of them were attacks, what is going to happen if they are ever in the true spotlight and come under real attack of tabloid journalists, paparazzi hungry for "dirt", and more? Sunhee Park asks why I questioned them versus other psychics.  The answer is simple.  They are the only ones that referenced "helping" with sexual assault victims on the home page of their website.  This caused a red flag for me due to my profession.  That is it.  I am not targeting these ladies or saying that they are horrible people and they are doing awful things to their clientele.  I simply asked them how they are qualified to help with sexual assault victims because I know how serious these cases are.  The sisters repeatedly claim to help victims of sexual assault because they "love" them.  Love is wonderful.  Love is incredible, but love does not teach you how to properly deal with a victim of assault or violence in the post-trauma stages.Sunhee Park further states, "We give people messages through channeling on how to better their relationships, or if they are getting beaten up by their husband, should they leave? Does that require a degree or a license?"  I am surprised that she even asked this question.  You do not need to possess any special gifts to advise someone that is being beaten to exit the relationship.  How is that being a psychic or channeling?  You could pose this question to an astronaut or a truck driver and they would most likely advise you to exit the relationship. Interestingly enough, I visited the Park's Facebook page today to learn more about them.  They stated, "Bad press is good press, someone tried to demean our gifts, and check out our response, she is asking why we dont have a degree or license to help give spiritual advice to people who have been abused, its like What ego do we have to answer now???"  Bad press is good press?  I am sorry that my concern for the professional treatment of sexual assault victims qualifies as any type of "press". The responses of the Park sisters seem to carry a constant tone of sarcasm and cynicism. To be clear, I am not challenging the Park sisters on their intentions.  I am not challenging that they do their work with love.  I am not challenging that they help people.  I am simply stating that some issues should be handled by a professionally trained practitioner for the overall well-being of the patient.  This is not conservative, nor is it narrow-minded.  It is a fact.An example - If someone is hit by a car, I can offer them all the love and support possible and can totally empathize with their pain, but I cannot fix their injuries because I am not trained to perform surgery.  It does not mean I don't love them.  It simply means I am not qualified to operate.  Even with good intentions, I could further harm them simply because I might do something accidental due to lack of training.  This was the whole point of my inquiry to the Park sisters. I know abuse.  I've lived abuse.  I've studied abuse.  I've been treated for abuse and I've gone on to treat abuse.  Having said that, the day will never come that I say that I do not need to continue learning and training.  No one knows everything, psychic or not, and if someone claims that they need no training, it only shows their commitment to ignorance. Ms. Rosenstein, I will continue to read your magazine because I am a student of metaphysics and I am very open-minded.  I do not profess to know everything and I never will, and I will never stop looking out for the well-being of those that have suffered abuse.  If that includes asking responsible questions to people like the Park sisters, then so be it.  Best to you and your staff. Sincerely, Geraldine Metcalf

Comment of Yoga Teacher Dina Vitantonio (Photo left): As a certified Yoga teacher, an author, an energy worker and intuitive healer myself, I would like to take a brief minute to make my own comments on the recent postings regarding Sunhee and Chinhee. I am grateful to have the talents of Sunhee and Chinhee available as an alternative means of self-discovery on the road to self-mastery. I think it's important to note here that the work we are speaking about is not about Mental Health but Spiritual Health (Soul Growth); and, one cannot replace, substitute nor justify one for the other- which was never the intention of the article. There is a place for everything, and enough to go around for everyone to find what fits best for each one of us. So rather than separate as the "me's" and the "them's", why not simply just unify and appreciate the freedom of choice. Because even with differences, where there is unity there is peace. And as Sunhee and Chinhee mentioned, the key to their work, and what should be the basis in every action we all perform, is love- Pure, Unmotivated Unconditional Love. We could all use a healthy dose of that. Thank you both for all your love and sharing. Feel free to pour your love down on me anytime! Dina Vitantonio, New York, NY  www.MindBodyHealings.com  dina@mindbodyhealings.com

And this concludes the thread on this subject! Let's move on. NO MORE COMMENTS. Basta Cosi!

40-Psychics who have lost their human touch

I am writing a term paper on ESP and was advised to contact psychics known for their authorship. The name of Rosemary Altea  (Photo left) was suggested to me. I tried to contact her but could not reach her. I went on her website and tried again, the same thing; she is unreachable. She has the most unfriendly website I have ever seen. Celebrity psychics have lost their touch with humanity. I should have read your article on psychics before I spent valuable time trying to reach this woman. Try this http://www.rosemaryaltea.com/contactus.cfm  it will drive you crazy. This line of psychics groups only businesswomen psychics; I was looking for down-to-earth and friendly psychics. Reaching that woman was a nightmare. I am not expressing disrespect for Altea, rather disappointment. She authored authoritative books, but books alone are enough. Her website reminds me of automated customer service outlets. No human voice, only machines! And I hate that. Betty Smith

USM: Did you try to contact her office? She provided a direct line number. (Her office phone number: 802 867 4070.) A follow up: We called that number on Saturday 31, December  2011, time 6:37 PM, and the operator said: This number is not in service. And we are not going to suggest names, for you could encounter the same unpleasant experience. Yes, it is a nightmare. Sorry, Betty.

Photos from L to R: Dobie Maxwell,Shelly Hernandez

Just received from Chinhee & Sunhee Park; Upcoming: January 8th, Sunday evening, Chinhee & Sunhee Park will be guests on the TheMothershipConnection.net radio show, 1050 AM Worldwide radio station in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Hosted by Dobie Maxwell, Shelly Hernandez and other cool people! They love to GIVE BACK and are graciously doing free readings for 2 hours.  Feel free to call into the studio lines at 262-694-1050, 8:30pm Central, 9:30pm Pacific, and 6:30pm Eastern.  Happy New Year, thank you for everything and all of your hard work! Love; Chinhee. 






Gifted psychics

As the Founder of Shay Parker's Best American Psychics, I am so very proud of my 4 team members who were featured in your latest issue!  Each of these incredibly humble, gifted psychics have proven their abilities and have "made the cut" on my directory.  For those who may not be familiar with Best American Psychics, we offer our clients a wide variety of psychic professionals – all of whom have been tested as legitimate by our staff as well as by volunteer clients. Our psychics must undergo 2 separate test readings for professionalism, reading accuracy, training, ethics and integrity. I am very proud of Patti Negri, Shellee Hale, Michelle Whitedove, and the cover girl – Allison Hayes.  Each of you shine an incredible light upon the world with your warmth, professionalism, and tremendous gifts.  I am very honored to have each of you as Featured, Tested Psychics on my directory!  Each of you exudes humility and class that deserves recognition.  I'm looking forward to an amazing 2012 with you! Readers also stay tuned for an upcoming article about Shellee Hale in the amazing OM Times Magazine, being released tomorrow! Happy New Year to all! Shay Parker, Founder Best American Psychics  Best American Healers  CBS Radio Host – Metaphysical Minds & Best of the Best




Question for Shay Parker: Do you accept psychics from Algeria? A. Abdel Wahab. Algeria

Answer of Shay Parker: Hello and thank you for your inquiry.  We do accept psychics from other countries as long as they are able to adequately serve the US.  You must be able to speak English clearly and also must be able to have our customers contact you without costing them anything in long distance telephone charges.  Our practicing psychics that are not based in the US use Skype as a means of communication.  We also offer call buttons that you are welcome to use even if you are in another country.  In these ways, we are able to open the directory up to global psychics!

Question for Shay Parker: Never heard of OM Times Magazine. Where do I find it? R. Sullivan, Virginia 

Answer of Shay Parker: Hello R. Sullivan!  Please visit http://www.omtimes.com  It is a conscious living magazine and I am one of the editors.  Between UFO & Supernatural Magazine and OM Times, you will be able to cover ALL metaphysical topics!



Question for Shay Parker: Who is who in the pics? Thank you. Jennifer L. ,Wisconsin

Cover of OM Times magazine.

Answer of Shay Parker: Hey Jennifer!  The photo contains 4 psychics that were featured in Issue 5 of UFO & Supernatural Magazine.  

Please see the issue here: http://ufossupernaturalmagazine.com/issue_5.htm   The magazine interviewed 6 psychics and 4 of them are members of my directory, Best American Psychics.  We TEST each of our psychics for professionalism, accuracy, integrity, training, ethics and more.  The 4 team members shown in the photo you asked about are Allison Hayes (The Rock Girl), Michelle Whitedove, Shellee Hale, and Patti Negri – 4 amazing women!  

42-A question to all the psychics: WHO IS SATAN? The psychics you featured in Issue 5, and the three others in Issue 4 of your magazine never said a word about the dark forces. They spoke very eloquently about the ascended masters, beings of higher dimension, God and the angels. That’s fine with me. But how come they never talk about Satan? After all the most famous ones are witches. The Rockgirl is a HIGH PRIESTESS, Patti Negri admitted to be a witch and Danielle Egnew was called a witch.  Do they know who is Satan? Could you ask them please, thank you. Jamil Zayed, Baghdad, Iraq

USM: We sent your email to Patti Negri, The Rock Girl, Eugenia Macer-Story, and Danielle Egnew.

Comment from Francis Bernardino: Silly, you live in Iraq and you don’t know who is Satan? Let me tell you buddy who is satan. Saddam Hussein is one. Bin Laden another one. Do you need more satans? Please oblige. There is no satan properly speaking. It is a myth, a big lie created by organized religions and I am not targeting Christianity. The Inquisition was the biggest satan of all time. Read Luther. Read Calvin. Psychics do not deal with satanic rituals to know who is satan.  Francis Bernardino, Malta

Photo: Author, artist and social thinker, Eugenia Macer-Story.

Comment from  Adrian Mendoza: Of course they do. Didn’t you hear about the California Church of Satan? It was created by a medium and a demonic psychic who practiced black magic. All witches according to the Holy Scriptures are the brides of Satan. Adrian Mendoza, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Comment of Anthony Brownlow: Sadam Hussein was not satan, he was the anti-Christ. The Rapture said so. Nostradamus mentioned Sadam Hussein in his quadrains. Psychics who did not study theology can't address the issue. Anthony Brownlow

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: Yes: as I had previously indicated, there will be a more complex description of the deceptive nature of Cytron/ Zeena in the third installment of "Cytron Returns" as this has actually happened.  But I am describing a specific encounter with the entity presenting itself as "Cytron". There have been entire books written describing the Satanic force. But some of these books are stuck within the author's pre-conditioning by specific religious beliefs. In my experience, and I have as a practitioner faced several cases of possession by extremely ferocious spirit entities, the "Satanic" force is cleverly deceptive and can reverse a "sweet" come-on in a viciously bestial way. Several times when focusing  as a psyshic on a murder/ missing person case I have seen that the perpetrator is part of a "Satanic" group when actually it might have been a single "satan" possessing the individual. For the Devil is capable of a number of charades and is best described in the specific case. One of the tricks of an evil force or person is to hide within generalities or abstract political concepts. Best--Eugenia Macer-Story





Photo: The legendary Allison Hayes.

Answer of Allison  Hayes, The Rock Girl: Hi Jamil, Thank you for your question...Although I embrace many Earth Based Traditions, I am not a practicing Wiccan. However, here is a link to an article that may be able to shed some light on how the Pagan's "Horned God" can often be mistaken for Satan: http://www.patheos.com/Resources/Additional-Resources/No-Devil-Horned-God-of-Wicca.html RE: the dark forces you asked about in your question above....The term Priest or Priestess actually means ‘of service’, thus I am of service to the Stones and Mother Earth. I took a vow to help pass this knowledge onto others and founded The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School  (www.SacredStoneSchool.com). As a High Priestess of Stones, I am attuned to the vibrational frequency and wisdom buried within the stones (very similar to Reiki), and can therefore attune others to this frequency as well. In doing so, I help people connect to the part of their soul that needs healing from Mother Earth. When this happens, it allows them to channel more energy from The Divine, or Spirit, if you will. When working in the psychic and healing realms, indeed there are certain negative energies/entities that can be released from spirits, people, places, things etc. Examples of these are negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors, dull and heavy energy lodged in between the realms or old patterns that are no longer needed, and therefore, must be cleared away. Once released, new and healthy patterns and energy can develop and thrive, resulting in Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation. 

There are many ways to clean out the negative energy and also protect oneself and others and if you would like to learn more about this, I mention a few techniques in the following podcasts: HOW TO CLEANSE AND CARE FOR YOUR STONES: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredstoneshow/2011/07/19/the-rock-girl-sacred-stone-show PSYCHIC PROTECTION WITH THE ROCK GIRL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredstoneshow/2011/06/28/psychic-protection-with-the-rock-girl Mighty Blessings! Allison ~ The Rock Girl

Patti Negri’s response to Jamil, Iraq :Hi Jamil!  Thanks for your wonderful question.  Yes, I am a witch.  Contrary to popular belief though, Witchcraft has NOTHING to do with Satan or Satanism.  Absolutely nothing!   Sadly, people are often mislead by movies or TV which somehow combine Witchcraft and Satanism – which is completely untrue.  Witchcraft, as with other earth based religions (like Native Americans) is a life-affirming, earth and nature-oriented pagan belief system which sees all life as sacred and interconnected.  Witchcraft is a spiritual system that fosters the free thought and will of the individual, encourages learning and an understanding of the earth and nature thereby affirming the divinity in all living things.  We acknowledge the cycles of nature, the lunar phases and the seasons to celebrate our spirituality and to worship the divine. It is a belief system that allows us to work with, not in supplication to deities with the intent of living in harmony and achieving balance with all things. Wiccans believe that the spirit of the One, Goddess and God exist in all things. In the trees, rain, flowers, the sea, in each other and all of natures creatures. This means that we must treat "all things" of the Earth as aspects of the divine. We attempt to honor and respect life in all its many manifestations both seen and unseen.  Though I believe there are certainly light and dark energies and beings, and “choices” we all must make to stay in the light or not – and face the consequences / karma therein.  I think the horned, ugly, red faced Satan is more a fear tactic created by man / the early church than a true representation of evil.  But, that’s just MY point of view!  I believe everyone should find their own truth within themselves! For more information about me and my belief systems go to www.PattiNegri.com 

Answer of Danielle Egnew: Hi Mr. Zayed! Thank you for your question, and you brought an interesting discussion point forward, so thank you! Firstly, though it has been true I have been called a witch, I am not Wiccan, which is an earth-based religion and has nothing to do with Satanism, and out of respect to my colleagues whose belief systems encapsulate those practices, I am not a "witch", practicing or non-practicing. Regrettably, there are many here in the United States who, based on their Christian religious backgrounds, wrongly title the work of Psychics and Mediums, as they do not understand those spiritual aptitudes even though they are documented in the Bible, and mistake the Psychic abilities for negative Occult practices. To your question on Satan: I have dealt with both Angels and Demons in my work. Chaotic Darkness - "Evil" - is as real as The Light. However, it is not my priority in my work to cast a spotlight on a modality such as evil. In fact, to do so would be in direct opposition to my work in casting focus on the healing capacities of The Light. A doctor who works to cure cancer rarely speaks with the patient about the actual dynamics of the cancer as it eats one's internal organs, but instead, speaks to the patient about the overall process of hope, in healing. However, in addressing your question, Evil, or Chaotic Darkness, is much like a cancer that attempts to reoccur in people's lives, and through Light, we are able to eradicate that cancer everyday. To ask "who" Satan is would be much like asking "who" God is. If you are asking whether or not an actual "Satan" exists, my experience would be - yes. And it has many names, but the horns and red tail are humanity's fanciful additions. Evil, or Chaotic Darkness, has a rank structure, just as the Angelic world does. Demons are created by the dimension of Darkness. They are not "people" who have made mistakes and "gone to hell". They have never been people, and they never will be, though some of them take up residence in people to one degree or another. There are lower level demons, and the evil equivalent of Arc Angels. Though I don't believe in giving the Devil any press, so to speak, as It gets Itself enough press - in direct answer to your question, Satan, or Lucifer, was once the most beautiful creature in all of creation. One religious text refers to It as "The Bright Morning Star". Others refers to It as "The Fallen One" with "Fallen" meaning "Having Left Perfection", which meant that at one time, the Entity Itself was Perfect. Lucifer's choice of SELF over ONENESS was what defined It's path of separation, which lead to Darkness, from that point forward. (It's not my experience that neither God nor Satan has a gender.)  Satan's choice of separation is nothing to feel empathy toward. It was not a choice through principles, but through self-absorption. "Sympathy for the Devil" should go no further than the wonderful Rolling Stones song. Though I'm certain that Darkness must serve some purpose in the grand scheme of all creation, I'm not a fan of Satan's work. It harms people just to harm. It's been my experience that Darkness is little more than a parasite in this dimension. More like an infestation of cockroaches which requires regular eradication, but able to spread disease in between roach bombs.  Darkness - Satan - and all of It's emissaries, are the perfect Sociopathic Predators. Satan is known in many cultures by many names, such as the Great Deceiver. Native American cultures refer to Satan as "The Trickster".  There is absolutely nothing at all that Darkness has in common with humanity, except that humanity has a weakness for It's wiles. Demons cause chaos for the sake of chaos, and that is not something that humanity is able to grasp, even though we think we have a handle on it, as we originate from Light. Neither are we able to grasp the type of torment that Evil is capable of, though human beings have mirrored evil on many occasions - Adolph Hitler is among the most notorious. Even our best attempt at "evil", as humans, pales in comparison to what these entities are capable of. Demons seek those in pain, who are in weak spaces in their lives, either from illness, or emotional issues, and they torment them in order to "eat" the energy of pain that comes from them. They are bullies, and cowards, and they see humanity as a food source --  nothing more. There is nothing "noble" in Darkness. Satan is loyal only to Itself. It is incapable of Oneness or Communion, yet demands complete dedication. Humans who choose to align with Darkness begin to take on this attribute as well. Human beings are, literally, the only place that Light, and Dark, can exist in the same place, at the exact same time. In Spiritual Physics, Light is far more dense, and eradicates Darkness simply by its incredibly high vibration, or presence - much like how a high-vibrating ultra-sonic toothbrush works -- which is why it takes four to five demons to possess one Human Being, a creature of Light. We, as humans, need not fear Darkness, or "Satan", because to do so grants It far more power than it is worth, or has earned. However, Evil has permeated many religious institutions, where Evil, or Satan, is lauded as "all-powerful", so humanity should "cling to God" as a default against the "all-powerful Satan".  The latter concept is truly laughable. Darkness is an inferior energy signature, from Spiritual Physics on down.  There is a reason that numerous religious texts have decreed: "Fear no evil". Yes, Darkness is part of the spiritual equation. And it's a learning tool for humanity. And there are those who work in my field that do not believe an actual "Satan", or even "Demons" exist. However, that is simply not my experience after years in the trenches, and I can only speak from my own first-hand experience in this field. Satan, or any concept of Satan, isn't worth anyone's time, that I can tell you. Thank you for your question, and I hope this sheds some "Light" on the subject!

