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Did the aliens write the Krill Papers?: I asked Maximillien de Lafayette a question about the Krill Papers, and I wrote to him twice to remind him that he has never answered my question. I will ask him again the same question and I hope you publish it, and Mr. De Lafayette will not ignore my third request. Here is my question: Were the Krill Papers written by the aliens who met with President Dwight Eisenhower or a fabrication by Bill Moore? I was told the USAF secret files on the Zetas mentioned the EBE, and Krill as one of the captured aliens in Roswell. It was reported by lots of ufologists and television programs hosts that the Krill Papers were genuine, but Mr. William Moore, two years later admitted that he was a disinformer, and the USAF was behind this deception campaign. So what is going on here?- James Hutton, NY USM: Mr. de Lafayette did answer your question and published both the question and the answer in his book “Transcripts of what the Aliens, Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials Told our Governments. Never mind, here is Mr. de Lafayette’s reply: The so-called Krill Papers were never written by aliens. And the USAF was NOT behind any deception campaign, pertaining to this matter. The Krill papers or O.H. Krill Files were written by Mr. John Lear, Mr. John Grace, who worked at the USAF, and later, hugely embellished by Mr. William Moore. The USAF command were laughing so loud when they heard Mr. Cooper telling TV audiences about the explosive revelations of the Krill Files. As long as Mr. Moore and his associates are not telling the truth, we at the….  …. are not worried a bit…”, commented a Lt. Colonel (From … … Base,) who happened to watch that episode on television. After the show, Mr. Leer confronted Mr. William Moore, and expressed his disgust; he asked him what in hell he was doing? And why did he say that he discovered the Krill files while he was in the Navy? Mr. Moore laughed! The O.H. Krills Papers were a phantasmagoric hoax! This subject was neither discussed by the Greys, nor the USAF. Bill Moore admitted in 1989 at the Mutual UFO Network that along with USAF John Dotty he “played a part in having Paul Bennewitz involuntarily committed to the New Mexico State Hospital on three separate occasions.”

Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Scientology: Tom Cruise the unpredictable and supporter of the Scientology Church is digging deep in his pocket to finance Scientology operations. Tom Cruise is alienating friends because of his fierce arguments and strong support for his church. Why does a superstar of his caliber act in this manner, and what did he find in Scientology that he couldn’t find in the Church of our Lord? And now he is talking about aliens, UFOs and the new world order!! Strange dude! I read this in Forbes magazine, “He (Cruise) had a very public fight with Brooke Shields over the use of antidepressants and was more outspoken than every about Scientology.” John Travolta is also a supporter of Scientology. What’s wrong with these people?-Josh B.,Oklahoma.  USM: Nothing “wrong with these people.” Mind your own business!! You wish you were either Tom Cruise or John Travolta. We know very well Mr. Cruise and Mr. Travolta. They gave so much to charity and donated endlessly to animals’ shelters. And we find this honorable. People who care for animals are people you can trust, because they care. Nothing in life is prettier than generosity, perhaps forgiveness. Why don’t you try it sometimes? I promise you, you will feel much better about yourself.

Carl Sagan and the extraterrestrials: Did Carl Sagan coin intergalactic or space travel “The Route X”? Do you know what scientific implication it had on space and time travel?-Raphael Montenegro, Ph.D., Lisboa, Portugal   USM: Yes he did. Its implication is only known to a few, and obviously to NASA and the military. You can get an idea by watching the film “Contact”, starring Jodie Foster. Pay attention to her time-galactic travel which took only a few seconds to reach another dimension. And by the way, Ms. Foster is a strong believer in alien civilizations.