Extraterrestrials and aliens. Mr. de Lafayette what is the difference between the aliens intraterrestrials and the aliens extraterrestrials? Ahmet Ozyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Intraterrestrials: A race of non-humans with highly advanced and sophisticated intelligence, living on Earth. The ones who are known to us as the Grays (Greys), who originally came from Zeta Reticuli. They are called intra-terrestrials, because they live inside (Intra) Earth, some  live underwater, and very few on the surface. The genetic race they created, the hybrids live with them in their habitats underwater, as well as on land in remote areas. Some were adopted by families who have a perfectly normal life. The intraterrestrials are the ones who pilot that UFOs and the USOs. Extraterrestrials: Any intelligent being of any nature, physical, non-physical, organic, bio-organic, biological, and para-biological nature outside planet Earth. And some are from the future, and/or time-space dimensions. The most popular ones are the Anunnaki, the Igigi, the Lyrans and the Nordics.

Earliest photo of a UFO: Do you have a genuine photo of the first sighting of a UFO over the United States? C. Jacobi? Boca Raton, FL

USM: Here you go: One of the earliest genuine photographs of an unidentified flying object (UFO), taken somewhere in the United States during the 1920s.(Left)

Replica of a NAZI UFO: Question for Max de Lafayette: Dear Max, did Boeing duplicate a prototype of a NAZI UFO which looked like a crescent aircraft known as Horten?

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Northop Grumman did.





Photo, left: A German UFO Horten 229 (aka Hitler's stealth fighter) replica, re-designed and manufactured in late 2008, by engineers from Northrop Grumman.









Photo, left: Front of the anti-radar German Horten 229, as reconstructed  in the United States by Northop Grumman. Engineers at Northop Grumman studied the remains of the only surviving German wonder-plane, Horten 229, re-designed it, rebuilt it, and tested its astonishing avant garde stealth capabilities, and later on, displayed it in public for a short time.









Photo, left: The German Horten Wing UFO: Northrop Grumman Corporation, the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and the National Geographic Channel teamed up to build a full scale of the German Horten 229 Flying Wing (Germany-World War UFO)

46-Aliens Djinns living in Turkey

A question for Mr. de Lafayette: Did any race of aliens or Djinns live underground in ancient Turkey? Was it Turkey or Armenia? Sarkis Mamoulian, Yerevan, Armenia

Answer of Mr. de Lafayette: The Anunnaki Ulema stated in the Book of Ramadosh that Afrits (Djinns) lived in underground cities in Anatolia/Ancient Turkey. See photos below.





Cappadocia, Turkey. An area known to be inhabited by Djinns and Afrit. The intraterrestrials said, it was inhabited by quasi-humans.















Cappadocia, Turkey. According to modern archeology, these caves/towers were constructed as early as 9000 B.C.















Derinkuyu - Magarasi, the Underground City. There are large underground cities in Cappadocia which have only been opened to the public during the 1960s. Some Ulema have said that these caves were inhabited by the Afrit, creatures and entities created by the Anunnaki.  The intraterrestrials said exactly the very same thing.









 Photos from L to R: Jewish Sanhedrin, Mr. Simcha Jacobovici.


Simcha Jacobovici, presenter of NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is confused-intentionally!! What does he know about Christianity? You posted this: “We have an enormous admiration for Mr. Simcha Jacobovici. And FYI, we are featuring him in a forthcoming issue of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is indeed a fabulous show.” You better check your facts before you feature him in your magazine. In a recently aired episode, Jacobovici said that St. Paul (SAUL) was a Roman spy and he went after the early Christians and Jesus disciples. This is wrong. Paul was a bounty hunter, Christians hunter hired by the Jewish chief priest and the Jewish Sanhedrin. Everybody knows that and the New Testament made it clear that Paul before he converted to Christianity was sent by the Jews to catch Christians and bring them to Palestine for trial before the tribunal of the Jewish Sanhedrin. As I see it, Simcha Jacobovici got it wrong. And I have a new name for him which suits him perfectly, Simcha Jacobovici the NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST, because he is totally naked when it comes to historical facts. I am not surprised to hear distortion of biblical facts because Simcha Jacobovici is Jewish and by faking or ignoring historical facts is protecting the Jews. As simple as that. Nabil Achkar, Beirut, Lebanon



Photo: Conversion of St. Paul on the Road to Damascus. Painting by Hans Speckaert. During that period, St. Paul’s original name was Saul, and he was hired by the Sanhedrin to catch Christians living in Syria and bring them before the Sanhedrin court presided by the Jews Chief Priest.

Comment of David Singer on Nabil Achkar’s comment: You are wrong Nabil. Paul was a Roman citizen not a Jew. David Singer, Tel Aviv, Israel

Comment of Marie Haddad: St. Paul was a citizen of Rome, but while living in Palestine worked as a spy for the Sanhedrin. And his main duty was to catch Christians who lived in Syria and bring them to Palestine to stand trial.  Featuring Mr. Jacobovici in your magazine is a great idea. Go for it. Marie Haddad, Damascus, Syria.








Cat Stevens…Muslim Psychics…Christian Psychics…Jewish Psychics. Who is right and who is wrong?

Photos from L to R: Cat Stevens, psychic Melissa Stamps, psychic Maureen Hancock, psychics and healers Sunhee and Chinhee Park.

Cat Stevens converted to Islam because a spirit appeared to him in his sleep and told him to become Muslim. A few weeks later, Cat Stevens was introduced to a psychic who gave him a reading. It was reported that the psychic who is Muslim advised him to convert to Islam. This bothers me a lot. Does religion influence the religious beliefs of a psychic. I would assume that a Christian psychic sees things as a Christian, and a Muslim psychic would interpret visions and messages as a Muslim. If this is the case then psychics are easily influenced. Should Christians go to Christian psychics and Muslims go to Muslim psychics and Jews go to Jewish psychics? Melissa Stamps the psychic you interviewed spoke about Hindu gods and goddesses. Danielle Egnew a psychic and jazz singer works with angels. Are they the angels of the Koran or the Bible? I read her column THE LIGHT, it is great but why does she need angels if she can tap in the mind of her clients and paranormal realm as she claims?  Michelle Whitedove works with angel Gabriel.  I can't understand this. What if angel Gabriel is busy working with another psychic? Does she wait until he finishes his business with the other psychic or is it possible for angel Gabriel to appear at the same time to two different psychics? You see how confusing is this  psychic business. The Park Twin psychics, Sunhee and Chinhee did not mention God or angels, and this is a great relief to me. Maureen Hancock spoke about the spirits of dead people. Patti Negri works with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, maybe with Rudolph Valentino too? Where do we stand here? Who is right and who is wrong? Ernesto, Delaware

Photos from L to R: The very distinguished Hollywood star and psychic, Patti Negri,  columnist, poet, producer and psychic Danielle Egnew "Psychic of the Year", and Michelle Whitedove, noted author and nationally famous psychic-medium.

USM: We sent your email to Ms. Danielle Egnew, Ms. Melissa Stamps, Mrs. Patti Negri, Ms. Michelle Whitedove, Ms. Sunhee Park, Ms. Chinhee Park, Mrs. Maureen Hancock.


Patti Negri response to Ernesto, Delaware: Hi Ernesto, thanks for your great question.  First off I do not see it as a “who’s right and who’s wrong” question at all!  There are many paths and many roads to get to the same place!   To your comment about seeing psychics within your own belief system, I actually think in some cases that is a really good idea.  If you have a strong belief system or faith is one particular path, you often will be most comfortable working with someone who is at least respectful or understanding of that belief system… Though, in my personal experience – most ethical psychics ARE respectful of peoples belief systems and do not try to convert anyone to another way of thinking.   In my personal Wiccan belief system, we do not look at our path as the only way to achieve spirituality, but as one path among many to the same end. We are not a missionary religion out to convert new members to think the same as we do. We are willing to share our experience and knowledge with those who seek our wisdom and perspective however. We believe that anyone who is meant for this path will find it through their own search as the Goddess speaks to each of us in her time and way. Wiccan practice tolerance and acceptance toward all other religions as long as those faiths do not persecute others or violate the tenant of "Harm None."  So a Christian, Muslim, Jew or person of any belief system coming to me for help should have no conflict of faith. To your comment to me about “working with Elvis and Marilyn”… well, to clarify – it is not like they are my “spiritual leaders or guides” or anything to that matter.  ;o) I did indeed contact  them for a television show.  Marilyn DID show up and gave us some simple information about her life in Hollywood.  (We did not get into her spirituality in any form, since this was a cooking show!)  Sadly, Elvis didn’t appear at all. For more information about me and my belief systems go to www.PattiNegri.com  

Answer of Danielle Egnew: Hi Ernesto! Those are some great questions, and I can understand how it might all seem a little confusing! There really is no "right or wrong" in how we all function, as spiritual liaisons. Everyone's gifts are a little different, and unique to them, which is why there are so many wonderful Practitioners available to assist everyone! To your question on whether I spoke with angels from the Bible or the Koran: These entities are not bound by the same religious institutions that we are. They are simply Angels. If a fish swims off the coast of Africa, it does not necessarily make the fish African. The fish is simply a fish, swimming in waters that touch all continents. Angels do not adhere to one religion or another. Religion is something that we, as a human species, have designed so that we may find a common ground on which to understand God, to the best of our ability. Angels don't require our same quantification system in order to understand Creation. As such, they are not religious, yet they are spiritual, and creatures of spirit, just as we are. And, it is not required of any of us to have a religious stance at all to commune with Creation, or to have a sense of spirituality. I'm part Native American - Lakota and Cherokee --  and the spiritual indigenous post-missionary spiritual belief system for the American Plains Indians Tribes has much more in common with Indigenous Celtic religion - experiencing Creation through nature -- from which Wiccan practices have derived. So the man-made institution of religion truly has nothing to do with the dynamics of spirituality, past the technical administration of God to the masses through a doctrine designed by the religion itself. As far as your question on my communication with Angels, to assist you in understanding how all the spiritual aptitudes tie together: I don't actually rely on the Angels in order to "activate" my Psychic sense, which is indigenous to me. Rather, the Angels tend to come forward in a client's reading to offer additional information on what I am receiving for the client, and that is always incredibly welcome. I'm all about working with these entities, or any other light-based guide who comes forward on the client's behalf.  The communication with Angelic life, or any other spirit life, actually falls in the Mediumship / Channeling category, which is slightly different in how it functions than my Clairvoyant  / Psychic skill set, which I also use on a regular basis, especially when working with law enforcement. I write about Angelic life in my work because it's been my experience that we, as a species, not only stand to learn a great deal about unconditional love from these entities, but that we are a shirt-tail relative of theirs, in the spiritual sense. I enjoy my work with them greatly.  And, in the spirit of full disclosure, as much as I would love to be a jazz singer, and enjoying singing jazz standards on occasion, my music career encapsulates pop, rock, Americana, and folk. (I'd be saddened if my friends who have worked so hard to be seasoned and accomplished jazz musicians felt that I was misrepresenting myself ;). However, I can definitely understand how it can all be confusing, right down to the musical genres ;), and so I thank you for the opportunity to expand on these topics through your questions, and I hope you're staying warm in Delaware!


Answer of Melissa Stamps: Thanks, Ernesto, for a very interesting question. Often when a person is seeking a way of connecting spiritually and energetically- he/she may look for beings or deities known to them through their faith or culture, Jesus or Buddha and others. I feel all Goddesses, Light Beings, God, avatars; Spirit Beings come from Source as people can best experience them. In higher awareness, there is no right and wrong. Source and Cosmos are infinite. What someone experiences as an Angel, might be Quan Yin to another. For someone else, it is the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy on a clear night. Psychic experiences can exist   without reference to organized religion.  As far as Muslims going to a Muslim psychic, Christian going to a   Christian psychic that would depend on what the person needs from a reading. If they want to stay within their culture and religion- it is a choice. If you (and others) want to transcend doctrinal religious beliefs and connect to Spirit being who may have important information or awareness for you (and others) - just staying open to what the medium, clairvoyant or psychics receive will be an adventure! Source manifests in many forms and guises!


 49-Recognition and certification for American Psychics. Is it legal?

Photo: Shay Parker.

Dear Sir/Madam. In Greece, psychics are regulated by the government but it is not always  enforced. Basically the Greek government created a law not to monitor mediums but to find out how much they are earning. It is the government way to impose taxes on psychics and mediums. In Greece, we do not have an official organization that gives diplomas for psychics. There is one group in Athens, another one in Salonica who work with psychics but it is not official. Your magazine created my curiosity in this topic. After I finished reading your magazine latest issue, I googled these words Psychics, Psychics in America, Diplomas for psychics and American psychics. I found two organizations which CERTIFY and RECOGNIZE psychics. Are these organizations recognized in America? Are they legitimate? I will give you their names, Best American Psychics. This group has a website which included the following announcement “We offer our clients a wide variety of psychic professionals – all of whom have been tested as legitimate by our staff as well as by volunteer clients. We are here to provide you with links to credible and ethical professionals.” My question for this group is how they administer the tests and what kind of tests? The other group is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy’sTM Practitioner Certification Renewal process. The president is Kelly Hampton. This group has a policy for recognizing psychics. But it is strange in some way. Kelly Hampton in welcoming members said “thank you for your prior work in spreading Archangel Michael’s divine healing system from the Star Galaxy.” What kind of psychic organization is this. Archangel Michael is teaching there? How do you want me to believe this? What it is written on their diplomas and who signed the diplomas? I need to know. Thank you very much. I hope you give me an answer before tomorrow, I have personal reasons. Alexander Touliatos, Athens, Greece

USM: Here is the email we received from Kelly Hampton: Gosh, after reading the skepticism about my two books from AAMichael, naw, don't think so. If you haven't' read them, maybe your editorial staff should. I invite your readers and your minds to consider an entirely NEW HEALING SYSTEM given to me by AAMichael and Ashtar. That should get you talking for awhile :))) star healing intergalactic energy, ascended spaces. healing all over the world, practitioners list growing all over the world. In the light. I guess some press is better than none:)  Blessings. Kelly Hampton.

Comment from Jules Yazbeck on Kelly Hampton's claims: From the description Kelly Hampton wrote about her books, I got the feeling that she is fully convinced that AAMichael communicated to her revelations of the first order. She claimed that AAMichael talked to her about a “new planet the angel calls Nebulon.” Nebulon does not exist, it is a fictional planet. Maybe it is a fully-grown planet but NASA and Harvard observatory did not discover yet. Others psychics also claim that they received messages from Nebulon. Every thing is possible. Zecharia Sitchin claimed that NIBIRU is the 12th planet, and by doing so he exposed himself to ridicule and mockery. Science and psychics prophecies don’t mix.-Jules Yazbeck, Washington, DC

Comment of Sabine G.: Here is something strange but interesting about Nebulon from Wikipedia: “In reality, Nebulon retreated to another dimension called Zaar, inhabited by the Ludberites. Nebulon adopted their philosophy of improving the lives of "lesser" beings, and returned to Earth to save its people from themselves. In the guise of "Mr. Nebul," he started a movement called Celestial Mind Control which promised to liberate the powers of the human mind, but actually robbed people of their free will. Nebulon recruited the Porcupine the original Eel, and a Plantman simulacrum as his agents. The Defenders became aware of this movement and tried to stop him.” Hampton did not discover Nebulon through angelic messages. As a matter of fact there are 3 books on Nebulon published long before Kelly Hampton published  her own.-Sabine G., Berlin, Germany

Photos from L to R: 1-Cover of Gene Doucette book "The OTHER Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody" , published in 2002. 2-Cover of the book "Transformers, the Ultimate Guide" by Simon Furman. 3-Cover of the book ""Spider's Torch Fumbled Field Trip" by Gina  Willner-Pardo and  Pietz. All these books mentioned Nebulon long before Kelly Hampton published her book on Nebulon which she claimed that she discovered this new planet through AAAMichael!????

Comment of Guy Sablon: Kelly Hampton wrote her book on Nebulon in 2007. Gene Doucette mentioned Nebulon in his book "The OTHER Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody" in 2002.  And Simon Furman wrote about Nebulon is his book "Transformers, the Ultimate Guide" in 2007.  Gina  Willner-Pardo and  Pietz mentioned Nebulon in their book "Spider's Torch Fumbled Field Trip" published in 1998. So Kelly Hampton's AAAMichael story is "Johnny Come Late". Guy Sablon, Paris, France.


Comment of C. Howard: Kelly Hampton is one of the best psychics in the world. You guys are mixing apples and oranges. Kelly wrote an entire book about Nebulon, a real book. I consider her gifts to be unique. Before you pass wild judgment, read her books. She is not born yesterday. She has practiced her profession for a very long time and acquired an amazing amount of knowledge. She is an inspirational speaker, a media personality and a great lady.-C. Howard, Delray Beach, Florida

Comment of Andrei Popov: For some reasons I felt that Ufo/Super. Mag. were against psychic K. Hampton. I mean the way they doubted the importance of her books. I don't know maybe I am wrong. They said they are going to buy and review her books but they said it in a threatening way as if they intended to give her a bad review. But again I am wrong because they always give good reviews, I read their reviews in Issue 4 and 5 and gave 5 stars to all the authors. During Bera and Stalin days everybody got a bad review, many authors were killed and our famous Russian authors escaped to France and Mexico. I have a question for Kelly Hampton: Why did you say, Gosh, after reading the skepticism about my two books from AAMichael," Do you believe they are skeptic? Andrei Popov, Moscow, Russia

Comment of Steve Mathews on Andrei Popov's comment: Snap out of it. Do you really think this woman will answer your question? She is bitter and confused. Steve Mathews, Virginia

Comment of Jay B. on the comment of Steve Mathews: No she is not bitter she is busy...dating AAAMichael, whatever.-Jay B, Iowa

USM: This thread on Ms. Hampton is closed! Additional comments will not be posted!!

Answer of Shay Parker: Dear Alexander, you have great questions!  In the United States, there are no government laws governing mediums or psychics.  The only law is if they earn money, they must report their income on their tax returns and pay an "earned income" tax.  Otherwise, there is zero involvement from the government.  My company, Best American Psychics, is not governed by any laws, but we do test our psychics that work under our directory.  I myself am not a psychic and I do not profess to have any psychic gifts.  I am much more analytical and left-brained, and though I certainly to know that psychic ability exists, our psychics need to prove their abilities to us. How do we do this, you ask.  Every psychic on our directory must undergo two separate test readings.  These readings are done on the telephone only and each lasts 30 minutes.  One reading is set up with a Staff Tester, and the other is with a volunteer client.  We have many different members of our staff that act as Testers and many different volunteer clients.  If a psychic is interested in becoming part of our directory, they must apply through our online form and then they become an "Applying Psychic".  They are then contacted and we schedule their 2 test readings.  Here is how a test would go (in 2 parts):

  1. Staff Tester and Applying Psychic – Our Staff Tester calls the Applying Psychic at an agreed upon time and date.  The Staff Tester gives their first name only to the Applying Psychic.  The Applying Psychic then begins conducting a psychic reading on the Staff Tester, telling them any information that is coming forth.  The Staff Tester is allowed to confirm or deny hits and misses during the reading, but they are not allowed to give out any detailed information about themselves, which may "lead" the Applying Psychic one way or another.  This lasts for 30 minutes, then the call ends.
  2. Volunteer Client and Applying Psychic – The Applying Psychic calls the Volunteer Client at an agreed upon time and date.  The same process as above is followed exactly.

During the test sessions, both the Staff Tester and the Client have a checklist.  They grade each Applying Psychic based upon Accurate or Inaccurate "Hits" and they also grade for: Overall comfort level. Overall tone of reading. Ease of delivery. Professionalism. Eloquence. Ethics. Training. Professional Boundaries. Amount of Questions asked by Applying Psychic. Confidence level. Evidential information

We also include the following questions on the checklist: 1.Would you pay money to have a reading with this psychic? 2.Would you want another reading with this psychic? Finally, the checklist contains a section for Notes/Comments.  Once the two test readings are completed, the outcomes are compared and a decision is made as to whether to offer the Applying Psychic a membership approval or not.  Alexander, it is important to remember that many people out there are gifted with psychic and mediumship abilities, but not all of those people should be giving psychic advice or readings on a professional level because many are unethical, or simply have improper professional boundaries.  A perfect example – NO PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC should EVER read someone or tap into another's life without permission from that person.  This is a boundary violation and is completely unethical.  It is like walking through someone's front door without an invitation.  Be careful who you go to for psychic advice because there are many out there that are simply not healthy individuals.  The psychics on my directory are professional, humble, and always maintain their class, while still being outstanding psychics, mediums, and healers!

50-Aliens Technology and the United States Air force Zooming in time Technology: Question to Mr. M. de Lafayette, Dear Mr. De Lafayette, it is true the Aliens showed the United States Force how to zoom into a parallel dimension? Carmen Maria P., Madrid, Spain

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: In modern times, zooming into the past did occur accidentally, during one of the phases of Project Serpo. The original Serpo team consisted of ten members – nine men and one woman. The woman was released from the team project when the military found out that she was pregnant, thus only the nine men went through the Stargate initially. They zoomed into the future, into the realm of three star systems outside of our galaxy. The plan was to have traveled to the Grays’ Zeta Reticuli, but the stargate sent them somewhere else, for unknown reasons. The data entered to go through the stargate, had included seven planets that had atmospheres and climates similar to that of Planet Earth. The ship these men traveled in through the stargate was made for that trip by the Zeta Reticulan Grays. Unfortunately, they did not end up in the Zeta Reticulan star system, and while stuck there, ran out of food and supplies, causing the death of three of the men. This catastrophic mistake could have easily been avoided, had one of the pilots been a Zeta Reticulan, as was suggested by the Zeta Reticulan Grays.

Photo: Dr. Carl Sagan

The military refused since they did not fully trust the aliens, and decided to go only with the two human pilots, that had been trained on Gray ships for a period of just twelve months, on a secret base in Alaska. The reason for taking the pregnant woman off the team, was due to the fact that had she given birth in another planetary system, and in another time/dimension, her son would return far older than his mother (perhaps by a hundred thousand years) and military scientists were not yet ready to deal with such situations. The reasons for this being that her baby’s birth in another system, under different conditions/were born on Earth. There was no contact between Earth and the crew for three Earth years. A military scientist was told by one of the Grays that it had taken them (The Grays) only ten minutes to get there. Upon the return of the surviving six team members, and before the project was completely abandoned, Carl Sagan suggested another attempt be made to go to the Zeta Reticulan system, this time using one of the Gray pilots, in a second ship that had been built for this mission, with three other members added onto Project Serpo.  For the record, the Zeta Reticulan pilot’s name was Ramu.  Again, they went through the stargate, but this time were zoomed back in time and space here on Earth and into another dimension. It was at this point that Carl Sagan pointed out to the military, how this technology could be used against the human race, by the Zeta Reticulan Grays, having realized that both expeditions into the past and future were deliberate diversions on the part of the aliens.






51-Eisenhower and the Aliens: Dear Mr. Delafayette. In your book on black operations you reported briefly on an Aliens holographic projection that took place in a meeting between General Patton, Eisenhower and extraterrestrials. Was this projection holographic or transposing time-space? Gilbert Gambier, Belgium

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: In 1957 and 1958, the Gray aliens told President Eisenhower about the rewinding of time technology. The military scientists and President Eisenhower did not believe it is possible, until the Grays “rewound the tape of time” to the point where they were able to not only see a holographic projection of Jesus, but listen to his voice as well. General Marshall was present at this meeting, and decided to ask the Grays if they could re-project an event that occurred in World War II, known only to General Omar Bradley, General Patton, General Eisenhower and himself. He gave them the date and location of this event, and waited for the holographic projection. What they then saw before them, was accurate down to the very last detail. The Grays then went even one step further to reveal two letters within the holographic projection: One, a speech to be given by Eisenhower in the event of a successful storming of the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and another speech to be given, in the event that this D-Day event was a failure. The existence and contents of the two letters were known only to General Bradley and Eisenhower. Also shown were the six draft letters written by Eisenhower and his secretary.

52-Aliens Navigation underwater…Russians encounter with extraterrestrials: Dear Ulema de Lafayette. I saw you on UFO Hunters hosted by Bill Birnes. You spoke about a PLASMA CORRIDOR the Grays use to navigate underwater. I read a blog on the Internet where a Russian author said Russian frogmen encountered aliens near their military base. I could not find more information on the PLASMA CORRIDOR. Is this corridor a passage to their secret bases? Ralph Stevens, New York.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Aquatic Plasma Corridors: The Russians have a massive underwater base that was created in 1969, to study an extraterrestrial underwater navigation system called “Aquatic Plasma Corridors”. This corridor is undetectable by satellite, sonar or any other underwater detection system. Not all branches of the Russian Navy were aware of the creation/existence of this base. During one of their naval maneuvers just outside the perimeter of this Russian underwater base, six frogmen from one of the Russian submarines encountered three alien frogmen in metallic suits underneath a massive metallic object.  Both the Russian and alien frogmen were roughly at a depth of one hundred to one hundred and twenty feet. The alien frogmen were wearing what appeared underwater to be metallic suits of indeterminable and interchanging colors that morphed from a silvery white to bluish to grey. One of the Russian frogmen stated that when he tried to approach these three, he was blocked by what seemed to be an invisible underwater force-field, created by the alien frogmen as a protection shield. The Russian frogman’s oxygen tanks started to fail and he quickly lost consciousness and started sinking but was saved by one of his fellow divers. After being rescued, he described the alien frogmen as being 8ft to 11ft tall, as he saw them underwater. And none of them had any visible oxygen tanks/breathing apparatus attached to them.  In the secret debriefing that followed, the Russian diver who saved his fellow frogmen, said that when he too tried to approach this massive foreign submerged object, he encountered what felt like a solid transparent wall surrounding the object. He later described it as an oval glass box, surrounding this mysterious submerged object which also shielded it from contact with the ocean’s water. After the fall of the Berlin wall, and ensuing collapse of the Soviet Empire, rumors started circulating within the military and scientific community, that this bizarre event was in fact a joint Russian-extraterrestrial operation designed to explore the effects of the underwater plasma corridor on it’s environment in the ocean, and on humans, as well as their psychological and psychosomatic reaction to encountering the corridor and seeing the alien frogmen and the ship itself. 

Two decades later in Lake Baikal, other Russian navy frogmen encountered similar 9ft “silver swimmers” who also had no visible breathing apparatus. While these encounters are largely unknown to the general public, military scientists with top clearance are well aware of them, and have worked on similar projects in different underwater bases, These massive underwater military bases, whether they be Russian, or American or Chinese, look from the surface to be rectangular/traditional compound structures. However upon entering them underwater, they expand in all directions, and are extremely extensive. And all of them are joint human-alien operations. Starting from the second underwater level, compartments are divided into large operation rooms, separated by elaborate long corridors, curving at 90 degrees every hundred feet or so, with doors that can drop down from the ceiling to seal off segments in the event of radiation leakage, or any matter related to internal security. One of the interesting characteristics of these doors in the corridors is the circular porthole-like windows within what is a whitish metal of extraterrestrial origin. None of these metallic alloys are possible here due to earth’s gravity, and as such have to be done in orbit aboard the Space Shuttle. Interestingly enough, this technology has been shared by American, Russian and Israeli military scientists. At one time British and French scientists complained of being left out of the loop, to which the Americans responded very candidly “We don’t trust Europeans – especially the French!” To which the French retorted that they would withhold all information garnered from the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn. An American three star general was quick to respond by saying “This is not the first time you Europeans have withheld information from us. Remember the Belgian incident?” (Aurora) The mode of transportation down to the underwater base and within the base is also fascinating. From the surface, one enters a craft that looks like a silvery metallic spinning top, approximately 8ft in diameter, that can comfortably accommodate four passengers, and corkscrews its way downwards centrifugally around a rod using a form of magnetic propulsion for what seems to be a only a few seconds down to an unknown depth. From the second underwater level on down, the “Spinning Mobile Satellite” (SMS) travels horizontally and reaches its final destination at an undisclosed level of the base at which it again dives into water. It is at that level/destination that you will find the habitat and work center of the Grays.

Photo: Author, columnist  and UFOs & Supernatural Magazine News Editor in Hollywood, Mr. Tommy L. Garrett

Tommy Garrett's encounter of the third kind: Did Tommy Lightfoot Garrett talk to the aliens face to face? He did not explain the purpose of his encounter of the third kind? Usually contactees tell a lot about their experience with aliens. Was he abducted? I am writing to you from Cafe Internet, Kiev. Thank you. Sveltana, Kiev, Ukraine

Answer of Mr. Tommy L. Garrett: Dear Sveltana, Thank you for your comments and question.  The incident of abduction was quite fuzzy for many years. It's still all coming back to me. And yes, I was led out of my car and on to the space craft, but it was all done very much in telepathic ways.  I spoke to the aliens, but only one spoke back to me, using telepathy.  The incident has become clearer over the years.  But it's difficult for me to say that I behaved the same as anyone else who went through my experience, it was totally amazing and surreal to me.  Thank you so much! Tommy www.HighlightHollywood.com 

Feedback on Chinhee and Sunhee Park: Hi, I was just reading your article on Chinhee and Sunhee Park.  I just wanted to add my comments here.  I’ve talked to them both before and they are great.  They are easy and fun to talk to and will start spitting out information for you right away.  Also, another nice thing is that even though they are in high demand and have acquired a good reputation they still try to keep their prices reasonable in order to make themselves accessible to everyone.  I think that’s very nice of them and is very helpful.   All around I would definitely say go check them out.  We just wish they were still out here on the East Coast, but maybe they’ll visit us sometime, and I wish them well out West.  Check them out it’s worth it.- Shelia Turner

Sunhee & Chinhee Park reply: Sheila, thank you very much for your beautiful comment, we so appreciate you! We hope you had a Happy New Year, and we will see you on the east coast, we foresee ourselves doing a world tour and New York would be the top on our list to visit. Love and hugs, Sunhee & Chinhee Park




Photo, from L to R: Chinhee Park, Nia Peeples, Sunhee Park in California.

More good testimonies: I have read your article on the twin psychics with the heart of gold tonight. I am a client of theirs and I have to say, I was in beyond awe reading it. Prior to reading the article though, I must say that I have had readings from both. I have had email readings and a phone reading. I am currently a full time college student with only a part time job. I had gone through such a hard time that I needed some spiritual guidance so that's where my journey began. I have gone to so many "psychics" who have scammed me out of money. So when I have found these twins, I was floored. Remember, I have never met them so the readings were strictly through the computer or phone. They knew so much about me and my current situation. They definitely have some sort of super natural power of healing because when we had finished our session via phone, I had felt like all this weight was off my shoulders. I have felt the calmness and the reassurance that I had needed. These two are remarkable and I can't help but say only nice things about them. They really are spiritual healers & they do have an amazing gift. If it wasn't for them, I'd be running around in the same circle with my head buried in sand.- Lauren Park

Sunhee & Chinhee Park reply to Lauren Park: Happy New Year to you!  Thank you so much for your kind words and it's been a total pleasure reading you!  Both of us felt an instant "sister" connection to you and we know you will manifest all of your dreams and goals!  We know, because we are psychic:))) Much love to you!

USM: To whom it may concern: UFOs & Supernatural Magazine received 211 verifiable emails from individuals who gave excellent reference and positive testimonies for Sunhee and Chinchee Park. We were unable to post all of the received emails for obvious reason: Space on this forum.


What an event!  But only one winner thanked us!

Photo: Allison Hayes "The Rock Girl", the Queen of Psychics and winner of the 1st Annual Election of America's Best Psychics-Mediums 2012. What a LADY!! Fans and readers who are writing to us are now calling Allison: Ms. America - Best Psychic USA.

I bet you have received tons of congratulations from the public and the winners on your wonderful event. It was something. You have done a great service to psychics who worked hard on their career. My lord what a success it was. Do it again next year. Best of Luck. Lucette Lebrun, Paris, France.

USM: Thank you for your lovely words. Indeed it was a huge success and we have received lots of congrats from so many people around the world. But only one winner wrote to us to thank us for organizing the event and our efforts: Miss  Allison Hayes did email us to express her gratitude. We did not hear a word or got a thank-you note from the others.  Ms. Hayes has spiritual gifts, a heart, brains....and good manners. But hey! That's life.


I can't believe it. Nobody thanked you?????Are you telling us none of the ladies and gentleman psychic winners of the contest thanked you for what you have done for them? Terrible. Hamzi Abaza, Egypt.

USM: Only one did: ALLISON HAYES, and nobody else.

54-Not even Shellee Hale?

You must have received something from Shellee Hale, first winner category most popular psychic? Jay Stephanides

USM: No sir! Not even from Mrs. Halle. C'est La vie.

Was Michelle Whitedove disappointed? Was Michelle Whitedove disappointed by the results of the election? Did she tell you anything? Aida Shbat

USM: We did not receive a word from Ms. Whitedove. We don't known, but we do understand how she must have felt about the outcome/results of the election. She had tough competitors.

Photo: Outstanding author, Dr. Lynne Kitei.

Lynne Kitei is Great: I am Happy to see Lynne Kitei author of the Phoenix Lights on the list of winners. Her book is sensational. Allan, Arizona

USM: Dr. Lynne Kitei is a national treasure. She is among the finest authors in the field of ufology. And yes her book is extraordinary. Did you know she made the cover of Issue 2 of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine? Read our interview with her. She was spectacular as usual.

Fake Credentials of Psychics:Did you take into consideration the false claims and fake credentials of psychics and mediums who were elected in the national vote? I am not accusing anybody but asking an innocent question. I asked this because I know for a fact that many psychics display on their websites phony papers and tell their clients that they have earned prestigious awards and academic degrees in metaphysics and religion. I can give you the names of at least 5 psychics who bought their credentials from diploma mills and fake churches which sell a doctorate degree in divinity and religion for a donation of $100 Dollars. Did you check their credentials? Jamil Akram, Bahrain






USM: We are fully aware of that situation. Indeed few have exaggerated in their claims and no less than 10 psychics got their degrees and especially Ph.D. from non-existing institutions of higher learning and/or diploma mills/fly-by-night schools. We have addressed this issue during the National Election Committee Conference, and as a matter of fact we have contacted a lawyer who recommended one of the contestants to inquire if in fact it was her who sent the recommendation, because we had some concerns about the credentials of her favorite psychic, subject of her email.  We spoke to the attorney for approx. 14 minutes and asked her if in fact it was her who sent the recommendation. We also addressed the issue of the credentials of the person she recommended and voted for. Her answer was crystal clear: The general public is voting not you. Credentials of contestants and winners are irrelevant. What counts is the decision of the general public and how people have voted for this or that psychic. The Committee decided that elections criteria should not interfere with contestants/winners/losers personal claims and credentials. After all it was not the Committee members who elected the winners but the general public. This is why UFOs & Supernatural Magazine does not endorse any candidate, winner, psychic or medium in any shape or form. We have simply counted and reported the votes. And we are not in the business of hurting people names, business, character and reputation. (Photo courtesy of Actionharm)

Comment of Tom K.: You are dead wrong, psychics with phony credentials should be disqualified. I know you are not now investigating people but rather collecting votes and monitoring the election process. But after the election you should go back and do your homework. Find out who is real and who is phony. If you want us to trust you and buy your magazine you MUST be above reproaches and tell the truth. Phony psychics are a threat to our society. I totally disagree with you. I want to see a list of names of false psychics, tarot readers, mediums and everything. Are you going to do it or not? Tom K., Boca Raton, Florida

USM: NO! Let the local authorities and FBI take care of the problem.




Bob Lazar: Bob Lazar is not an ufologist. He is a whistleblower. Why did you elect him? J.H. Nevada

USM: He is both. And we did not elect him. The public did!

Comment of Arnold Musgrove on J.H. comment: Bob Lazar deserves plenty of credits. He is the one who put UFOs on the map. Arnold Musgrove.

Comment of Luis Mondragon on Arnold Musgrove comment: I agree with Arnold Musgrove. Bob Lazar was the first to inform on Area 51 and aliens technology. He is the man. Luis Mondagron. Mexico

Tell that to S. Friedman. John Sands



Listing of Psychics in Psychics Directory. BIG DEAL!!!!!!! Don’t be fooled by psychics who brag about being listed in psychics directories and on psychics PR agencies. Give me 50 bucks sweetheart and I will list you everywhere. Be warned.  Jose Bruant, Maryland

So your madonnas and primadonnas psychics winners have no manners! Do you feel you wasted your time organizing the national election? And why did you do it in the first place. So your madonnas and primadonnas psychics winners have no manners!  I know from my personal experience such event takes lots of time. It took me 5 full days to put up my garage sale. Anyway it was fun and totally unexpected. I wish you a continuous success, your mag is fabulous. Henry D., Washington, DC

No cash prize for the top spot? Almost all major contests and national elections of any sort give a cash prize for the first winner. I am not comparing you to Miss America…I know major corporations, fancy furs stores, jewelers, airplanes companies, car dealerships give money and expensive gifts to Miss America. This is a billion Dollar enterprise. A nice token would do the trick. What do you think? Emilio Z. Miami Florida

USM: Psychics PR companies, agencies and Psychics-Mediums Association don’t give a damn!! Emilio, we are responding soon. We are looking for a document; a letter we sent in which we asked major Psychics Organizations and Agencies to contribute to the cash prize of the 1st National Election of America’s Best Psychics. We did not ask much from them, not at all, but none had the courtesy to respond. In other words they ignored our humble request. In this racket, each one is for himself. I will try to find that damned letter and post it here soon. So stand by.