The Dark side of the Internet: People are mean. I am saying this not because I am pessimist, but because I see what they do and what they say. The Internet is very helpful, for it gives us plenty of information. But it has a dark side. A side used on a daily basis by venomous people who has nothing to do or to say except hurting the reputation and life of so many people. Blogs and discussions forum on the Internet allowed them to post their negativity and hatred. I believe important, successful, serious and decent people don’t write bad things about people. I read so many nasty stuff about good people, and I wonder why they do it? I know. They are envious, badly informed and want to cause damages to people they hate. I read your previous issue on authors, mediums and ufologists, and I loved those positive articles. I Googled some to learn more about them, and what I found chagrined me, because of the false accusations, and vicious attacks on them by irresponsible and underachievers characters. Some of your featured guests were called “cons”, “Phony”, “Thiefs!”  Few were spared. Even your editor and publisher was called all sorts of things, and the piece of garbage written about him by Ms……. who posted her attacks on him on zillions of websites made me vomit. Please keep your magazine clean and friendly. Nothing good comes from bad things and defamatory articles. Ps: It was difficult to find your magazine in Egypt. Tell your distributors to place it in all the bookstores. May Allah bless you. You are good people.- Khalid Tawil, Cairo, Egypt.  USM: Just ignore them. Those who enjoy reading libelous articles and wild accusations are as bad as those who wrote them.

 The Reptilian Race: I can’t figure it out…this crazy idea of human-reptilian race who is running our affairs, businesses and deciding how and who would be elected to a public office. David Icke is behind this massive new movement. Is it true what he said about Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and George Bush being reptilians in disguise? Is he nuts or what? Amazingly many believe this crap. I don’t. What’s your take on this? Rolland Perrier, Paris, France.  USM: David Icke is an exceptional writer with controversial ideas. By all means he is not nuts. Reptilians? I know it is hard to swallow. But raw Sushi is also hard to swallow, for many of us. Use your common sense. And remember Mr. Icke was not born yesterday. He authored some authoritative books, and perhaps you should approach his theories from the angle of alternative anthropology.

 DANIELLE EGNEW: Danielle Egnew is hot hot!  I really enjoyed reading your article on Danielle and her impressive accomplishments. Perhaps you should consider her for the cover of your next issue and alone! –E. Pedrovich, NV.  USM: Ms. Egnew is a rare gem.

 UFO HUNTER: I heard from the grapevine that History Channel UFO HUNTERS was cancelled because the CIA pressured the network to cancel the show? Is it true?-Edgar P., FL USM: Ask Bill Birnes, he is on Facebook.

 AMERICA’S MOST TRUSTED UFOLOGISTS: Why didn’t you include nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman in your list of the most trusted ufologists in the United States? Do you really think Steven Greer and Lynne Kitei to be genuine ufologists? They are doctors for God sake! Friedman is the real thing, take it from me, he is the world best ufologist?  And how about Dr. Allen Hynek? You did not do your homework. Anyway I love your magazine, but hey be more objective next time please.-Ken Musgrove, NJ  USM: The list was the people’s choice, not ours. As to Dr. Lynne Kitei and Dr. Greer, both are la crème de la crème. And Stan is the man no problem.

Ancient Aliens TV show: I agree with you Ancient Aliens TV show sucks! The Greek fellow host of the show does not make sense. Is he really the son of Erich von Daniken, another weirdo?-Nat Selby, London   USM: News to us! We don’t think so. He might not make sense but at least he has guts. And Mr. Erich von Daniken is not weirdo; he knows exactly what he is doing. He made it big time. His assets? Over $100 millions. He got to be smart, unless the 50 million people who read his books are nuts. 

SETI & THE ALIEN SIGNAL: SETI’s people are dancing on the wrong foot, and I am pretty sure they are not telling us the truth. A scientist caught an alien signal nicknamed the “Wow Signal” and SETI tried to cover it up. Their senior astronomer Seth Shostak is always quick to deny any aliens presence on earth. Surprised? Not really because SETI follows orders from the Pentagon and NASA. SETI is a big time conspiracy. Why don’t you expose them?-R. Dunn, Canada    USM: It is not our policy to expose people or to assassinate their character. Already our world is troubled enough. More dirt and gossip will not solve the problem. We leave this task to vicious blogers and losers who infested the Internet with lies, hatred, ignorance, and bitterness.