I found it, here it is ( It was emailed on: 1/5/2012 7:21:37 AM Eastern Standard Time):

Did they respond? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't care!! In other words, they don't give a s..t! Emanuelle, New York, New York. Then, don't hide their names. Let psychics and mediums who paid them membership fees know their true color. L. Herman, New York, NY

Important Follow-up on Item 52-What an event!  But only one winner thanked us!

FOR THE RECORD: We received the following emails from:

Shellee Hale, on /7/2012 9:27:35 PM Eastern Standard Time:  To Everyone at UFO's & Supernatural Magazine, I wanted to thank all of you for the time and effort you have put into writing about me and my work and for including me in your recent poll on American Psychic's.  The honor of just being included among the list but to have a support system that took the time to email and even add a comment was humbling.  I am sure it was a great effort to do this and I appreciate all of your work.  I hope to spread the word about your magazine and build your membership base to return back what you have done for me and my work. Thank you again for this prestigious award.  May blessing come to all of you in 2012 and my wish is that the best of your dreams come true. Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc., Founder - Psychic Crime Fighter, 227 Bellevue Way NE #80, Bellevue, WA 98004, WA PI LIC 1669 and 3018


And this email from Shellee Hale on 1/7/2012 9:54:40 PM Eastern Standard Time: To Everyone at UFO's & Supernatural Magazine, Thank you so much for all you did and including me in your recent edition of UFOs & Supernatural and for the great honor of being awarded a top spot in two of your psychic categories in your recent poll.  This honor starts my 2012 with a bang.  I can't thank you all of you enough for this gift of recognition.  I can only hope that you will feel the energy I send to bless you with great success in 2012 and see the fruit of that positive flow from me to you. Thank you for this wonderful privilege and honor. PS - I hope I didn't miss an email and I want all of the staff to know I include them in this big THANK YOU! Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc.


And the following email from Patti Negri on 1/7/2012 7:49:28 PM Eastern Standard Time:  I just saw your blog about being thanked by the psychics...  I am SO sorry if I neglected to do so.  I thought I did so in that very first email - in fact, in almost every email I have sent you!  I am so honored - and blown away - by what you and your magazine have done here, I am eternally grateful - so truly, deeply, honestly, THANK YOU!  ;o)  xox Patti Negri




And the following email from Sunhee & Chinhee Park on1/7/2012 8:56:51 PM Eastern Standard Time: My sister and I have been fighting the flu, and we found out by Nia Peeples that we ranked #5, we were so excited that we forgot to send in our grattitude for this. It will be very cool for a credential for our sizzle reel. We want to keep in touch with you guys because you are GIVERS! We love having givers in our life, and we would love to promote your magazine on all the radio shows that we will be on, that are syndicated shows. We are also going to mention you in our t.v. show, and any new endeavors that we get. Thanks for having our backs too with the press that was not so positive, we really appreciate it!Allison Hayes and all of the psychics that made top, deserve it to! It is also nice that we just worked for a magazine that did not appreciate us, and you guys found us, YOU HEALED US! All of the people over there are healers and of good energy, thank you a million times and from the bottom of our hearts, you must have worked so hard!!!!!!! big hugs, Sunhee and Chinhee


And the following email from Danielle Egnew on 1/7/2012 11:34:45 PM Eastern Standard Time: Heya Peggy -- I'm just out of the studio, getting caught up on my wall of emails here waiting for me, and I wanted to send along a big congratulations, and a big thanks to you guys, for putting all that work into the nation's first metaphysical poll!! I can't imagine the amount of work that was, and it was really an honor to see that over 22,000 people took the time to email you guys on my behalf. Wow!So *thank you* so much for giving people the opportunity to reach out and pick their favorites -- what a labor of love -- and I was honored to be among them, in the top three, no less :)! And, thanks for reaching out :) -- I appreciate ya'll more than you know!!You guys rock! All the best –Danielle,Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


63-Response/Comments of Shellee Hale to:

Serious concern about psychics training, practices and claims: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Hi there. I have been reading your latest issue and find it quite lovely. Your article on the best psychics is very interesting and I have enjoyed reading about each one you have highlighted. I have taken some time to visit the websites of each psychic and they are all very unique. I do have a question/concern, though. As a practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker for over 20 years, I have extensive training and experience in these types of cases. I noticed on the website of Sunhee and Chinhee Park that they claim to offer "help" for all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. I am wondering exactly what qualifications these "professionals" claim to have to be able to offer advice on these very serious matters. In researching their website further, I could find no professional training and zero credentials to substantiate their abilities as psychics or healers. I am sure these ladies are good at what they do; however, it is extremely irresponsible and downright unethical for them to be offering any type of counseling to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other abuse. Qualified professionals must complete years of training and actually earn degrees in order to "help" with these cases. I find it very concerning that seemingly self-appointed psychics/healers are claiming to assist with matters that are this serious. If nothing else, they are opening the door for substantial law suits against them. So my question to Ms. Sunhee and Ms. Chinhee is - could you please share your professional training and qualifications with your audience? This may be something you should really put on your website. Thank you,
Geraldine Metcalf, Brooklyn, NY geraldinemetcalf@yahoo.com

 USM: Ms. Metcalf; We have sent your email to the Park sisters. Psychics. We could not locate any pertinent information about you as "A practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker." Gladly, we will post your comments, and mention the names of the two psychics you referred to in your email, once you have provided us with an idea about your practice? A website, perhaps? We want to make sure that we have INDEED received an email from Ms. Geraldine Metcalf, an accredited caseworker. We are delighted you have addressed this issue. Thank you.

Comment from Ruth P. "Geraldine Metcalf is right on. Psychics who practice any form of health/mental profession must be licensed. I appreciate what you have done....hiding the names of the two psychics subject of the email of Metcalf. But I insist that those two psychics come clean and show us their credentials."  Ruth P, New York, New York

I personally have received 100's of hours in training including 40 hours  from the National Organization of Victims Assistance and  have just finished all of my requirements and waiting to receive my intermediate credential from NOVA, which is actually the most recognized in victims advocacy work.  You can actually view my licenses with the state on their website or most of them are scanned in on www.shelleehale.com Also, last night in addition to this great recognition from all of you, we lost our family dog Rusty Trigger Hale, 14 1/2.  I am very sorry that I did not send an  email thanking the staff of UFOs & Supernatural (until tonight).    It is my personal belief that the best way to send a thank you note is to hand write it and send it snail mail - email is way too impersonal and unprofessional, this is according to the experts who say it is "almost never acceptable" to email a thank you note. I am a little old fashioned. reference: http://ask.yahoo.com/20030523.html Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc.

Response/Comments of Shellee Hale to Item # 57-Fake Credentials of Psychics: None from the papermill - LOL. Each of my certifications and my education came from very hard work.  If you are wanting official transcripts with grades, I guess I could load those up too for review. http://shelleehale.com/about/certifications/ Shellee Hale, Managing Partner, Camandago, Inc.

USM: Mrs. Hale is the REAL thing. All her credentials and degrees are bona fide. She is one of the very very very few psychics-mediums in America who has earned TRUE degrees from respectable institutions, organizations and colleges. This is a lady we can fully trust!


Question for Shellee Halle: VALIDITY OF PSYCHICS' CREDENTIALS. Good Evening Madame Halle. I am Frenchman from Paris who has studied all sorts of metaphysical schools in France, Madame Blavatski, Alain Cardec, Le Spiritisme. I am intrigued and confused by the way psychics mediums and psychics-healers operate in America. In France, the government issues legal papers for all the people who register themselves as psychics. The most important side of this is the police recognition for some well known psychics in France who have solved crimes mysteries. If a psychic is a true psychic, I think official papers are not needed to make a living. My major question for you is how come you are the only psychic in America who has official documentations and certificates from the government and other serious organizations? Do you respect or trust other psychics who claim to be crime psychics and missing people psychics like you and who don’t have proper certification? I want your FRANK opinion and please don’t try to be diplomate, tell me the honest truth. Jean Louis Carpentier, Paris, France

Answer of Shellee Hale: Jean Louis Carpentier, I don't believe in a certification for being psychic,  we get that acknowledgement with our birth certificate and actually before, read research on in-utero hearing that happens through bones and skin transmittals, this is our first experience with telepathy when as a growing fetus in our Mother's belly we are connecting to the external world. http://valeriedejean.org/tommy7.html  http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=144816 I have credentials because cognitive training helps me with my expressive language skills so I can better share all that comes in through the right brain.  Most importantly many of the jobs that I do require this education and training.  I am a naturalist, born very in tune with the world, I don't live or work only in the right brain and my left brain linear thinking is terrible because I move back and forth constantly.  You don' need a credential to play at Wimbledon or the Masters, to dance on Broadway or to compete in the Olympics but you do need to prove yourself and if people are going to pay to watch you play, you better be good. I am not traditional at all.  I work in the real world where real scholarly requirements exist.  Psychic Information is absolute truth, I am not sure how anyone would credential ones thoughts;  but,  bankers, lawyers, doctors, stock brokers, car salesman, etc.  they all have licenses too and many are not trustworthy.  The licensing is more about revenue and regulation so that the person's in this field of work can provide services to the public appropriate to a definition made by the licensing authority and the licensee can be held accountable for their actions. 

A follow-up by Shellee Hale: I think that the argument here is if you are psychic you can't be anything else.  In the United States asking about our religion, sexual orientation or even our race would be racist and discriminatory practice.  I am not engaged in all these things because I am "just" a psychic, I am qualified in these areas because of my scholarly work.  My psychic brain is a tool in a very big tool box that includes a lot of other things. In regards to psychics working to solve crimes or find missing persons - I only care if they are right on the case they are working, even if it is only one time over all.  Psychic tips should not be treated any differently than any other tip.  But, before deploying resources I believe in the protocol that I have to weigh the credibility of the information with other collected factual information that police may have, some tips will be better than others because of the absolute and probability analysis.

Comment of N. Bernardini: Mrs. Halle...you trapped yourself!!!!!!! Pay attention to what you have just said: "I am "just" a psychic, I am qualified in these areas because of my scholarly work." SCHOLARLY.....SCHOLARLY.....SCHOLARLY..... meaning STUDIES!!!!!!- MEANING EARNING CREDENTIALS.- N. Bernardini, New York, New York

Comment of Scott L on Bernardini comment: Right on Bernardini or Mussolini. Hale shot herself in the foot. Owch...Ouchhhh..it hurts. Scott L. New York, New York

Comment  of Flo Gaspard on Scott L. comment: Wait Zombie...she will put you in the Zoo Scott L.- Flo Gaspard, NY. NY.

Comment of Scott L on Flo Gaspard: Realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly! I am not impressed by her FBI DIPLOMA. It means nothing to me.....Watch out with a diploma like that she will report anyone to the FBI in a heart beat!!!!- Scott L. NY. NY.

Comment of Roberta Anatoli on Scott L. comments: If you are missing yes....so get lost-Roberta.

Comment of Alfred B. on Scott L. comment: Shellee Hale is a descent lady. She is not an informer.-Alfred B. New York, New York.

Comment of Marna Wells on Scott L: You are a real Zombie! A certified one, you don't need a diploma. As....le-Marna Wells.


USM: Dear Mr. Carpentier: Superb questions.  Unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at newyorkgate@aol.com , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

Comment of "ZORRRO" on the question of Mr. Carpentier: Because she takes her profession seriously and she is honest. She does not play games. No gimmicks here Frenchy. "Zorrro", Los Angeles, California


Comment of Roberto R. : Does Miss America-Ms. Best Psychic in America, the Rock Girl [Allison Hayes] have official certificates of medium? She said she is a priestess ...good...ask her  about the seminary or theology school which ordained her. Is she also "REVEREND" or "DOCTOR IN DIVINITY"? I love the ways she looks, she is very attractive. Roberto R., San Francisco, California

USM: Dear Mr. Roberto. R:  Unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at newyorkgate@aol.com , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.




Statement by Shellee Hale received on 1/8/2012 12:50:47 AM Eastern Standard Time: You can also view my name on this link as I am the Victims Advocate for the State of Washington representing NAMUS.GOV - the National Missing and Unidentified Person System. https://academies.orainc.com/academies/show/5 I am also a Lifetime Member at NOVA www.nova.org and OVCTTAC trained (40 hours) http://www.trynova.org/ I was also an advocate trainer at the 2010 CASA State Meeting. (attached recognition) and there are testimonials from participants like: I was impressed by your presentation at the WaCASA conference Saturday, October 9, at the Bellevue Hiatt Hotel.  Thank you again for the information you shared with us yesterday.-Ben--------Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us your wealth of information!   I was really interested in everything you said.   Out of all the speakers, you were the best!-Lori-------I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop at the conference.  Although we as CASA’s may not do very in-depth research, it is fabulous to have the tools for when we do need them!  Thank you so much!-Sally-----Shellee Hale, Managing Partner, Camandago, Inc. Founder - Psychic Crime Fighter shellee@camandago.com

You are the real thing Shellee. I told my mother not to worry if I disappear or something should happen me...Shellee Hale will find me. True. "Zorrro", Los Angeles, California


Aliens Symbols on a retrieved UFO in Roswell: Mr. M delafayette: Is it true the United States Army found extraterrestrial symbols on the UFO they captured in Roswell? In what language the symbols were written? In your book you mentioned Jesse Marcel Jr. symbols his father showed him when he was 5 year old. Soso, Republic of Georgia.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Soso, I have written on this subject at length in my book. Here are some excerpts: Linguists and code decipherers at an intelligence agency, the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), Harvard-Smithsonian Institution, and a government security agency worked on parchments from ancient scriptures and scrolls, believed to be part of Book of Rama, aka the Book of Ramadosh, which was either found in Damascus, and/or sold by an Arab dealer to a spy stationed in Istanbul. Their comparative study and findings summary of the early Phoenicians manuscripts, the Byblos script, and the Babylonian tablets on astronomy, algebra and mathematics ushered in, a new era of philosophical and scientific interpretations of ancient extraterrestrial symbols. Some of these symbols appeared on retrieved aliens’ spacecrafts that crashed in the United States and Mexico. At the time, they were studying those extraordinary documents, civilian linguists were not notified that they were working on retrieved aliens scripts and symbols. But the military linguists and code decipherers who where transferred to the NSA and NRO knew what was going on. It is well-evidenced that many of the Phoenician linguists and early creators of their Alphabet (Byblos Script) borrowed many words and expressions from the higher class of the Anunnaki, who have established their earliest colonies in Tyre (Sour), Sidon (Saida), Byblos (Jbeil), Afka, Turkey, and Mesopotamia. Archaic Phoenician texts and poems from Byblos, Sidon, Tyre and Carthage included reference to symbols and words taken from the written language of Baalshamroot’s upper class of the Anunnaki.  Code decipherers working for intelligence agencies cracked some of the extraterrestrials-Phoenician linguistic and code symbols. Tesla notebook and footnotes on the “Death Ray” and “Cosmic Energy” included a considerable number of aliens’ symbols. The Delta Triangle insignia that appeared on the suits of military scientists and security guards at secret military bases, and labs co-administered by leading universities and the military, is a replica of the Zaviya, which is an extraterrestrial symbol, often illustrated as a triangle. My personal opinion: Accurate. My personal opinion: Dr. Marcel, to the best of his ability, told what he conceived to be the truth. He did not lie. We all understand that in some instances, a good memory fades away. However, important/particular details or characteristics of an exceptional or unusual event leave marks on us, and within us, that time could never erase. My personal opinion: Dr. Marcel gave us an honest statement.

Mu and Atlantis: Why did you call Mu by the name of Zara. Is Mu Atlantis. Mr. Maximillien?- Elaine Boulanger, Paris, France.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: I addressed this issue in my book on Black operations. Allow to repeat what I have explained in my book: “ Zara is an Ana’kh/Ulemite noun. Zara is an Ulemite Sephr, meaning a chapter on vanished civilizations that included Atlantis and Mu “Lumeria”. A large portion of the Sephr gave fascinating details on Mu. Here are some excerpts from Zara, concerning Mu: According to the legend and esoteric myths, Mu was a large continent of an advanced civilization. It sunk in the ocean many thousands of years ago. The story or Myth of Mu appeared for the first time in the 19th century, thanks to the writings of Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1908), who claimed that the survivors of Mu went to the Americas and established the Mayan Empire. Then, in the first half of the 20th century, the prolific writer and visionary extraordinaire James Churchward popularized the story of Mu in a series of books he wrote:The Children of Mu” published in 1931; “The Lost Continent of Mu” published in 1933, and “The Sacred Symbols of Mu”, published in 1935.  And  in the 1930’s, Kamal Atatürk (Baba Kamal) then leader of Turkey, your majestic country, generously funded an academic and scientific research on Mu. The great Turkish leader thought, that maybe, he will be able to establish a direct link or some sort of connection betweek Turkey and the word’s first civilizations that could include the Aztec, and the Maya. Unfortunately, all attempts to prove the existence of MU failed. First of all, you have to remember that the Anunnaki were not first and only in Mesopotamia. The first expedition of the Anunnaki to Earth  occurred some 449,000 B.C. They landed in the Near East (Phoenicia) and explored the territories of Madagascar, Brazil, Central Africa,  Turkey (Anatolia) etc., and finally, they established their kingdom in Mesopotamia. The continent of MU was already in existence, long, long before the Mesopotamian civilization.  And Atlantis was the bridge between the remnants of Mu, the pre-historic civilization of Crete, Phoenicia (Modern day Lebanon), Ugarit, Arwad, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the lands of the Hittites in Anatolia, and Cyprus. Mu was established some 14,000 to 20,000 years ago, and its civilization was destoyed some 9,500 to 10,000 years ago, but MU itself did not "sink" under the ocean, as many have claimed, simply because scientifically speaking, continents do not sink; they might shift, drift, and break into two, three or several parts, but this is a very very long  geolocial process that takes hundreds of millions of years. Except for Pangaea, history, archeology, anthropology, and oceanography tell us that continents have maintained their original position. Thus, for the continent of MU to change its original position as a continent, or to sink to the bottom of the ocean, these events and changes should have occurred at the time Pangaea shifted some 250 millions years ago, or even during the shift of Pannotia, that was formed on Earth some 600 million years ago, or Rodinia (formed some 1.2 billion years ago) which has totally shifted some 750 million years ago. Yet, and once again, geography, natural history, oceanography, anthropology, the study of fossils, and the history of comparative civilizations have not provided any proof that a new shift has ever occurred after those dates. Thus, the idea that an early advanced civilization has existed hundreds of millions of years ago on a vanished continent is a pure fantasy, ridiculed by science. In conclusion, the civilization of MU must have existed around 14,000 to 20,000 years ago, and during that period, no continent has ever shifted. Therefore, the sinking of MU to the bottom of the ocean is an impossibility. The Anunnaki-Ulema views: Ulema have suggested that MU and Atlantis were one and the same; a community, instead of a continent. This makes it more logical to assume that a migration of a community to another part of the world, including Baalbeck, Tyre, Sidon, Turkey, Anatolia, the Near East/the Middle East could have occurred. In addition, this migration could also explain the sudden emergence of an advanced civilization, we know little about. The early community of Mu or Atlantis or both, since they were considered epistemologically and anthropologically the same, had a highly advanced civilization and well-structured societies, “implanted” by an extraterrestrial race. And the only extraterrestrial race that has left some historical and mythological documents and records on Earth was the Anunnaki. This is the only and most logical link we can attach to the people of MU/Atlantis. Anunnaki-Ulema Sadek ben Alia Al Bakri stated verbatim: “The Anunnaki had a direct contact with those people, and taught them science, technology, language, and the use of advanced  learning techniques and tools. They went to the Near/Middle East and established their new colonies, always under the supervision of the Anunnaki.”Ulema Sharif Al Takki Al Zubyani (1797-1877) stated that Mu did exist some 50,000 years ago-Ulemite calendar (14,000-20,000 years in our calendar). He added that the original name of Mu was Mari, and it was inhabited by people who were very advanced in  “Ilm Al Falak”, meaning space science. An enormous explosion happened on the continent, caused by the reflections of lights and rays emitted by gigantic “Miraya”, which means mirrors, triggered by a huge volcano eruption. Coincidentally or strangely enough, the Anunnaki and Ulemite literature referred to Miraya as a galactic tool used to receive and emit cosmic messages, a sort of beam (Possibly atomic or laser), as well as to record and decode events from the past, the present and the future. Al Zubyani added: “Those mirrors were also used as weapons, and if they are not handled properly, they could destroy a whole country.” Those who know Arabic, including the archaic dialect of the Arab Peninsula, and Ana’kh will find out that there is a very close relation (Perhaps linguistically only) between the Name Mari and the Arabic, pre-Islamic word Mir’aat (Mir’-aat and Miraya) which means in both languages (Ana’kh and Arabic) mirror. Strangely enough, the French word “Miroir” and the English word mirror derive directly from the Ana’kh (Anunnaki language) Miraya. So here we have a million year old Anunnaki word “Miraya”, a 50,000 year old name “Mari”, a 7,000 year old Ulemite word “Mirra-ya”, and a 5,000 year old Arabic word Miraya! Any connection? So, what did we learn from all this? We have learned the following:

1-The continent of MU did not sink to the bottom of the ocean, because scientifically, continents do not sink.

68-From Psychic Rev. Claire Braddock:  Dear Peggy. This week has been quite an overwhelming week with unexpected honored acknowledgements from various organizations. I wish to take this opportunity and thank you for the work you and the entire magazine, put in to organizing the 1st Annual Public Poll.  It came with great shock to find my name listed at number 16 for the top 25 Best Psychics in America.  I am so truly honored to see that others thought of me to acknowledge the authenticity of my psychic work.  I never once asked for a single vote.  Instead, I took the opportunity to spread the word of the event by forwarding the below advertisement I had received in this email.  If you would be so kind as to help me find a way to thank those who voted for me, I would appreciate it.  My sincere thanks and gratitude is deserving to those who voted me into the top 25.  TRUST, Claire Rev Claire Braddock, HPS C.Ht. (760) 569 – 6465 www.trustclaire.com

Claire Braddock

USM: Claire, you are a lovely person and gifted. We received so many emails praising your talent and good character. We were pleased and even amused  (In a good way) by a "recommendation" from one lady from Iowa who called you "The Mother Theresa of Psychics." We like people like you!

Can the Triangle of Life Technique bring good luck? Dear Mr. Max De Lafayette. Can Gudabari Esoteric Technique of the Anunnaki Ulema bring me good life and enhance my living conditions? I tried so many magical techniques from Shams Al Maaref Al Kubra but nothing seems to work as explained in the book. Thank you thank you. Hamid Zahra, Baghdad, Iraq

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The lovely people who have read my books on the Anunnaki and Anunnaki Ulema are familiar with Gubada-Ari. I will explain it briefly in this forum. How this technique will enhance your life: With the help of the triangle, you will be able to find the perfect areas on earth where your health, success, and peace of mind will be at their optimum.  You can work it on a large scale and find out the best countries to live in, or on a small scale, which would give you the best neighbourhoods in your own city or county.

I. Synopsis of the Theory:

II. Materials:

III. The Technique:

 The Anunnaki-Ulema Triangle is a complex concept.  Perhaps, to better understand its essence, revisiting Ulema Mordechai, and listening to him explaining to his student Germain Lumiere is a must. Excerpt from his dialogue with Lumiere. Ulema Mordechai and Germain Lumiere Dialogue:  “We are going to apply the value of the triangle shape to real life and to the organization we call the Pères du Triangle. I am not sure if you are aware of it, but there are six Triangles on earth. Actually, they rule the earth.” Lumiere: “Are they political? Secret? Are they part of existing governments?” I asked. “They are more important, far more so, than mere governments. Can you define for me what are the most important things in life?” “Life itself?” I said. “Yes, this is right within itself, but it does not answer the question.” I was annoyed. Here we go again, I said to myself. I am arguing with an old Jewish Rabbi. They always go round and round, using semantics that get you nowhere. “How can I be right and wrong at the same time?” I asked. “Well, we will go about it in a different way,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “What is the meaning of life on earth?” “Family? Friends?” I said, knowing full well that he will argue again, and I was right.“Family and friends make our life meaningful, of course,” said Rabbi Mordechai, but they are not the meaning of life. The meaning of life is based on the fact that life is, in itself, a triangle. One corner of the triangle represents health. The second represents success. The third represents peace of mind. Visualize it like that.” And he demonstrated by joining his two thumbs and his two forefingers, creating a triangle.  “You find meaning by placing this triangle on the world.” He leaned his hands on the large globe. “But the all important thing is to find the right spot to put the triangle on.” “I am not sure I follow,” I said, dubiously. “So let’s demonstrate it with some props,” said Rabbi Mordechai. He gave me paper, pencil, a ruler, and a pair of scissors. “Now,” he said, “draw and cut a more or less equilateral triangle from this peace of paper.” I did, trying my best to make an exact drawing, and cut it carefully. “Now,” he said, “put it anywhere on the globe.” I took the paper, and feeling like a fool tried to place the paper on the globe, knowing that it will fall off since I used no glue. Of course it fell, several times, until Rabbi Mordechai smiled rather cynically, an expression I have never seen on his face before. “Put it on again,” he said, giving the globe a piercing look. I did, and the paper stuck to the globe. Another trick, I thought. I was tired of tricks. “Spin the globe,” he said. The triangle stuck and the globe was spinning. “As this is happening,” said Rabbi Mordechai, “realize that if the lines of the triangle were somehow continued, they would represent lines of energy around the world. Let’s concentrate on the lines that occur when you extend the Health corner at the top of the triangle. This energy flows in currents, both negative and positive, mostly underground, traversing the globe.” This was beginning to make sense to me. I span the globe again, the paper stuck, and I tried to imagine the continued lines that would follow the entire world. I was beginning to see the pattern. “Those who live above the positive lines, will have good health. Those who live above the negative lines, will have bad health. But let’s elaborate a little. Look at the drawing I am about to make.” He drew a triangle, wrote Health on the top of it, and said, “This is Triangle A.”  Then, he extended the lines. “Close these lines and thus create a second triangle of the same size exactly, which we call Triangle B. Everything inside Triangle B will have good health. Now, make a copy, of an exact size, of Triangle A. Move it up and center it exactly on Triangle B. By doing this, you have created a six pointed Star of David.” By now I realized we were not doing any tricks, but studying a most fascinating and helpful technique. “How do we proceed?” I asked, poring over the drawing. “We will number the four small triangles created on the sides of the Star of David 1, 2, 3, and 4. All countries located inside these four small triangles are good for health. Should you have a health issue, or a desire to live in the more healthy places, these are your choices.” “So I imagine that you can do the same for Success and Peace of Mind, to find the best of each quality?” “Correct,” said Rabbi Mordechai.  “Ah, but there still one problem here. Where do I put the triangle? How do I choose the original location? “I asked. Rabbi Mordechai laughed. “For once, son, I encourage you to consider yourself the center of the world. You put the triangle wherever you are.” “However, Rabbi Mordechai, another question remains. At this moment I am in Budapest. I put the triangle on the map of Hungary and learn of my best locations. But next week, or next month, I am going back to France. Then, should I put it on the map of France?” “Yes, of course,” said Rabbi Mordechai.  “This technique is working within the dictates of the moment. Wherever you are, the triangle follows. And it always works.” “I am a little surprised to see the Star of David involved in Ulema teachings,” I said.  “Not at all,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “You must realize that the Kabalists share many of the Ulema techniques. There is much more to it, as this is only one of the seven great secrets of the Star of David,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “The Kabalists have been using it to great advantage for centuries.” “But the Triangle is used by the Pères du Triangle, so it is a universal symbol,” I said. “Good point. As you can imagine, the presence of the Star of David caused the usual Anti Semitic comments that the Jews are ruling the financial world. But this is sheer nonsense. The Pères du Triangle includes people from all religions and nations, and they have very little affiliation to either.  The Star of David, even though it signifies in Judaism and is placed on the flag of the state of Israel, is entirely universal and many scholars claim its origin is Anunnaki.” Indeed, so much of the Ulema knowledge comes from the Anunnaki, that it did not surprise me.” Part of this art appeared in a book I co-authored with Dr. Arbel

Response of Shellee Hale (Recently, Nationally Elected “Most Famous/Most Popular Psychic in America 2012):The triangle is universal in its representation of balance, many different definitions of each side exist (Mind, Body, Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; Past, Present, Future) but all come to one conclusion if all three are in balance you are "centered" in the now and existence becomes a blended fluid moment (Then comes the argument about time and space).  Healing is often one place where the triangle is significant in approach.  When there is a large group of people that have been traumatized not all will find that center balance easy; experience has taught us that returning their external objects to pre-tragic existence is the most helpful but those that can't move on tend to be stuck in the past (the event) and too worried about the future (the what-if's) to experience the "now" moment of balanced peace in the mind.  Marketing geniuses play on the out of balanced living, social engineers find the weakness and capitalize on ones vulnerabilities, i.e.  they make you think things are rare, special, absolutely needed and that you better buy as much as you can now before it is gone, or they change the price on the two most likely items you buy moving one up and the other down so your happy about the deal and don't realize the loss.  In fact, the casinos, grocery stores, banks, stock managers all make money off of the imbalance and are often angry when someone exposes their scheme and puts the balance back.  Futurist (scientific and psychic) have always been key in our life development but now futurist ideas and theories are being put to the test i.e. The Forecasting World Events Project to see if a machine can replace man in predicting. I've read some judgment and skepticism here and I am one to accept and respond to that as best I can.  One thing I know for sure, some people have a caveman mentality and could never have imagined the evolution of life and where we are today.  The caveman or lower evolved persons living hundreds of years ago (and today) would not accepted the truth because it wasn't proven yet and often would put to death those that could think or see into the future because it contradicted their personal beliefs. (Thousands of years of religious wars) Those type of persons still exist and pursue the dichotomy of argument through logical fallacies or false dilemmas (purposefully redundant) based only on their capacity of current knowledge.  For there to be good and evil, don't you think that good and evil must co-exist?  Some believe NO, that evil must be destroyed completely (Islam vs. Christianity) and history has taught us that this division of people constant in argument about everything have a very difficult time co-existing in peace.  I choose to embrace all sides of life's triangle mine and yours so we can coexist and all those triangles together can make some really beautiful objects.  Shellee

 Comment from Emanuelle: Impressive! - Emanuelle, New York, New York

Comment of Scott L. on Emanuelle's comment: I knew you were going to say that. -Scott L. New York, New York.

Information about Psychics and Healers: I'd like to know what information you are seeking for you book? Information you'd like for psychics and healers? Conscious Publicity, Rita White President

USM: We need all sorts of information, data and stories (Good and bad) about all kinds of psychics and healers in the United States. Recommendations and complaints, successes and failures, clients-psychics-healers stories, testimonies, biographies and accomplishments of psychics and healers; the whole nine yards. We will keep the identity of any person who submits vital and verifiable INFO about psychics and healers, CONFIDENTIAL. Click on the link Book: America’s Best & Worst Psychics & Healers in Nat’l Rank Order

74-Psychic scam a $40 million Fort Lauderdale-family affair, feds allege. By MICHAEL VASQUEZ . Miami Herald. A Fort Lauderdale family spent the last 20 years raking in The Marks family claimed to be psychics as they amassed a $40 million fortune ripping off trusting clients, prosecutors say. Sometimes the clan even boasted of having a direct line to Michael the Archangel. But to contact anyone else, the Marks family may soon need to call collect -- from a prison cell. Federal prosecutors on Tuesday unsealed a whopper of an indictment against Rose Marks, her sister Victoria, sons Ricky and Michael, daughter Rosie, daughters-in-law Nancy and Cynthia, son-in-law Donnie, and granddaughter Vivian. Federal investigators dubbed the case “Operation Crystal Ball.” Six of the 10 defendants were arrested Tuesday in South Florida, and made their initial court appearances in West Palm Beach. Two other defendants were arrested in New York, another is scheduled to appear in court in West Palm Beach next week, and Rose Marks’ sister Victoria is still at large. The indictment, while not identifying victims by name, alleges that numerous people fell prey to the Marks’ psychic ruse due to the family’s use of “various magicians’ tricks” to create the impression of real psychic ability.  Once the client was convinced of the Marks’ other-worldly powers, the scam would kick into high gear, the indictment states. The methods allegedly used to empty clients’ pockets included: Rose Marks assuring a client she had a “gift from God,” and would provide him divinely-inspired direction in his life. The catch: The male client would have to provide sums of money as a “sacrifice.” Rose Marks pledged to pray over the money and later return it. According to the indictment, the money was not returned. Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/16/2362318/psychic-scam-a-40-million-fort.html#storylink=cpy

Photo: Psychic Patti Negri

76-I'd like to vote for Patti Negri, she is ethical, compassionate and is willing to go the extra mile with a person (both in the physical and psychic realm). She is supportive of others and their development of talents and gifts. Patti, supports others through her knowledge and ethical psychic talents! The community is blessed to have her as not just a psych, but as a Sista and friend!!! Peace, Maria Sanchez

77-I am not voting for Danielle Egnew. To the Editorial Staff and National Register Author and Publishers. Did you read what Danielle Egnew wrote on her Facebook? She called your poll and national vote, and this new effort of yours the NATIONAL REGISTER a COMPETITION. This is absurd. The votes and the public did not see it that way. It was never a contest or a competition. No psychic was invited to compete. As a matter of fact half of the winners were not aware of the national vote. No sir, it was not a COMPETITION. It was the PEOPLE CHOICE. Egnew is out of line and she is self-serving.  It is HYPOCRISY, this is what I call it. I was going to vote for her based upon your interview with this woman and the fact that you have considered her as the best psychic for the past year. But after reading what she posted on facebook I changed my mind.-Abaza, Egypt. Note: Please do not forward my email to Danielle Egnew, I do not need to read more of her garbage. This woman has problems. I know you are on her side because she writes for your magazine. Too bad!


Photo: Psychic Danielle Egnew

USM: Ms. Danielle Egnew was nominated Psychic Of Year by our magazine long before she began to write for UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. So your allegation is not correct Mr. Abaza. But with complete fairness we do agree with you: The National Election was not a COMPETITION as she claimed; in this context, Ms. Egnew is wrong. And frankly speaking we don't care!! It is her personal opinion. America is a Free Country, Mr. Abaza.

Comment of Scott L.: It was not a competition. Although the honorees might have competed against each other outside the ring of your magazine to get more votes and beat the competition. Your national election was an honest opportunity given to all of us to chose our favorite psychics. You have done a miracle and rendered important service to American psychics. Egnew or Agnew is hallucinating. Keep the good work and congrats on this new brilliant idea. I do strongly believe that the results of the national vote should be preserved in your book, for history and posterity. Good luck.- Scott., New York, New York

Danielle Egnew OPEN LETTER on Facebok. Here is an excerpt from what she wrote: I posted the invitation on my facebook pages for people to vote in the magazine's "favorites" poll in the spirit of FUN, and to support the magazine's genuine effort to listen to the public, as this was the first official moderated paranormal poll of its kind. My posting was in no way a personal endorsement for the process of ranking my peers….I had to work past my own feelings of being uncomfortable about posting a "ranking poll" in the first place, but in an attempt to support the magazine’s effort to listen to the public, I balanced these feeling by realizing that to many in the entertainment industry, "lists" matter, and I channeled my uncomfortable feelings into how, if I came out on "the list", I could turn the experience into a positive…” And read this: “"Dividing and conquering" has nothing to do with my work in this field…”She is calling you all sorts of things, Mr. M. Delafayette. Her arrogance is childish and visibly expressed in her double-standard wordings My posting was in no way a personal endorsement for the process of ranking my peers….And the coup de grace (Fatal blow) summarized all “Dividing and conquering"/ Too much!! ..a friendly reminder for your team: KEEP A RECORD OF THOSE WHO APPLAUDED HER...and especially Mullins. Ernesto.