Dr. KAKU NOT UFOLOGISTS!!: How about interviewing Dr. M. Kaku instead of psychics, stars and phony ufologists you brag about? At least we might learn something.-J. Stevens, Nova Scotia USM: Mr. Stevens, why didn’t you name phony people we bragged about? We will consider your suggestion. Thank you!

Fake and real psychics. What is the best way to find out if a psychic is for real or simply a charlatan? After the scandalous affair of Dionne Warwick and her affiliation with psychics who do readings on the phone I became very suspicious. An article on their deceiving practices will help us sort the good apples from the bad apples. And why not, name names. Nothing wrong with that. As journalists it is your duty to inform the public. The public has the right to know. Something else I would like to find out, did Jeane Dixon the psychic of Nancy Reagan influence Ronald Reagan politically? Emilio Fargas, Arizona USM: It is against our policy to write bad reviews or to assassinate one’s character. Miss Dionne Warwick was misled. She never intended to deceive the public. She is a lovely and caring lady. Unless and until there are nationally approved quality assurances measures and tests to evaluate psychics and mediums, we will never know for sure, and without a shadow of doubt, who is real and who is not. However, we have some names we could recommend: Danielle Egnew, Maureen Hancock, Patti Negri, Allison Hayes, Dolores Cannon, Michelle Whitedove, Sunhee Park, Chinhee Park, Melissa Stamps. Coincidentally, they are featured in this issue. Mrs. Nancy Reagan consulted J. Dixon  on a regular basis. It is not difficult to assume that Dixon’s readings and predictions played a significant role in areas of interest to the former First Lady

Lt. Col. Philip Corso and Bill Birnes Book: In their book The Day After Roswell, Philip Corso and Bill Birnes wrote about alien technology upon which many of the most famous inventions and scientific discoveries were based upon. They claim that even Laser and fiber optics were given to us by the aliens. The book is a great read, however many ufologists doubt the veracity of their claims, and the media called their book one of “10 hoaxes of the decade.” Michael Salla in his review posted on bibliotecapleyad.net, wrote, “Some of Corso’s critics have gone as far as publicly dismissing Col Corso as a fraud and ‘literary hoaxer’. Corso’s strongest critics include veteran UFO researchers such Stanton Friedman, Dr. Kevin Randle and Brad Sparks collectively have expressed their skepticism.” How credible is the book? Can we take Corso and Birnes seriously? -Ivan Pedrovich, Kiev, Ukraine   USM: Yes, you can take Lt. Colonel Corso and Mr. Birnes very seriously. Ufologists are notorious for criticizing and badmouthing each other. The book is awesome. Corso was an insider, and Bill Birnes is a well respected scholar and ufologist. And remember those who criticize others and write bad reviews or so-called reviews are usually envious and trouble makers. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Let their own kind read and enjoy their criticism and filth.

Madonna, Kabbalah Center and psychics: Is Madonna a real psychic as she claims? Is it true she wrote a book on kabbalah and the occult? I know it is not published yet because I could not find it on amazon. And did she offend a rabbi during her visit to Israel? And what do you know about the scam kaballah center in New York she tried to help and promote? Apparently it was raided on by the authority? -Melvina S., Boston  USM: It was reported by the Jewish media that Israel chief Rabbi she intended to meet with, declines her request for an audience. Madonna did not write an unpublished book on psychics and kaballah, just one article. The New York Daily news mentioned this, “The 50-year-old pop icon has just written an article for one of Israel's biggest daily newspapers, called Yediot Ahronot, about her devotion to Kabbalah and her spiritual awakening. She wrote that "all the puzzle pieces started falling into place" once she discovered the form of Jewish mysticism for the first time at a gathering in L.A.” Is she psychic? No clues! And FYI, Madonna has distanced herlself from the Kaballah Center. Madonna is known for her generosity. Her intention was to help unconditionally. No monkey business here!



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