Why is she doing this? You pictured her twice on the covers your magazine. Are we talking here about the same psychic or somebody else? -Rafik Hijazy, Michigan

Response of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Please publish the following response, of which I give you permission – Best -- Danielle: To all those who seem to be alarmed over my OPEN LETTER on facebook: Hey all -- I have been made aware of this discussion here on the board by a litany of emails storming my inbox from both magazine readers and fellow Psychics alike, who have all read the letter I posted to Facebook, and are all concerned that this discussion on this forum has taken my open letter dramatically out of context. I now see their concerns are founded, so let me bring some clarity to this discussion before this misinformation becomes “tabloid truth”.  I’m dumbfounded by all this talk of “polls” and “competition”, especially by Mr. Abaza, as I’m not sure where he got any of that, as it is simply untrue (nowhere in my letter did I ever equivocate this magazine’s poll with a “competition” – in fact, I never even mentioned the magazine by name). I’m equally confused as to the magazine’s comment back to Mr. Abaza. I can only assume UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine, a magazine I hold in great esteem, did not have time to fact-check their sources prior to responding here, as not once did I ever refer to the magazine’s “Top 25 People’s Choice” poll as a “competition” in my letter. LOL -- Why would I? It’s a poll. Again – I’m a bit lost by all of this here, here, folks, so bear with me. The inference that I would in any way bring a negative light on this magazine is simply put: Absurd. All of this reaction is based on wrong information, authored by Mr. Abaza. I’m not sure where all this vitriol regarding my supposed opinion of the magazine’s poll is coming from – or why it’s even here, considering I never even mentioned UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine by name in my open letter, and made only a passing reference to a “recent national top Psychics poll” trying to address other much more pressing concerns the people writing me had expressed. That’s how unimportant the issue of “the national poll” was to the overall letter’s message and content. It appears through the magic of cut-and-paste internet authorship, and dramatic misquotes, that my letter, has indeed, been made into something that it simply -- is not. And it also appears I'm being held accountable by some for opinions that I do not have. I'm afraid that some of you are up in arms over misinformation, and that puzzles me, considering the letter is a matter of public record. It can be read here: http://www.facebook.com/danielleegnew.psychicmedium I welcome anyone to disagree with me on the contents of the letter, which is about unity in the metaphysical community, something this very magazine stresses – yet please disagree with me on the full contents of the actual letter. Whoever chose to “cut and paste” snippets of my open letter here, out of context I may add, to create the message you think I was sending – you’re quite creative, and you put some effort into that! And to many who have subsequently commented, all have neglected to mention who the open letter was to – it’s intended audience -- as quoted from the first sentence of the letter: To the overwhelming numbers of you who have written in, and continue writing in, asking me my opinion on "Psychic Ranking", who *I* think should be first, second, third, etc., in the recent national "Top Psychics" poll … To clarify, this is an open letter to people who had first sent me letters. There were way too many to emails individually answer back, obviously, which was the point of the open letter. As stated, the letter addresses those who wrote the large number of emails that I received after the UFOs & Supernatural "Top 25" poll closed,  from people all over the world, asking me, personally, to weigh in on who I thought was the best Psychic or Medium. Many of these emails came full of very negative commentaries about my peers, and I did not appreciate that. I respect my peers very much. I found these emails I was receiving to be offensive. I do not condone "bashing" of any kind, of any of my peers, at any time, from anyone, email or otherwise. Nor do I appreciate that people would ever see me as someone who would. It was important to me to take a stand and clarify not only my personal stance on me personally “ranking” my peers (which is obviously different than folks participating in a national people’s choice poll), as that’s what these letters were asking me to do in a very competitive way, but to point out that these requests were not appreciated, and that the public clearly spoke in this poll.  And that those who were chosen by the public were very grateful we had been. I stated that over and over again. And, by the very nature of a tallied poll – a poll ranks people. That’s what polls do. That’s different than me personally running about, ranking my peers. My demographic tends to be more “X Factor” than “Hay House”, and they ask tough questions. People writing the letters to me were confused as to why I would promote a poll, but wouldn’t join in on the negativity they were sending me, and wouldn’t weigh in with my personal opinions about this person, that person, where I thought they should be, etc. I needed to clarify the difference between me supporting the magazine’s first people’s choice poll, and me not wishing to rank and file my peers. A national poll is obviously a different story, and is designed to obtain statistics, and if someone doesn’t understand the difference in what I’m talking about there – I’m unable to help you. I was very clear in my open letter that the PUBLIC had spoken, honoring us all who made the top 25, and that my personal path is not to address “who is better than” in this field, on a personal level, no matter how many times I’m asked – and I’m asked regularly, by magazines, TV, and even radio. I actually cited an issue I had with TV casting, in this area – not with this magazine.  I cited being cast in “America’s Psychic Challenge” and turning down the show because I found out the show’s title, and found out it was a competition, after I was cast. I don’t believe in competing against my peers. Perhaps that is what Mr. Abaza was referring to in his initial comment?  I created the open letter to dissuade the type of negativity from hitting my inbox that was coming in, as I was sick of it, I did it to explain that the competitive nature of the emails I was receiving was not welcome --  and why. I explained my stance on not welcoming "competition" within the spiritual field", never once referring to the national poll as a "competition". In fact, all throughout my letter, I applauded the fact, again and again, that so many wonderful people participated in this poll and honored all of us on the Top 25 by casting their votes, and how wonderful it feels to receive acknowledgement for our work. I also noted UFO's & Supernatural Magazine for launching the first public paranormal poll of this kind. My opinion on that matter of “no competition on the spiritual work” has been unanimously supported by my peers in this field, and continues to be. Again – that has nothing to do with a national public opinion poll. The cut-and-pasted context manipulations here in the forum and the continued inference to my letter supposedly “attacking” the poll is plain and simple – ridiculous. I never indicated any of that. There seems to be a few opinions here, and NONE of them belong to me, but there seem to be a few who are desperate to make it seems as though these opinions came from my mouth. Again -- I welcome anyone to disagree with me, on any level, but Please – disagree with me over what I actually said, not cut-and-pasted context manipulations.  Once again, I never said the poll was a competition. I said I would not compete against my peers. They are separate issues detailed in six paragraphs of this open letter, very clearly. I am, frankly, a little surprised that someone would take the time to "cut and paste" only a few phrases from my open letter, as clearly this individual read the entire thing, as those comments they chose to cut and paste are all tiny stabs from throughout the length of the six paragraph letter. I do thank that individual for reading the entire letter! I am not so thankful for the creative re-assembling of my words, in an attempt to re-framing the intention of what I actually said, creating an opinion that I do not, and never have held, regarding the poll and UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine --  which again, was never named in the open letter. I also find it fascinating that whoever chose to “copy and paste” these snippets from my original open letter, here in the forum, chose to stop their “quotes” literally right before, or right after, I paid the magazine a great compliment, on more than once occasion. That’s a touch suspect. So I would question the perspective of the individual who “copy and pasted”, if they truly are a “fan” of the magazine. I’m also curious as to why they chose to leave the rest of my letter out, especially considering the rest of the letter was about how we, as a spiritual community, are all valid, and those of us who have been named in the “top 25” poll sponsored by UFO's & Supernatural Magazine have all been honored greatly? Once more, I’m very sorry that there has been so much twisting of information over a letter whose subject is not even this magazine. It’s a touch ludicrous. My open letter was to the many, many who wrote to me, to send an unequivocal message that I will not stand behind, participate with, or condone the hazing, degrading, or disrespecting of any one of our peers, via email or otherwise. Period. I will not rank and file them personally. Period. If somehow, someone wants to make that about “secretly disrespecting this magazine”, then I encourage you to take up screenwriting, with such a vivid imagination. You are all welcome to read my letter and disagree with what I’ve said. Yet please be clear in what you’re disagreeing with. I thank you all, and UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine, for giving me the opportunity to address such a gross misconstruing of content, and let me copy and paste, in context, the end of my letter for those who do not choose to take the time to read it --  “We are all the best. we are all the winners. we are all special, in our individual way, which is necessary. we are all competent. We are all one body of light, with many hands, for many regions and many tasks. So I respectfully ask that all correspondence regarding "Psychic ranking", "allegiances with this organization or the other", “who predicted what first”, or anything further to do with the "competitive spirit", as applied to this field, remain out of my inbox. "dividing and conquering" has nothing to do with my work in this field. everyone who works in this field pulls information from the same waterfall of information, in different ways. that is the design. if you're looking for someone to support a "paranormal heirarchy" -- I'm not your girl. if you're looking for someone to support your spirit, and your genuine work in this field -- now we're talking. A gracious thank you to those who have utilized their valuable time in writing to me in reference to this matter, and my intention with this letter is to clarify my stance on the issue. All the best to each of you, and may each of you fulfill your purpose here on this planet, no matter how big, small, paranormal, or not, to the very best of your ability. all we can do is our best. In this, we all win. Danielle”


Photo: Rev. Michael Carbone

78-Press Release: New Metaphysical Church Opening in New Port Richey, FL and Globally! Be The Light Metaphysical Center 5919 Trouble Creek Road #1 New Port Richey, FL 813- 420-7958. A chapel unlike any other where everyone is welcome regardless of   their gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, financial status or political beliefs! Do you believe in psychics?  Mediums? Spirits? Angels? Reiki? A higher power that loves you for who you are? Then Join Rev Michael Carbone. Be The Light Metaphysical center has multiple services throughout the week, messages from spirit nights where you could receive a message from a loved one who has passed even healing nights! Classes forming to open your abilities, alternative healing modalities, how to read tarot and more. Be The Light Metaphysical Center is unlike any other in many ways. One of which you can attend from anywhere in the world.  Be The Light is an international Chapel. Listen to their online radio show 5 nights a week and video services coming soon. Welcome Home! http://bethelightmetaphysicalcenter.com  Rev Michael Carbone Pastor, Be The Light Metaphysical Center



Who Created Man? God or the Extraterrestrials? Dear Mr. De Lafayette. I hope you will honor me with your answer sir. In the Koran, it was written that Adam was created from Germs, other interpret it as dirt. I am searching for the earlier explanation of man on earth. Was he created by extraterrestrials. Thank you very much. Hamid Zaatar, Syria.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The Sumerian texts tell us that the Anunnaki tried hard to create a perfect “working human”. The very first 7 prototypes of man the Anunnaki created were not perfect. Humans lacked intelligence. They were unable to understand the instructions of the Anunnaki. The original intention of the Anunnaki was to create specie of humans capable of carrying physical tasks without questioning their origin, the nature of their creators, and the reason for being created. The Anunnaki wanted to produce specie that can follow orders during the early phases of their enterprise on earth. The Anunnaki never intended to create a very “smart” human. They just needed “primitive workers” who could understand one thing: Do the job and follow the orders as the Anunnaki ask! The Anunnaki combined their genes with the DNA of an existing human race, and vice-versa. However, several passages from the Sumerian texts tell a different story; early humans were created from the DNA of an Anunnaki who had the rank of a king, a ruler or a “god”, that was blended with clay found in abundance in Sumer (Modern day, Iraq). Later on in history, “clay” became” Tourab”, dirt in Arabic, and “clay” also became “germ”. The Quran referred to it.  Here is an excerpt from the Quran: “Is man not aware that We created him from a little germ?” It is obvious that the Islamic text was written in accordance with the Sumerian-Anunnaki scriptures containing the following: “We first created man from an essence of clay; then placed him a living germ in a secure enclosure. The germ we made a clot of blood, and the clot a lump of flesh. This we fashioned into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh…”

80-I am writing to vote for Sunhee and Chinhee as top psychics in America. They have made a profound impact on my life. I am so confident in their abilities and I have honestly consulted over 100+ psychics. They are so accurate, compassionate, easy-going and nothing short of miraculously gifted! I hope this email finds you well and if you need further details re: these two lovely psychic women, please feel free to contact me at 305......or my email: jessy0379@... Sincerely, Jessica B. Alonso Sent from my iPhone

Zecharia Sitchin said the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine gold? Many historians and teachers of ancient religions disagree. What is your opinion Mr. De Lafayette? I am a vivid reader of the Anunnaki book. Antonio P. Albanese, Rome, Italy

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: No, they did not! The Anunnaki are not cowboys in the West! The Anunnaki are a very advanced race. They can transmute metals into gold anytime they want. To their scientists, it is a piece of cake. Besides, Ne.Be.ru, the real name of their planet is abundant with gold. The correct name of Ne.Be.Ru is Ashtari. A race that overcame the laws of physics of so many galaxies, conquered space-time travel, participated in the creation of the cosmos, and created the brain and body of so many races and humans should be considered advanced enough to conclude a very simple scientific transaction such as changing iron or copper into gold. Also, it is very important to remember that gold, even in a huge quantity cannot save a planet from deterioration and adjusting its weather and climate. They came to Earth for other reasons. The Anunnaki did more than just come to earth. They have created it, million of years ago. At that time, a group of Anunnaki scientists on Ashtari and Aldebaran including Inanna, Sinhar Anki (EN.KI), Anu, Enlil (Ilil) etc. decided to extend their experiments in creating biological, living forms. To do that, they needed a good plan and permission from the Council, so they worked it out and requested a meeting. The Council considered their suggestions, and agreed that such work would greatly increase Anunnaki knowledge and therefore would be an excellent idea to pursue. However, they had one condition. The scientists were welcome to start working – but their laboratory would have to be off-planet. The Council suspected that the introduction of new life forms, even in the isolated conditions of a laboratory, might be a threat to everyone already on Ashtari. Large and small animals, and particularly people that were to be created in the image of the Anunnaki, could not be tolerated to wander freely on Ashtari. The scientists devoted more thought to their project, and agreed that what they really needed was a planet-sized laboratory, where the creations could interact in a controlled environment without the interference of previously existing life forms. The solution, to which the Council readily agreed, was to create a planet specifically for the purpose. The Council added that they understood that it would be convenient to create the planet within the Milky Way, for easy traveling, but it had to be at some distance from Ashtari ( Nibiru to others), just in case.

And so the scientists went to the edge of the galaxy, and caused a star to explode and create a solar system. The sun, which they named Shemesh (Sol) was surrounded by a few planets, and after a suitable amount of time (eons to us, but nothing to the Anunnaki who can play with time as they wish) went there to decide which planet would be the most appropriate. For a short time they considered the planet we call Mars, which at the time had plenty of water (the most important ingredient necessary for the laboratory, after oxygen) but finally settled on choosing earth. They went to earth, started creating the life forms, fostered the evolutionary process, and managed to accumulate an enormous amount of useful knowledge, all of which they telepathically transferred to Nibiru, where it was much appreciated. Unfortunately, the knowledge leaked to the Grays at Zeta Reticuli, and they decided to use the humans, and sometimes the cattle, in their doomed experiments that were geared to save their own miserable race. While doing this, they sadly contaminated the pure genetic material the Anunnaki so painstakingly created, and the humans that resulted were no longer suitable for the study. That was the reason why the Anunnaki deserted their research on earth. However, it is well known that the Anunnaki, which are a most responsible and compassionate race, did not lose interest in their creations, and have never quite deserted us to the Grays. Most important, as a result of some additional knowledge revealed to them over the last forty years, they are planning a comeback to earth. It is not clear if they are intending to continue their research, or if their coming is merely a benevolent attempt to clean the earth from all Grays’ genetic material and reclaim us as better human beings, but either way, we will be made much happier, kinder, and more comfortable by the Anunnaki return. The expectation is that they would formally announce it around 2022.

Photo: Distinguished Psychic Shannon Leischner

Hello,This is Shannon Leischner and I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did in the Vote for the Best Psychics in America. I was surprised and extremely honored by my nomination and ranking. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in your contest. I have taken the time to thank people on my facebook and email. I am sorry for the delay in my thanks to you and your staff. As I am new to this process, I was not sure if it was appropriate. Although I do recognize that putting on a contest like this is an extreme amount of work, I did not want to overstep any protocol for this type of voting process. I thank you so very much for everything and send you and your staff love, light and blessings. Happy New Year! Namaste. Shannon Leischner www.shannonleischner.com





Photo: Dr. Suzanne Shumsky

Recommending Dr. Suzanne Shumsky. It is an honor and a pleasure to recommend Dr. Suzanne Shumsky for inclusion in your National Register. She authored 7 books and lectured around the world. In my opinion she should be at the very top of your list. Her book Divine Revelation changed my life. Please pay visit to her website http://www.divinerevelation.org/ . Dr Shumsky is available for interviews and public speaking.  Leon Mursky, Bethesda, Maryland







A question to Mr. de Lafayette. Was Angel Gabriel a real angel as described in the Bible or an extraterrestrial god?- Nathan Belmont, St. Cloud, France

Photo: Wrong perception of Angel Gabriel by organized religions.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Gabriel as a word derived from the Ana’kh word Gb’r. Its numerical value: Delta 1000. And the primordial meaning is: An Anunnaki personage with mighty powers and major influence on the creation of the human race. Angel Gabriel is not totally and exactly what the Judeo-Christian tradition portrays. The original name is “Gib-ra-il”; the guardian of Janat Adan or Edin (Garden of Eden), in Sumerian and in Anakh is Nin-il, or Nin-Lil. Gabriel is also called “Gab” and “Gab-r-il”. Gab means a female guardian, a governor or a protector. This explains why Angel Gabriel was represented to us as the guardian of the Garden of Eden. In the ancient texts of the Sumerians, Acadians and civilizations of the neighboring regions, “Gab-r” was the governor of “Janat Adan.” In various Semitic languages, “Janat” means paradise, and Eden is Idin or Adan. This is how we got Garden of Eden. Angel Gabriel, the Sumerian is more than a guardian, because he was called Nin-Ti which means verbatim: Life-Woman. In other words, Angel Gabriel was three things: 1-Governor of the Garden of Eden; 2-A woman, NOT a man, because she was described as “the female who created life”; 3-A geneticist who worked on the human DNA/creation of the human race. The word “Gab-r” was phonetically pronounced as: Gab’er. The early Arabs adopted it as “Al Jaber” meaning many things including: force, authority, might, and governing. From “Al Jaber” important words, nouns and adjectives were derived. For instance, the word “Jabbar” means: mighty, powerful, capable, huge, giant, like the giants in the Bible and Sumerian/Anunnaki epics. “Jababira” is the plural of “Al Jabbar”. After the Arabs were converted to Islam, “Al Jaber” became “Al Jabbar”; one of the attributes and names of Allah (God). In the Anakh (Anunnaki language), the word “Jabba-r-oout” means exactly the same thing in early Aramaic and modern Arabic: Authority, power, rule, reign. It is obvious that the Anakh language deeply influenced Eastern and Western languages. One more surprise for the readers. We find striking similarity in our Western vocabularies (Latin, Anglo-Saxon, French and Romance languages); Gab’r became gouverneur in French, governor in English, and gubernator in Latin. The Sumerian Gabriel was also known under different names according to the Sumerian texts, such as “Nin-Hour-sagh”, meaning the lady governess of the mountain; an elevated region of the Garden of Eden. Gabriel “Gb’r”, “Gab-Ril” as a female Anunnaki was the first to experiment with copies of a human, later to be called Adam. But first, Gabriel created 7 different types of Homo Sapiens by using the DNA of primitive beings and the DNA of an Anunnaki. Gabriel’s original creations were not very successful. Later on, Gabriel used a most unexpected genetic source to create the final copy of the modern man. There are plenty of evidence and historical statements to prove this point. And all starts with her name “Nin-il”, some times referred to as “Nin-ti”. In Anakh, Sumerian and Babylonian languages, the word “Ti” means “rib”. In later versions of the ancient texts, “Nin-ti” became the “lady of the rib”, also the “lady of life”, and the “lady of creation”. Consequently, Adam, the man, was created from the rib of Gabriel, the female Anunnaki; the “lady of the rib”. This contradicts the story of the creation of Adam and Eve as told in the Judeo-Christian tradition. According to the Sumerians and the Anakh, a woman created man; it was NOT a man who created a woman (Eve). And the female Anunnaki (Gabriel) used her rib to create Adam. The early translators -  and possibly, intentionally misleading scribes and  usurpers of the truth -  of the ancient texts and epics of Sumer got it wrong, and their fake story of the creation of Adam and Eve invaded the Hebraic, Christian and Islamic holy scriptures. Code/Use: Write the word “Gb’r” seven times on a water cup and drink it in three steps. Benefits: It eliminates shoulder pains caused by fatigue and office work. Geometrical presentation/Symbol: The letter “V”.


UFO's & Supernatural Magazine: My Name is Rubbie Salinas Aka Rubbizfire, you can find verifiable feedback on me under the Psychic or Tarot reader Rubbizfire at Keen http://www.keen.com/details/Rubbizfire/Tarot-Readers/10574328  testimonials on my personal website http://www.rubbizfire.com/Testimonials.html   Also I have reviews & Feedback on Yelp  ( 2  that are approved & 13 that are filtered) http://www.yelp.com/biz/rubbiz-fire-tarot-readings-san-jose  And or you can tune in & listen & or try a 1 question free reading during my radio show No Ordinary Psychic Radio on Blog talk radio where I personally do free 1 question reading Mondays and Fridays at 9pm PST and I also Highllight other psychics to such as Pet Psychic Melissa Bacelar on my show, Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley, PCelebrity Psychic, Medium Shannon Leischner and Locational numerology reader Todd Walker  were  my guest on my radio show in 2011 where they too gave listeners free mini readings and samples. Here was my most recent show you can listen to  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noordinarypsychicradio/2012/01/10/mystical-monday-with-rubbizfire Where I mention UFO's & Supernatural magazine. I have been on Disturbed Paranormal Radio on Blog Talk hosted by Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley & Atrologer Hale Mednik http://www.blogtalkradio.com/disturbedparanormal/2011/07/13/interview-and-free-psychic-readings-with-rubbizfire On Dec 11th 2011 I was on Kim Iversen Show http://www.yourtimewithkim.com/on-the-show/sunday-1211/  I hope this information is helpful & informative and I look forward to hearing  from you or others in the future. I don’t mind if you post this for all to see in the forum because its all viewable on line anyways! Thank you for your time Blessings to all and well wishes. Happy New Year from Rubbizfire, Psychic & Tarot readings 1 (888) 436 - 5497 www.Rubbizfire.com  Ask@Rubbizfire.com 




Photo: Belinda Bentley.

Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley has forever changed my life!! I first met Belinda at a psychic fair. I attended one of her mediumship demonstrations and was really impressed with her ability to communicate and deliver messages from the other side. At that demonstration, she gave a reading to my son and was extremely accurate on the information she gave him. Since that first meeting, Belinda has worked tirelessly to help change my life. I have struggled to accept my gifts my entire life. Living in a house equivalent to Amnityville Horror made me fear the spirits that I was able to see. I spent a good portion of my life in fear. My fear and denial of my gifts caused severe depression and anxiety, which got so bad that I begged for death. Belinda sensed that I was in need of intervention and agreed to help me. Belinda's humanitarian efforts to help me accept my path and follow it fearlessly has changed my entire view of my gift and life itself. Since meeting Belinda, I have embraced my path and now dedicate myself and my talents to helping others in need. Belinda is a blessing to the psychic community. She is highly professional, encouraging and complimentary of other psychics, extremely accurate and thorough in her readings, and an all around wonderful individual! If anyone deserves recognition for their work and accomplishments, it would be Belinda Bentley. -Lady Tellez (Shannon)



Photo: Psychic/Tarot reader Rubbie Salinas

The first time I experienced a reading from Rubbie Salinas (aka Rubbizfire) was through a free psychic reading event hosted by Belinda Bentley. Her precision, professionalism, and delicacy with the delivery of her messages impressed me. I have had a lot of psychic readings and found Rubbie's style to be unique and extremely accurate. The positive energy, humility, and kindness that exudes from Rubbie is a rare attribute among psychics and I knew I wanted to get to know Rubie on a personal level. Through correspondence and extensive conversations, I was invited to be a guest on her radio show called "No Ordinary Psychics." While being a guest on her show, I was able to witness, firsthand, her professionalism and passion for helping people. Rubbie is an asset to the psychic community and brings with her amazing gifts, accuracy, insight, kindness, professionalism, and most of all authenticity. Congrats Rubbie!! Shannon Leischner www.shannonleischner.com




Photo: Psychic Shannon Leischner

This is in regards to Shannon Leischner. Shannon has an impressive intuitive ability to get to the heart of any matter. Her skilled empathic compassion along with her loving heart makes her an amazing asset to any event. Shannon will take the time to assure that you are in complete understanding of the message she has to give. Nothing is too big or too small for Shannon to deal with. Opening your heart to the truth is her greatest gift. Please feel free to contact me with any information needed. I personally know Shannon and highly recommend her as a most valuable and trusted Psychic. -Kelly E Said CEO WMA RM ACHH, Owner and Operator of The Spirit Said Uni-versity of Spirituality And The Language of Special Children, Accredited and Certified Spiritual teacher. http://www.thespiritsaid.webs.com Light and Love





Photo: Pet Psychic, Melissa Bacelar

I am writing you in regards to Pet Psychic Melissa Bacelar. I have known Melissa Bacelar for a few years & watched her Evolve in to a really great PET psychic. I have witnessed her interaction with clients during No Ordinary Psychic radio show Here is a link to the show she was on where she read to people about their pets.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noordinarypsychicradio/2011/11/26/pet-psychicmelissa-bacelar-the-poopie-foundation Melissa is SPOT on with her communication & connection with these people and their pets. During her appearance I asked her a question in regards to my mother’s cat and her answer was 100% accurate. I would recommend her to others in need to communicate with their pets or a better understanding.-Rubbizfire Staff




On the nature of Soul and Mind and the difference between the two. Is it Fikr? I would like Professor de Lafayette to explain this ambiguity and confusion created by religious interpretation. Did the Anunnaki Ulema explain this metaphysical concept? Allan Rodman

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: 1-Origin: The word Fik’r derived from the Anakh Fik-R’r, and Fik.Ra.Sa. The esoteric Arabic word “Firasa” is derived from Fik.Ra.Sa. It means in Arabic the ability to read thoughts, understand the psyche of a person just by looking at him/her. The Ulema used Fik’r to read the mind, learn about the intentions of others, and assess the level of intelligence of people. Almost all rulers in ancient Persia, Phoenicia and later in Egypt employed in their royal courts, “People of Firasa”. They consulted with them during visits of dignitaries and officials from foreign countries. It was the secret science of learning about the personality of people through the study of physiognomy. This science was called “Firasa”.  One of the greatest Ulema masters and experts in the field was Fakher Addīn Al- Rāzī. His noted treatise on Firasa; The Science of psycho-physiognomy was inspired by the teachings of the Ulema. In the unpublished original edition of his treatise, several Anunnaki syllables and geometric forms were included in “Al Moukamma” the introduction of the book dedicated to the “true believers of the higher knowledge”. 2-Numerical value: Aleph 7. 3-Meaning: As defined in the “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”; Soul is an invention of early humans who needed to believe in a next life. It was through the soul that mortals could and would hope to continue to live after death. Soul as an element or a substance does not exist anywhere inside the human body. Instead, there is a non-physical substance called “Fik’r” that makes the brain function, and it is the brain that keeps the body working, not the soul. The “Fik’r” was the primordial element used by the Anunnaki at the time they created the final form of the human race. Fik’r was NOT used in the early seven prototypes of the creation of mankind according to the Sumerian texts. The “Fik’r”, although it is the primordial source of life for our physical body, it is not to be considered as DNA, because DNA is a part of “Fik’r”; DNA is the physical description of our genes, a sort of a series of formulas, numbers and sequences of what there in our body, the data and history of our genes, genetic origin, ethnicity, race, so on. Consider “Fik’r” as a cosmic-sub-atomic-intellectual-extraterrestrial (Meaning non-physical, non-earthy) depot of all what it constituted, constitutes and shall continue to constitute everything about you. And it is infinitesimally small. But it can expand to an imaginable dimension, size and proportions. It stays alive and continues to grow after we pass away if it is still linked to the origin of its creation, in our case the Anunnaki. The “Fik’r” is linked to the Anunnaki our creators through a “Conduit” found in the cells of the brain. For now, consider “Fik’r” as a small molecule, a bubble. 4-Code/Use according to mythology and esoterism: It is the most important vehicle for the mind “intellect”. Through Fik’r, a person can enter higher dimensions. 5-Benefits: It is of a major importance to train your Fik’r. “Transmission of the mind” training sessions can develop extra-sensorial faculties and open your “inner eye” commonly referred to as the “Third Eye”.


Comment of Shellee Hale: I would like to share my thoughts on this.  I believe that our first experiences with Fikr is in-utero when we "hear" through our skin and bones, our mother's skin and bones to the external sound.  This in-utero connection is our first experience with atoms (that are mostly blank but carry some intelligence) with the external world and what we will one day know as sound (something the mind interprets and reacts to).  In some ways it is this internal first connection with the external world that some call being telepathic but science is proving that we can actually hear the thoughts of others before they are spoken through skin and bone energetic transmission. - I hope I did this justice (Left brain explanations are not always easy for me) - Shellee Hale



 Photo: Shellee Hale.

Shelle Hale website: I know you are familiar with the site hosted by Shellee Hale (who I wish to vote for) please note - there are some very good, true psychics on that site. Some not so good. It is worth a read through some of their solved cases to find who is actually very good remote viewing, psychic experiences, etc.  http://www.psychiccrimefighter.com/forum/solved-cases-successes-26/  -Becky Laney


Source or life? God, a Woman extraterrestrial or Hayyah? Dear Mr. De Lafayette in your recent conference you described Hayyah as the source of energy in the universe. I remember perfectly what you said, Hayyah created everything not the God of the Bible.- Clementine. Rostand, Berlin, Germany

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The word Hayyah has numerous derivations and written differently according to various schools of thought, such as An-Hayya’h “A-haYA, Aelef-hayat”. 1-Origin: Derived from the Anakh A.Ha.YA. 2-Numerical value: 1111, also Al-Lef 111. 3-Meaning: As defined in the “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”; “An-Hayya’h” could be the most important word in the whole literature of the Anunnaki Anakh, and Ulema, as well as in the written history of humanity, because it deals with: 1-Origin of man on earth; 2-How humans are connected to the Anunnaki; 3-Importance of water vis-à-vis humans and Anunnaki; 4-The life of humans; 5-Proof that it was the “Woman” who created man, Adam and the human race via her Anunnaki identity; 6-The return of the Anunnaki to earth; 7-Humanity salvation, hopes, and a better future for all of us; a gift from our ancestors and creators, the Anunnaki. I will try to explain the whole concept as clear as possible, because it is extremely difficult to find the proper and accurate word or words in our terrestrial languages and vocabularies. The word An-Hayya’h” is composed of: 1-“An” or “A” (Pronounced Aa), or “Aelef “(Pronounced A’lef). It is the same letter in Anakh, Akkadian, Canaanite, Babylonian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Moabite, Siloam, Samaritan, Lachish, Hebrew, Aramaic, Nabataean Aramaic, Syriac, and Arabic. All these languages are derived from the Anakh. (Note: The early Greeks adopted the Phoenician Alphabet, and the Latin and Cyrillic came from the Greek. The Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek scripts all came from the Phoenician.  Arabic and most of Indian scriptures came from the Aramaic. The entire Western world received its languages from the Phoenicians, the descendants of the Anunnaki).

Photo: Hebrew Alef. It contains lots of esoteric secrets and hidden powers. It was used  in  medieval times as a magic "Tool" by Kabbalists, mediums, seers and psychics.


An” in Anakh (Anunnaki language), means one of the following: 1-Beginning; 2-The very first; 3-The ultimate; 4-The origin; 5-Water. On Earth, this word became “Alef” in Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac and Arabic. Alef is the beginning of the alphabet in these languages. In Latin, it’s “A” and in Greek is “Alpha”. In Hebrew, the “Aleph” consists of two yuds (Pronounced Yood); one yud is situated to the upper right and the other yud to the lower left. Both yuds are joined by a diagonal vav. They represent the higher water and the lower water, and between them the heaven. This mystic-kabalistic interpretation was given to us by Rabbi Isaac Louria. Water is extremely important in all the sacred scriptures, as well as in the vast literature and scripts of extraterrestrials and Anunnaki. Water links humans to the Anunnaki. In the Babylonian account of the Creation, Tablet 1 illustrates Apsu (male), representing the primeval fresh water, and Tiamat (female), the primeval salt water. In the Torah, the word “water” was mentioned in the first day of the creation of the world: "And the spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water." In the Chassidut, the higher water  is “wet” and “warm”, and represents the closeness to Yahweh (God), and it brings happiness to man. The lower water is “cold”, and brings unhappiness because it separates us from Yahweh (God), and man feels lonely and abandoned. The Ten Commandments commences with the letter “Alef”: "Anochi (I) am God your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." The letter “Alef” holds the secret of man, its creation and the whole universe (Midrash). In Hebrew, the numeric value of “Aleph” is 1. And the meaning is: 1-First; 2-Adonai; 3-Leader; 4-Strength; 5-Ox; 6-Bull, 7-Thousand; 8-To teach. According to Jewish teaching, each Hebrew letter is a spiritual force and power by itself, and comes directly from Yahweh (God). This force contains the raw material for the creation of the world and man. The Word of God ranges from the Aleph (the very first letter) to the Tav (the last letter) in Hebrew. In Revelation 1:8, Jesus said: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.” In John 1:1-3, as the Word becomes Jesus, the Lord Jesus is also the Aleph and the Tav, as well as the Alpha and the Omega. In Him exists all the forces, and spiritual powers of the creation. Jesus is also connected to water, an essential substance for the purification of the body and the soul, this is why Christians got to be baptized in water. In Islam, water is primordial and considered as the major force of the creation of the universe. The Prophet Mohammad said (From the Quran): “Wa Khalaknah Lakoum min al Ma’i, koula chay en hay”, meaning: And WE (Allah) have created for you from water everything alive.” The Islamic numeric value of Aleph and God is 1. To the Anunnaki and many extraterrestrial civilizations,  the “An” or “Alef” represents number 1, also Nibiru, the constellation Orion, the star Aldebaran, and above all the female aspect of the creation symbolized in an Anunnaki woman “Gb’r” (Angel Gabriel to us) have the humeric value of 1. Hayya’h (Also A-haYA, Aelef-hayat) means: a-Life; b-Creation; c-Humans; d-Earth, where the first human (female human was the first created human on earth) was created. In Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Turkish, Syriac, and so many Eastern languages, the Anunnaki words “Hayya’h” and “Hayat” mean the same thing: Life. Quite astonishing! But the most striking part of our story is that the original name of Eve is not Eve, but “Hawwa” derived directly from Hayya. How do we know this? Very simple: Eve’s name in the Bible is “Hawwa”, also “Chevvah”. In the Quran is also “Hawwa”, and in every single Semitic and Akkadian script, Eve is called Hawwa or Hayat, meaning the giver of life; the source of the creation. Now, if we combine the 2 words: An +Hayya’h or Hayat, we get this: Beginning; The very first; The ultimate; The origin; Water + Life; Creation; Humans; Earth, where the first was created; Woman. And the whole meaning becomes: The origin of the creation and first thing or person who created the life of humans was a woman (Eve; Hawwa) or water. Amazingly enough, in Anakh, woman and water mean the same thing, because woman represents water according to the Babylonian, Sumerians and Anunnaki tablets, as clearly written in the Babylonian-Sumerian account of the Creation, Tablet 1. And I have more surprises to share with you: The Anunnaki who created us genetically some 65,000 B.C. lived on earth with us, in Iraq (Sumer, Mesopotamia, Babylon) and Lebanon (Loubnan, Pheonicia, Phinikia). They taught our ancestors how to write, how to speak, how to play music, how to build temples, how to navigate, as well as geometry, algebra, metallurgy, irrigation, astronomy, you name it. But the human races disappointed them, for the early human beings were cruel, violent, greedy and ungrateful. So, the Anunnaki gave up on us and left earth. The few remaining Anunnaki living in Iraq and Lebanon were killed by savage military legions from Greece, Turkey and other nations of the region. The Anunnaki left earth for good. Other extraterrestrial races came to earth, but these celestial visitors were not friendly and considerate like our ancestors the Anunnaki.

The new extraterrestrials had a different plan for humanity, and their agenda included abduction of women and children, animal mutilation, genetic experiments on human beings, creating a new hybrid race, etc…The Anunnaki did not totally forget us. After all, many of their women were married to humans, and many of our women were married to Anunnaki. Ancient history, the Bible, Sumerian Texts, Babylonian scriptures, Phoenician tablets, and historical accounts from around the globe recorded these events. You can find them, almost intact, in archeological sites in Iraq and Lebanon, as well as in museums, particularly the British Museum, the Iraqi Museum and the Lebanese Museum. So, before leaving us, the Anunnaki activated in our cells the infinitesimally invisible multi-multi--microscopic gene of An-Hayya’h. It was implanted in our organism and became a vital composition of our DNA. Humans are not yet aware of this, as we were not aware of the existence of our DNA for thousands of years. As our medicine, science and technology advance, we will be able one day to discover that miniscule, invisible, undetectable An-Hayya’h, exactly as we have discovered our DNA. An-Hayya’h cannot be detected yet in our laboratories. It is way beyond our reach and our comprehension. It is extremely powerful, because it is the very source of our existence. Through An-Hayya’h, the Anunnaki remained in touch with us, even though we are not aware of it. It is linked directly to a “Conduit” and to a “Miraya” (Monitor, or mirror) on Nibiru. Every single human being on the face of the earth is linked to the outer-world of the Anunnaki through An-Hayya’h. And it is faster than the speed of light. It reaches the Anunnaki through “Babs” (Star gates). For now, we will call it “molecule” or “bubble”. This molecule travels the universe and reaches the “Miraya” of the Anunnaki through a “Conduit” integrated in our genes and our brain cells by the Anunnaki some 65,000 years ago. But what is a “Conduit”? I will explain below.  Does every human possess a “conduit”? The answer is yes. All humans have a “Conduit” just like the Anunnaki, because it is part of our DNA. It is impossible to explain how a “Conduit” works inside the human brain, and/or how it works for a human being. I will explain it in the Anunnaki’s context. The creation of the “Conduit” is the most important procedure done for each Anunnaki student on the first day of his or her entrance into the Academy. A new identity is created for each Anunnaki student by the development of a new pathway in his or her mind, connecting the student to the rest of the Anunnaki’s psyche. Simultaneously, the cells check with the “other copy” of the mind and body of the Anunnaki student, to make sure that the “Double” and “Other Copy” of the Mind and body of the student are totally clean. During this phase, the Anunnaki student temporarily loses his or her memory, for a very short time. This is how the telepathic faculty is developed, or enhanced in everyone. It is necessary, since to serve the total community of the Anunnaki, the individual program inside each Anunnaki student is immediately shared with everybody. The Anunnaki have collective intelligence and individual intelligence. And this is directly connected to two things: the first is the access to the “Community Depot of Knowledge” that any Anunnaki can tap in and update and acquire additional knowledge. The second is an “individual Prevention Shield,” also referred to as “Personal Privacy.” This means that an Anunnaki can switch on and off his/her direct link, or perhaps better defined as a channel, to other Anunnaki. By establishing the “Screen” or “Filter” an Anunnaki can block others from either communication with him or her, or simply prevent others from reading any personal thought. “Filter” “Screen” and “Shield” are interchangeably used to describe the privacy protection. In addition, an Anunnaki can program telepathy and set it up on chosen channels, exactly as we turn on our radio set and select the station we wish to listen to. Telepathy has several frequency, channels and stations. When the establishment of the Conduit is complete, the student leaves the conic cell, where the procedure has taken place, and heads to the classroom. Now, the second question is: How does an Anunnaki receive the content of a “Conduit” to allow him/her to watch over us? The Anunnaki created the “Conduit”, the “Miraya” and the “An-Hayya’h” to watch over us, even though we do not deserve it. The Anunnaki have been watching us, monitoring our activities, listening to our voices, witnessing our wars, brutality, greed and indifference toward each others for centuries. But they did not interfere. But now, they will, because they fear two things that could destroy earth and annihilate the human race: 1-The domination of earth and the human race by the Greys; 2-The destruction of human life and planet Earth on the hands of humans. The whole earth could blow up. Should this happen, the whole solar system could be destroyed. For we know, should anything happen to the Moon, the earth will cease to exist. This is an absolute truth and a fact accepted by all scientists.


Photo: Grand Master Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar

An-Hayya’h” is our umbilical cord, our birth cord that attaches us to the Anunnaki. No matter how silly and crazy this concept might look to many of us, one day, we will accept and possibly we might understand its mind-boggling mysteries, when our science, technology and mind explore wider dimensions, and reach a higher level of cosmic awareness and intelligence. But this is not the whole story about An-Hayya’h; the most delightful and comforting aspect of it, is the hope, peace, a brighter future,  and a better life we can accomplish and reach when we discover how to use it without abusing it. Every one of us can do that. If in your lifespan, you remain unable to attain these results, your An-Hayya’h will always be there for you to use before you depart this earth. It will never go away, because it is part of you. Without it you couldn’t exist. Just before you die, your brain out of the blue wills active it for you. Seconds before you leave earth (Not your body, not your soul) your mind will project the reenactment of all the events and acts (bad and good) in your life, past, present and future, and “zoom” you right toward your next nonphysical destination, where and when you judge yourself, your deeds, your existence and decide whether you wish to elevate yourself to a higher dimension, or stay in the state of nothingness and loneliness. No, you will not return to earth, nor your soul will migrate to another soul or another body, because the Anunnaki do not believe in reincarnation or a return to earth. Earth is the lowest sphere of existence for humans. Thus, you are always connected to the Anunnaki in this life and the next one. 4-Code/Use according to mythology and esoterism: Because it is the source of life, An-Hayya’h as a word entered the sacred language of the “Intellect” and communication medium of the enlightened teachers. It was pronounced 7 times at the beginning of each “Ij-Ti.Mah” (Reunion) of the elders. Some believe that the first letter of this word “Heh”, not An, had supernatural healing powers. Talismans were created to hold the “Heh”. The Knights Templar of the Island of Malta honored it and engraved on their swords. The Phoenician-Jewish-Aramaic-Arabic “Heh” if illustrated as two letters, it creates the shape of an esoteric rose. And the rose was the early secret and esoteric symbol of many secret learned societies, and Crusaders who were searching for the Philosophical Stone in Palestine. 5-Benefits: No pragmatic visible application. However, it could facilitate negotiations between sympathizers of the occult and practitioners of “Al Sihr”. The legendary alchemist Nicholas Flamel used it in many of his metal transmutations formulas. Allegedly, the letter “Heh” was found on a measuring tape retrieved at the UFO crash site in Roswell. If you join the two ends of the letter, you get the sign of infinity. You can do that just by drawing a straight line between the top and bottom of the letter. Many historians believed for centuries, that the infinity sign was a Greek symbol. The truth is, the infinity sign is a numerical form for 2 parallel words. The Ulema used it as a mental stimulus for extraterrestrial entities plasmic apparitions. According to the Book of Rama-Dosh, the converted “Heh” letter…in the possession of an honorable person creates wealth, and opportunities for prosperity. In tarot, the magician begins to work under the sign of infinity. Using the infinity sign, the magician of the Tarot make financial difficulties disappear. If you draw the “HEH” twice side by side on a candle, you will increase your chances of financial success. It appears as a ridiculous story for the rational person, and I totally agree. Ironically, 3 out 4 “scientific” persons I knew and who ridiculed the whole idea, tried it at least once.


Do the Extraterrestrial Anunnaki who created us genetically 60,000 years ago believe in GOD? And how about their own god, who created their GOD? Ulema Maximillien de Lafayette I am asking this question because scientists believe there is no GOD, the Mighty Creator of the universe we studied in school. The universe created itself by an explosion.-Constantine Lambrakis, Athens, Greece

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The Anunnaki’s god is not the same “God” we worship on Earth. The grand leader of the Anunnaki (Called the creator of energy), and other Anunnaki kings and commanders of the first three expeditions to earth were worshiped by the early human races as gods. The Anunnaki do not believe in a God in the same way we do, even though they were the ones who created and originated the early forms of all our religions on earth. However, those Anunnaki who brought religion to earth were of a lower class of the Anakh (Anunnaki). The god (Yah-Weh) they brought to earth and planted in the mind of primitive humans, was a vengeful and terrifying god; a fact the Gnostics and early scholars of the Coptic Church in Egypt were fully aware of. Their doctrines show their disdain for such a god, and consequently, they called him the ‘Creator of Evil and Darkness.’ Later on in history, the Gnostics began to spread the word that this earth was not created by the God of the Church, but rather by an evil demi-god. The more advanced human beings who interacted with the Anunnaki shared similar beliefs. Today, if humans would learn about all this, the religious aspect of our beliefs would be most difficult to reconcile. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to develop their language, and revealed to them the secret powerful names and attributes of Baalshalimroot. They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. Particularly, the word ‘Baalazamhour-Il’ is never to be pronounced or written. Later on in history, the Habiru (Hebrew) religiously observed this instruction, and thus, pronouncing the name of God became forbidden in Jewish tradition. However, the Anunnaki did reveal to the Phoenicians and Sumerians seven positive and powerful names/attributes of the Grand Leader (Call him God in terrestrial terms). If well used, these words can bring prosperity, good health, and salvation in moments of difficulty and despair. The prophet Mohammad learned these seven words from an early Christian ascetic, a Sahara hermit called Raheb Bouhayra. Today, Muslims all over the world are aware of these seven words or names. They call them in written Arabic ‘Asma’ Al Lah Al Sabha’ Al Housna,’ meaning the seven lovely names of God. These names do not have numerical value or secret meanings as many scholars claim, simply because they were not originally written in a geometrical form, and did not correspond to a “true god”. 


Photo: Did a UFO crash nearby Roswell?

(Note: None of these words appeared on the alleged hieroglyphic measuring tape that the Americans found at the UFO crash site in Roswell. The symbols and geometrical signs Americans found in Roswell were biochemical symbols.) Also, early names of the Hebrew God were of an extraterrestrial origin. It is true that the ancient Sumerian texts and records mentioned names of some of the Anunnaki leaders such as Utu, Ningishzida, Ninki, Marduk, Enki, Enlil, Inanna, but the greatest name of all was Baalshalimroot, also referred to as “Baalshalimroot-An’kgh.” He was not depicted by the Anunnaki as a god. Terah, the father of Abraham, mistakenly worshiped Baalshalimroot-An’kgh as “God”.






Photo: On the cross, Jesus said in Aramaic: “Eli, Eli, Lama Shabaktani”, meaning: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Early Semites made the same mistake when they worshiped the leaders of the Anunnaki as gods, later to be called Bene Ha-Elohim, meaning the children of the gods. The Anunnaki never introduced themselves as gods. The Jewish words “El Elyon” and “Yahweh” (Jehovah) were taken directly from the Anunnaki’s written language. The original word was “Yah’weh-El’ Ankh” and El Elyon was “Il Ilayon-imroot.” Some scholars equated the Anunnaki with the Nephilim. This is not totally correct. The lower class of the Anunnaki are the Nephilim, although many historians call them sometimes Ana-KIm or Elohim. Elohim was interpreted by the early human race including the Hebrew as “GOD” or “My Lord”. Elohim is the plural of Eli. And Eli became “god” in many Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic. It has the same meaning in Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Akkadian and Arabic. And it was frequently used in reference to God. Even Jesus Christ used it. On the cross, Jesus said in Aramaic: “Eli, Eli, Lama Shabaktani”, meaning: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? The higher class of the Anunnaki (RafaaTH) is ruled by Baalshalimroot, and his followers or subjects are called the ‘Shtaroout-Hxall Ain,’ meaning the inhabitants of the house of knowledge, (Mistakenly, the Aramaic and Hebrew texts refer to as: House of God) or ‘those who see clearly. At one point in ancient times, the Anunnaki told the Phoenicians that there is no god (One God) ruling over the entire universe. However, the high priest of Melkart (Chief god in Tyre, Carthage and many regions in the Near and Middle East) instructed the temple’s priests to mislead the people, and spread the word that the Anunnaki were celestial gods visiting earth and were constantly working with the Phoenician gods.





Photo: The Phoenician Kadmos killing the Dragon. In Christianity, Kadmos became St. George!!!

In the early tales about Kadmos (Kadmus), the Phoenician prince who lived around 2,000 B.C. according to Herodotus of Halicarnassus (482-B.C.-426 B.C.), the concept of one god instead of many gods began to surface. It was based upon the belief that the Anunnaki followed one supreme leader who created the entire human race. But even then, the term “god” did not mean the “God” we worship today. Kadmos was the first Phoenician scholar and thinker who knew that “God” did not create mankind, and that the universe was not created by the supreme god or gods of the Phoenicians, the neighboring Near Eastern civilizations or the Anunnaki. Kadmos was and still is one of the brightest minds in the history of humanity; he was recognized by the ancient Greeks (Hellenes) as the creator of the Alphabet. Kadmos founded the legendary city of Thebes and built the first acropolis in ancient Greece. The Greeks called him Kadmos, and to honor him, they called the city of Thebes “Kademeia” (From Kadmos) after him. Many words and letters from the Phoenician alphabet derived from the Anunnaki language (Anak’h). Kadmos wrote down its final format according to the instructions of the Anunnaki. So, he knew what he was talking about; he knew from the Anunnaki that there is no such thing as one god (Judeo-Christian God) who created Adam, Eve, and all of us, because he was one of their students.

We don’t understand the Anunnaki and the aliens languages and symbols. But do the Anunnaki understand and speak our languages? I think they do because they created us according to your theory and your translation of the Sumerian tablets. Could you please Max elaborate on this? No other authors seem to write about it. Jim Townsend

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Languages on Earth: All our spoken languages derived directly from extraterrestrial languages. And all terrestrial languages derived from the Phoenician Alphabet. Many of the Phoenician linguists and early creators of their Alphabet borrowed numerous words and expressions from the higher class of the Anunnaki. Ancient Phoenician texts and poems, recorded on tablets found in Tyre, Sidon, Ugarit, Amrit, and the Island of Arwad included reference to symbols and words taken from the written language of the upper class of the Anunnaki. The first genetically created race could not speak, and the concept of language was completely unknown to humans. Thousands of years later, the Anunnaki taught the new race of humans how to speak, read, and write. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to create their language, and revealed to them the secret powerful names and attributes of Baalshalimroot. They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. Particularly, the word “Baalazamhour-Il” is never to be said, spelled, or written. Later on in history, the Hebrews religiously observed this instruction, and pronouncing the word of name of God became forbidden. The language of the Anunnaki was taught to the early Phoenicians who lived in the ancient cities of Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, Afka and Batroun. Phoenicia borrowed her Alphabet from the Anunnaki The 7 powerful names and attributes of the Anunnaki’s grand leader were given to the early Phoenicians in a ritual ceremony in Tyre. Yes, extraterrestrials are capable of speaking and understanding many languages, including our own. They assimilate and “compute” words and sentences with mathematical formulas and numerical values. Some extraterrestrials have limited vocal chords capabilities, but they can very quickly acquire additional vocal faculties by rewinding sounds and vibes. Contrary to what many contactees and others said, extraterrestrials from higher dimensions do not talk like computerized machines. They have their own language but also they can absorb and assimilate all the languages on earth in a blink of an eye via the reception and emission of a “spatial memory.” At first, the voice of an alien from a higher dimension sounds like an old record that was played at the wrong speed – fast, squeaky, scratching. Then the sound adjusts itself, and the voice becomes a normal human voice. A very pleasant human voice. Many of the Anunnaki’s letters cannot be pronounced by Westerners because of the limitation of their vocal chords.


Photo: One of the tablets of the Enuma Elish.

Anunnaki’s language used by Americans: The American top military scientists who work in secret military bases and aliens’ laboratories on earth have an extraterrestrial lexicon, and use it constantly. In that lexicon, or dictionary, you will find variations of Phoenician and Sumerian symbols. Some letters represent maritime and celestial symbols and measurements. The fact that the Americans are still using this extraterrestrial language should be enough to convince you that the US deals with extraterrestrials, and Zeta Reticuli descendants, live among us, otherwise why would anyone learn a language that cannot be used to communicate with people who speak it and write it? On some of the manifestos of military parts used in anti-gravity secret laboratories underground in the United States, several letters were borrowed from the “Enuma Elish” of Sumeria and regularly appeared on the top right corner of each document. In the eighties, those Sumerian numbers were replaced by an Americanized version. Military personnel at other American military bases in Mexico, Australia and underwater in the Pacific do not use an extraterrestrial lexicon. The original language of the Anunnaki is still intact and is currently being used by top American scientists and researchers who work in secret American-Aliens military bases in the United States and Mexico. In 1947, the first attempt was made by American linguists, who previously worked at the OSS (Precursor to the CIA), to decipher it. They tried to compare it with the Sumerian, Hebrew, Armenian and Phoenician Alphabet, languages which are directly derived from the Anunnaki’s written language. The problem they faced and could not resolve were the geometrical symbols included in the written Anunnaki’s texts. But in 1956, they cracked down the puzzle. Those mathematical figures hold great secrets regarding an alien advanced technology used for peaceful and constructive purposes. The American military intelligence and what’s left from Dr. Fermi’s group at Los Alamos wanted to use this alien technology for military purposes. The Anunnaki have two kinds or styles of languages; one is spoken and the other one is written. The spoken language is the easiest one to learn, and it is used by the Anunnaki’s population. The written one is exclusively used in books and consists of twenty-six letters. Seven of these letters represent the planets that surround their planet.



The Double and the Spirit: I would like to ask Maximillien de Lafayette if the DOUBLE he wrote about in his esoteric books is a ghost or a spiritual entity that haunts a person. Is the DOUBLE a spirit or a guide in the other world we can communicate with like mediums and psychics do? Andrew H. San Francisco, California

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The double is made out of electro-magnetic-ecto-plasma substance. It has electricity, magnetism, plasma and ethereal energy called “Rouh”. At the moment, your body expires (At the moment of your death), your Double instantly separates itself from the sphere surrounding your body. Your Double that co-existed with you in your physical dimension was never physically attached to your body. In many instances, and for a very long period, your “Double” has remained distant from your physical body for many reasons. But in general, your “Double” stays very close to you. The distance separating your Double from your physical body depends on your health condition. It is very healthy and even necessary to keep your Double at a close proximity of your body. Miraculous recoveries are sometimes attributed to divine intervention. Sudden recoveries are sometimes attributed to a strong will and one’s determination to be healthy again. And of course, there are other inexplicable recoveries which are attributed to other inexplicable events and phenomena. Everything is possible. But the main reason for a sudden and inexplicable recovery is the sudden re-entry of your healthy Double in your physical body. It reactivates and energizes everything in your body. It is like recharging a dead battery. Your Double knows very well how your body functions, far more and better than any physician. People who die in a brutal accident or commit suicide, their Double becomes instantly impaired and dysfunctional at the time of their death. Suicide is wrong. Tragic death and suicide confuse and disorient your Double. Disorienting your Double is harmful to your mind. And because your mind is your vehicle to the other world, you should avoid anything or anyone that could cause you a tragic, painful and sudden death. The body has its wounds. The mind has wounds too, but you can’t see them.  Your Double does. If you have not caused your own death, but suffered a lot at the time of your death, and your Double was far away from you, your passage to the other world will not be pleasant at all. In normal situation such as death of a natural cause, the passage to the other world takes its normal course, at the end of the Double’s self-judgment and assessment of deeds, actions and thoughts of the deceased. When a bad person dies, he/she immediately faces his/her Double. In this instance, the Double acts as a conscience and as a judge. The Double is the real persona of the human being. Everything we have in our body and mind came from our Double. Even though, some of our mental and physical faculties and properties are usually damaged on Earth for various reasons, such as illness, malnutrition, fear, prejudices, tortures, confusion, etc., the original faculties in our Double are immune, because the physical cannot affect the non-physical, nor reach any dimension beyond the “Zinar” (Belt of Earth). As soon as the deceased becomes one with the Double, the mind enters the Ba’ab on its way to the Fourth dimension.


The Afterlife: I read a lot of books on the after life but no spiritual teacher or a psychic could describe exactly and in plain English what is life after death. Aleister  Crowley and the Theosophical society description of the afterlife is theoretical. It is confusing to say the least. Mr. de Lafayette how would you describe life in the other world? Is it physical or etheric and do people continue to live like they did while they were alive. Bahjat Safad, Michigan

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette:“The afterlife begins, seconds after you were born…” said Anunnaki Ulema Govinda. Let me share the following with you:

·         1. The parallel dimension is so close to us.

·         2. The sphere and frontiers of the afterlife begin in the parallel dimension which is so close to us, but we are unable to see it, to feel it and to understand it, because:

a-Our Conduit is not fully activated,

b-We are contaminated by earthy elements,

c-Our mind has not been yet purified,

d-We do not know how to ascend to the Ba’abs,

e-We do not know how to locate Al Madkhal,

f-We have not established a direct rapport with our Double,

g-We have not liberated our mind from physical bondage,

h-We have not freed ourselves from many caprices, lust, greed and attachment to physical possessions.

·         3. In fact, the afterlife does not necessarily begin after we die, because death does not exist; it is simply a transitory stage.

·         4. Within our physical world exist so many other worlds. And far away, and deep in the fabric of the universe, distances are reduced, even eliminated, if we zoom into our Double.

·         5. Matter and anti-matter are de-fragmented in the parallel dimension.

·         6. The initiated and enlightened ones can transport themselves to the other world, and visit the far distant corners of the universe through their Double.

·         7. Those who are noble in their thoughts, intentions and deeds can accomplish this after an Ulema initiation.

What do we see when we enter the afterlife zone? And by the way, what do we call this zone? Is it the realm of souls and spirits? Or the zone of the dead? Where is it?

 This is what you will see first, when you enter the other world:

Note: Those who are interested in learning more about this subject are encouraged to read my other book “Ulema: Code and Language of the World Beyond.”

 Entering a different dimension after you have passed away:


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USM: Jim,  unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at newyorkgate@aol.com , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

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USM: A.P.,  unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at newyorkgate@aol.com , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

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USM: Khan Mirza, unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at newyorkgate@aol.com , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

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